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We are in a digital era where you can find and get all you need right from the comfort of your cushion chair, whether you’re a youth or not, all you need to do is to get the right applications for your needs. 

The most popular apps for youths have specific functions that they were designed for, just as you cannot use Google Docs for your Music, and your bank apps cannot read your messages, and it is for that reason that I write this article to discuss the most popular apps for Nigerian youths. 

12 Most Popular Apps For Nigerian Youths

  1. Social Media Apps

social media apps

social media apps

A. WhatsApp Messenger – Used by over 2 billion people in over 180 countries, WhatsApp messenger, or WhatsApp for short, is a messaging and calling (both video and audio) app. Nigerian youths make use of WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family, and it also has business features.

B. Instagram – Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media platform. It offers filters for your pictures and videos. You can also organize through hashtags and location tags. Instagram is one of the most popular apps for youths that allows you to also send a direct message to your loved ones or anyone you want to converse with.

C. Bird App – I might be savaged by someone if I do not talk about this popular app for youths – Twitter. Twitter as one of the top apps for Nigerian youths deals in micro-blogging and social networking. It allows ideas to be shared through messages called tweets.

Other social media best apps for youths include Skype, Zoom, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

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  1. Bank Apps

bank apps

Bank apps are also some of the best apps used by youths. We all love money and we love these apps the most because they help us keep tabs on our accounts and spending. 

Imagine that you have to go to a bank branch anytime you need to do a transaction or more with funds you have kept in the bank. Tiring and demanding, right? 

Bank apps are part of the most popular apps for youths that make life easier. And almost all banks have mobile applications.

  1. Information/ Search Apps


Knowledge is power and Information is liberating. There are search engines created to make our search for information smooth and easy. Most popular apps for youths when it comes to information and search include Chrome, Opera-mini, Phoenix, etc. 

  1. Media & Entertainment

music apps

A. Audiomack – Audiomack is a music application and one of the best apps for youths that allows you to stream music, download, and play others from your playlist as well. Easy right? It works just as Boomplay would. 

B. Musixmatch – Musixmatch is another top app for Nigerian youths. The unique thing about this popular app for youths is that it provides you with lyrics to your songs. You no longer have to sing the wrong lyrics of your favorite songs, download musixmatch, or browse out your lyrics using the information apps.

C. YouTube – Hurray, the well-known YouTube is an entertainment app that helps you watch videos without having to download them to your storage. It is a top app for Nigerian youths when it comes to video sharing. Nigerian youths also make videos on Youtube as a source of income. If there’s anything you desire to learn, there is literally a video for everything on YouTube, so there’s nothing stopping you from learning.

D. Netflix – Rather than video sharing, Netflix is one of the most popular apps for youths when it comes to video streaming. 

E.  Video Players – Just as audio players would help you play your music or audio messages; some of the top apps for Nigerian youths are also meant to view your videos in the best possible ways. Examples of the most popular apps for youths in video playing are MX player, VLC, etc

  1. Games

Other top apps for Nigerian youths are game applications. For one reason or another, one of the best apps for youths is games. Be it for relaxation, building, or anything. Games are one of the most popular apps you will find on a young person’s phone. It could even be for younger ones.

Game applications include scrabble, chess, ludo, candy crush, solitaire, whot, snakes and ladders, 2048, puzzles, etc.

  1. Work/Office Apps

These are apps that are used to carry out tasks or make work easier. An example of this are the apps in Google workspace. Google workspace is a combination of google applications. It includes Drive, Gmail, Docs, Forms, Meet, Sites, Sheets, Slides, Vault, Calendar, Chat, Hangouts, Classroom, Slack, Currents, etc.  

Google Workspace is one of the best apps for youths and I believe that at the very least, each youth should have at least one app of these popular apps for youths. It helps to keep the office space organized and in order. 

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  1. Language Apps

A. Dictionary – For one reason or another, one of the most popular apps for youths is the dictionary. Whether to check the meaning of a word, its class, how it can be used in a sentence, or its pronunciation, the dictionary is one of the best apps for youths.

Someone speaks a word and you do not know what it means? Merriam-Webster, English, Oxford, etc. are several dictionary apps at your disposal and they also come in various languages. There are also a few which could help you translate (bilingual dictionaries).

B. Duolingo – Duolingo is another trusted language app that helps you learn other languages by teaching you and assessing you. If you want to learn a language and you think you are too busy or not to box up, Duolingo is one of the top apps for Nigerian youths when it comes to language learning.

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Other Most popular apps for youths include; 

  1. Savings App

These are the best apps for youths when it comes to having a saving plan, automated or not. Examples of these applications are cowrywise, piggy vest, etc.

pexels pixabay 534229

  1. Money Lending Apps

This is another top apps for Nigerian youths. These are apps that lend youths’ money to be refunded with a particular percentage of interest within a particular time frame. Examples of these apps are Branch, OKash, FairMoney, etc.

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  1. Transportation Apps


These popular apps of Nigerian youth enable youths to order a ride from certain parts of the country to another. You should check if it is available in your location before you bank on it though. 

Examples of transportation best apps for youths are Bolt, Uber, SafeBoda, etc.

  1. Shopping Apps

shopping apps

Another most popular app for youths are the sales and logistics applications that allow youths to buy products online and get them delivered to their environment either for personal use or retailing. 

Examples of these most popular shopping apps for youth are Jumia, Alibaba, Jiji, Konga, AliExpress, etc.

  1. Innovation/Idea Apps


Some of the most popular apps for youths are also idea-based. These applications give you creative ideas about a vast range of topics, designs, and creativity. An example of one of these innovative/Idea apps for Nigerian youths that I love so much is Pinterest.


If you’re a Nigerian youth, I’m sure you’re familiar with most of the apps I highlighted above. More so, new apps are being developed everyday. Feel free to try them out for your daily tasks, fun or business, and you can as well develop an App too that will solve one of the numerous problems of humans.  

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