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Top 10 Skills To Put On A Resume That Will Boost Your Hiring Chances

by Mercy Ogunlowo

Are you qualified enough to be hired?

That’s a question you shouldn’t refrain from asking yourself during your job search. However, if your answer is not favourable, there are measures you can consider. An example is including the rights skills on your resume.

Skill refers to the knowledge, competencies, and abilities required to perform operational tasks. Skills are acquired through life and work experiences, as well as through study.

Soft skills and hard skills are both possible. Hard skills for a resume are objective, quantifiable abilities acquired through education, training, or work experiences. Soft skills, on the other hand, are frequently something that can be taught or learned. As a result, hard skills are usually demonstrated.

Soft skills for resume are non-technical skills that describe how you work and interact with others are referred to as soft skills. Soft Skills to put on a resume are not necessarily something you will learn in a course.

There are websites you can learn from, unlike hard skills such as data analytics or programming. They reflect your communication, devotion to duty, and approach to work.

Highlighted below are examples of soft and hard skills you can learn or put on your resume to make your resume highly competitive.

Soft Skills To Put On A Resume

Examples of soft skills to put on a resume include:

  1. Communication skills

Communicating effectively with superiors, colleagues, and staff is essential no matter what industry you work in. Workers in the digital age must effectively communicate and receive messages in person, via phone, email, and social media. These communication skills on your resume will help you get hired, advance your career, and succeed.

You can learn and improve your communication skills for your resume using websites like Udemy, Coursera, and Alison, among others.

  1. Leadership skills

Leadership skills are essential for a resume because a good leader can bring out the best abilities in their team members and motivate them to work together to achieve a shared goal.

A good leader is also organised, keeps the team on track, and focuses on avoiding delays. Dale Carnegie’s Free Resources, Coursera, and The Muse are websites you can access to improve your leadership skills.

  1. Teamwork skills

Teamwork skills on your resume help you be an effective team member, which entails communicating your ideas to a group. You must communicate information effectively via phone, email, video, and person.

You should always maintain a professional but friendly tone. When working in a group, both verbal and nonverbal communication is essential. You can take on courses for teamwork skills for resume edX, Coursers, Udemy and much more.

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  1. Organisational skills

Organisational skills for resume are those skills that enable you to use your resources efficiently and effectively—being organised means you manage your time, energy, and workspace effectively. As a result, you can complete all your assigned tasks successfully.

To demonstrate your organisation skill, you can start by creating a to-do list, scheduling your tasks, setting time limits for each task, communicating efficiently with your team, organising your materials and tracking your progress.

  1. Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills means you have the ability to identify problems, brainstorm and analyse solutions, and implement the best solutions.

A problem-solving employee is both a self-starter and a collaborative teammate; they are proactive in understanding the root of a problem and collaborate with others to consider various solutions before deciding how to proceed.

Problem-solving skills on a resume gives you an edge during a job application.

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Hard Skills To Put On A Resume

Examples of hard skills to put on resume;

  1. Computer Software and Application Knowledge

It is essential to have software skills to succeed in today’s technologically driven workplace. Whether you want to be an administrative assistant, a sales manager, or an HR manager, you must use technology daily.

As a result, employers anticipate that a job candidate will have at least basic software skills on their resume. Basic software skills may include Word processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations etc.

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  1. Data Analysis

It is critical that you understand how data is compiled and its importance in assisting your company in meeting its objectives. Data is used by businesses to make better decisions.

Data-driven insights can help businesses make important decisions, like when to launch a new product or how to improve the bottom line. You can acquire data analysis skills for resume using google, Coursera and others.

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  1. Marketing

You must invest in marketing skills to give your company the best chance of success. For one simple reason: marketing raises awareness of your products and converts customers.

Investing in marketing skills entails more than simply purchasing marketing tools and hoping for the best. You can develop your marketing skills for resume by visiting sites like HubSpot, Contently, KISSmetrics and several others.

  1. Writing skills

Writing skills will help you express yourself clearly and concisely, whether you’re writing an email to a colleague or an email chain to a client.

Spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, handwriting and keyboarding, and sentence structure are all examples of basic writing skills for resume. Basic writing skills are sometimes referred to as “writing mechanics.”

The writing skill comes in handy, and you can be favoured by the employer if you can prove how good you are. 

  1. Foreign languages

Foreign language skills assist you in breaking down barriers to communication and providing the level of service that your customers deserve.

Foreign language skill on a resume is beneficial for running a business in a country where several native languages are spoken or for immigration from all over the world.

Foreign language study improves your chances in government, business, medicine, law, technology, military, industry, marketing, and other fields.


Skills to put on resume includes soft and hard skills to respond to all aspects of the job role qualities and competencies.

How do you increase your hiring chances? Include the aforementioned skills in your resume. They will give you an edge during a job application. 

To succeed in almost any profession, you must have both credible skills on your resume.

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