Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Nigerians

by Oluwatoowo Onifade
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Ever wanted to plan a birthday party in Nigeria, and you had crowded thoughts, information overload, and was stressed with shuffling opinions? The solution to that is here.

This article gives you practical insights on how to plan for a birthday party in Nigeria, including fantastic birthday party ideas for kids and adults. 

Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Do you wish to throw a birthday party for your child or any other younger one, whether you are a certified event planner, parent, or sibling? Below are a few birthday party ideas for kids that you may want to recreate. 

  1. School party

This is one of the most fantastic birthday party ideas for kids, especially if you are trying to cut the crowd and offenses. Have a party in school with the kid’s classmates and create good memories.

I have some pictures from class parties (not mine). Those pictures eventually metamorphose into throwback pictures for classmates to cast themselves later.

  1. Invite friends over

This is another birthday party idea for kids. If you anticipate a big party and you plan to invite several friends and families, it’s a great birthday party idea as well. Just ensure that the date and day are wisely chosen, and the information is disseminated early enough to avoid stories that touch the heart.

  1. Create your fun

Fun for you could start from making your decorations, cutting out, gluing, using glitter, and ranking to the party, games, amusement parks, etc. but be sure that the kids are safe. 

  1.  Use your kid’s favourite activity

Another birthday party idea for kids is to draft a list of activities you know your kid enjoys. Whether the party is a big one or a small one, ensure that the kid’s favorite activities are involved. It could be singing; it could be dancing. It could be spelling.

If your kid loves the amusement park, you can also arrange something to ensure your kid has a memorable birthday. An idea with these activities is that you do not allow a break in transmission. Kids have a short attention span. If there is a break, they might get bored.

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Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

Organizing a birthday party for an adult may seem either more tedious or less tedious, depending on the type of party you hope to have. However, here is a list of birthday party ideas for adults that can serve as a guide for your planning:

  1. Get together

This is one of the birthday party ideas for adults that most people would opt for. Get friends and family together for your part and have lots of fun- laugh, play games, and interact.

You can send a message of this form, Hi dear, I will be having a get-together to celebrate my birthday. It will hold on the…… at…, by…, should I expect you?

  1. Visit the beach

Depending on which state and environment you live in Nigeria, it is a beautiful birthday party idea for an adult to have a beach birthday party. I say depending on where you are because some states (like mine) have no beaches. Call me local (if you cannot relate), and have a handshake (if you can relate). 

Back to business, you could gather your friends and family at any beach of your preference and have an amazing birthday time. You may wonder if this birthday party idea for adults is not entirely on the high side; my answer is no. There are affordable beaches to meet your every need/ budget.

  1. House party

I separated this birthday party idea for adults from the get-together type because you could have a get-together anywhere- your house, a friend’s house, an event center, a park, etc. But a house party has to be a house party.

Draft a playlist; you could decide to do movies, make some food and snacks or order away and have a memorable birthday party. Your friends could also do a sleepover at your birthday house party, but who sleeps over at a get-together you had in a park?

Other birthday party ideas for an adult include having dinner with your family, going to the cinema with your favorite people excerpt, you can pay for all of your friends, or you all go out together. Everyone is responsible for their bills(it’s adulthood), etc. whichever one you have chosen to do, enjoy your birthday party, please. It is once a year.

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How to Organize a Birthday Party at Home

If you are planning to organize a birthday party at home, here is a list of things you should bear while deciding how to plan a birthday party at home:

  1. Have a budget

If you want to plan a birthday party in Nigeria, first and foremost, know your budget. This is very important, especially in this economy, to determine the budget, make sure you’re not going overboard. You will continue to feed after budget, you know?

Whether the party is for your kid or a dear friend of yours. Budget is very very crucial. Your budget will determine how many people you are inviting. If you are planning for a kid, remember the budget has to cater to the clothing of the celebrant.

  1. Select a theme

This is one of my favorite parts of organizing a birthday party at home- selecting a theme. When I say theme, I mean the color of the day, what your decoration will be like, what type of cake you are making, etc.

I have a niece, and if I were to organize a birthday party for her at home, I would make the theme, Dora the explorer- I bake, so while decorating, I’d ensure that everything about the cake screams Dora. I have a neighbor, and the kid in the house loves Sophie so much, for another kid it may be Tom and Jerry.

For a particular friend I have, I would make the theme blue because he loves anything blue- his cake would most likely be a blue shirt design. What will your theme be? Having a theme is a great birthday party idea for kids and adults.

  1. Choose the date and day

This is very crucial too in how to plan for a birthday party in Nigeria. The date is as important as the day. Imagine your baby’s birthday is on a Monday. I doubt the probability of you having the party on the said Monday. 

This is because kids you’d like to invite would go to school and come back late, would need to rest, and there’s still school the following day- Tuesday. You would most likely want to have the party on a Friday evening or, better still, Saturday.

And for an adult, you’d want to make it a date/day when you know friends and families can be there.

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  1. Space

To plan for a birthday party in Nigeria is to decide the space you would use. You might wonder what you need to decide on space since you are having the party at home, right? Okay, let’s get right into it.

Remember you do not have just a room in your house; you have at least two and a space outside. You need to decide where you will be using, and the number of your guests is a huge determinant. I am not sure your sitting room can occupy 50 people.

If not, you might want to use the compound and hope you remember that the same decorations indoors might not fit outdoors. Can you see why you need to decide on space? Thank you.

  1. Invitees

If you are  like someone I know who always wants to please everyone, I strongly recommend that you have a check here. Remember you’re working with a budget, you don’t want to invite people and not cater for their feeding, and that would not be a good party. 

Inviting more people than you can cater for  is not how to plan for a birthday party in Nigeria. Also, ensure you send the invite/information ahead the day of the party, so your guests can make preparations to be there and possibly get a gift for the celebrant.

  1. Food and snacks

An aspect you should never leave out in deciding how to organize a birthday party at home. What is a birthday party without something to munch on? It is a celebration and a joyful one at that. Which food do you want to serve? For adults, you might want to do snacks alone, depending on your gathering and budget.

For me, you have to cook some good food for a kid’s party. Jollof Rice, Fried rice, Pounded yam, Moin-moin, etc. but Akamu? (Oh no). To plan a birthday party in Nigeria- plan to feed every mouth present and see to it.

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  1. Games and fun

It has been established that birthday parties are meant to be fun-filled and happy moments. How do you ensure that the guests are not fun-deprived?

You can play games such as dancing round the chair, table tennis if you happen to have one at home, or the snooker game, complete the sentence/ or start your sentence with the last word of mine, words ending in -ion (function, publication, etc.), -ive (productive, educative, etc.), -ian (electrician, mathematician, etc.), -al (international, motivational, etc.), spin the bottle, truth or dare, etc.

  1. Souvenir

Just a little something to remember the birthday party, could be as simple as stationery for kids or handkerchiefs for adults. Remember to work by your budget.


There you have it, fun birthday party ideas at your fingertips. Now, you have a list of options to pick from for your next birthday party. 

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