4 Best Ways to Create an Appealing First Impression on Your Clients.

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It is said that first impressions last a lifetime. I believe this is true because the first impression someone has of you can make or break a relationship. Before you act rashly, consider that you are leaving an impression on some people, and that is what they will basically judge you on, even if you have a fantastic personality.

Have you ever witnessed people judging others within seconds of meeting them, regardless of who they are? That is how people are. It is up to you to decide which first impression you want to make on the people you meet.

Not only is the first impression an important deciding factor in your personal life but also more important for your career, especially when getting jobs is not forthcoming.

What is an Impression in Simple Words?


Wooden letters on the office desk showing impress

An impression is the first and most immediate effect of an experience or encounter with someone that instills a perception in the mind; this perception can be positive or negative. It leaves an imprint that is intended to influence something or someone.

An appealing first impression is your first point of contact with anyone, whether they are strangers, clients, or customers. Your appearance, attitude, and the way you present yourself will influence your client’s decision to work with you from the moment you approach them.

If you can make an appealing first impression on your clients, you may find it easier to get jobs or appointments. Major deals are closed because clients feel more secure and comfortable with you when you make a good impression. This gives your client more confidence in doing business with you.

In reality, people or organizations have many options and will always choose the company or individual who pays attention to the details of what they want. Every organization has a unique first impression moment that influences its actions.

It will be a huge disadvantage if you have a chance to win someone’s heart from the first moment you meet them and you blow it due to your carelessness. Even the smallest detail that you overlook is significant.

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How Do You Leave an Impression on a Client?

In order to avoid being at a great disadvantage either with the benefits you can get from creating impression on people at a first encounter or what you want to resonate in their minds anytime they think of you, here are some of the ways to go about it: 

  1. Always keep a kempt appearance

kempt appearance

Your appearance says a lot about you

When approaching clients or customers, having a good appearance can create an impression and turn the odds in your favor, so if you still believe people don’t judge you based on your appearance, you should reconsider.

When approaching a lady, a man with a nice appearance may have a better chance than someone with shabby looks. This is because she will believe you respect and value her, so she will most likely give you her time. It is simply human nature.

It is the same with business; your appearance shows your clients that you respect them and their business and value what you do. The aim is to make your clients make early positive decisions about you and how much time they will be willing to give you.

  1. Give a prompt intro about yourself

Every minute of the day matters to your client, and you should make him believe it also matters to you. Don’t squander his time with your introduction.

Start with a friendly greeting, then tell them who you are and what you do. Keep in mind that you don’t have all day, so keep it as brief, precise, and catchy as possible.

A brief introduction to yourself can be made, stating who you are and what you do; this is essentially what your clients want to hear from you at the outset. As a result, be cautious.

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  1. Show a positive attitude

Even when you are tired or frustrated, always try to approach your clients with an enthusiastic mind. This can improve your score with them and boost your performance.

Endeavor to create an impression that can last a lifetime. Once your ideal client captures that, you are good to go. Below are some of the ways you can create a positive attitude:

  • Start with eye contact

eye contact

The female young adult physical therapist gestures

This is one of the simple things to do, yet most people underestimate it. It is critical to make eye contact because it lets the other person know that you acknowledge them. Try to maintain eye contact till the end of your conversation.

  • Open with a strong handshake


In modern office boardroom gathered diverse businesspeople, european businessmen shaking hands

When you are meeting someone for the first time and you are met with a handshake, you immediately feel acknowledged. However, in cases involving no handshake, most people feel rejected even when that is not the other person’s intention. If this is how you let your client or buyer feel about you, you are giving a bad first impression on him which can serve as a deal breaker.

  • Have a good posture

A good posture signifies good composure. You are letting your client know that you have manners and, at the same time confident to do their work. 

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  1. Be good at what you do

Having a good appearance alone doesn’t cut it.

When you are good at what you do and can give tangible results, you give your clients a good reason to strike a deal with you.

This makes a good first impression for you with your clients.


Wrap It Up

In conclusion, the end result of making an impression on anyone (whether your clients or customers) is to leave an imprint that favors you enough for them to trust you and have a good secure relationship with you. However, keep in mind that the quality of your work and how much you can deliver will determine whether they stay or look for someone else who can better serve them.

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