Best Ways to Secure Your Stomach During Convocation in Nigerian Universities

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convocation in nigerian universities


To be honest, schooling in Nigeria is not a walk in the park. Despite the draining and stressful moments like exams and tests and any other moments you can think of, Nigerian students surely know how to have fun and throw parties and events.

Nigerian students surely do host a lot of parties and fun events in schools, like matriculation, freshers’ party, hostel night, college dinner, and so much more, but the mother event is the convocation ceremony.

Convocation is a ceremony or gathering at a University to award students for all their hard work and wish them success in their next step in life, so it is always a big deal for Nigerians.

Convocation is a very joyous occasion for the graduates, the parents, the lecturers, and of course, the party crashers. We know that when it comes to throwing parties, no one does it like Nigerians; this is why Convocation in Nigeria is always epic. Nigerians are known to throw lavish parties, since there is no such thing as a ‘small party.’

A typical Convocation starts to look like a big festival with surplus foods and drinks. While the main event is all about boring speeches and lectures that are very important, the after-party is what we live for, and I’m here to show you how to secure your stomach during a convocation ceremony in Nigeria. And an essential thing in any party or event is food.

For those lucky to be close to the graduating students, I congratulate you, because you have no problem, and your seats are already secured, but you gain knowledge here since you won’t experience just one convocation.

Here are some tips to get food at a convocation ceremony in Nigeria

How to Secure Your Stomach During Convocation In Nigerian Universities

conocation food

A typical Convocation starts to look like a big festival with surplus foods and drinks.

  1. Greeting

Nigerians are big on respect, especially the parents, so be ready to impress them, greet them like your stomach depends on it, and congratulate the graduating students (even if you don’t know them).

And as you go from one tent to another, be sure to smile brightly and politely. It helps secure the deal. If you don’t know how to greet, learn how to do it for that day.

  1. Be friendly

Engage in small talks with the graduating students, stuff about school, and how you will miss them (we both know you’re lying), tell them stories, be interested, and don’t forget to include the parents in the conversations.

They won’t even know they have dished food for you or given you six packs of food with drinks. You would have moved to your next target before they notice. And that is how familiar you must try to be to reach your goals.

  1. Be shameless

There is no reason to be shy. For you to be able to secure your stomach at a party, you have to be bold. Unless there is a connection, being shy isn’t going to feed you.

Even if you have to lose your last shred of dignity to secure your stomach, do it. Remember, food over pride.

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  1. Get a target

This tip is necessary. It is important to have a goal, so you don’t end up walking aimlessly without achieving anything.

Scan, look around, and find your food plug for the day, and if it doesn’t work out, you can always try another place.

  1. Be updated

Keep tabs about the convocation at all times, so you don’t come too early or late (you snooze, you lose). Always be on alert to know when the after-party starts, which is very important.

With these few tips I have given, let me add this last piece. While your mission is to get food, it is essential to look good and smell nice while having fun.

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Types of People During Convocation in Nigerian Universities

No Nigeria party is complete without adding drama and spice. The Convocation in Nigeria is no different, as there tend to be a different types of spectacular humans at every party.

  • Food mongers

These people may not even know any of the graduating students and don’t even care to know, their priority is the food, and for sure, food is always plenty at a Convocation in Nigeria.

They aren’t even bothered by what is happening around them, as they are busy stuffing their mouth. They are also putting extras in the nylons, non-apologetic set of people anyways I’m part of them, likewise you, so there is a need to be embarrassed; we are what we are.

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  • The fashion killers

The Fashion Killers also known as ‘the too classy for this world’ gang, they aim to dress to kill. Convocation or not, they always slay. Normally, Nigerians’ main target is always food and entertainment. But it will be such a shame not to acknowledge this set of people, And we can’t turn a blind eye to them, as they are always in our faces.

Anywhere is a runaway, and they are always ready to showcase their glamorous clothes. They sometimes dress more than the occasion demands, but who are we to complain, as we love and live for the limelight and attention they bring.

  • Partycrashers (Photographers)

While some of these photographers’ services are being hired, the rest come to hustle and crash the party.

They are very funny, always taking pictures of people that did not request their services, they can’t even differentiate who is there for the food and the one being celebrated, that is not their business, their own is to earn money.

When you tell them you don’t have money they will still go and print the picture and bring it to you (please, did I ask you?).

I had an encounter with them. I always try to avoid them before they embarrass me. Although no hard feelings as it is all part of the grind.

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  • The ‘complainers’

They are always present at any party, even at a convocation, they specialize in criticizing people, food, music, just about anything, they are never satisfied, nothing is ever up to their taste.
I don’t have much to say to them, then please keep quiet; it is not your Convocation. When it’s your turn, do it on the Moon.

  • The spice makers

These ones have different categories, which are;

  1. Trouble maker.
  2. Drama attractors.
  3. Gossipers/Rumour starters.

All these people work side by side to add spice and flavor to the party, so if any fight starts, don’t look too far. If rumors fly around, they are one wreaking havoc. They have always been and will always be around at any Convocation in Nigeria.


Every student prays to graduate one day, which hard work can only achieve. Convocation is a very memorable day in the life of any student, the parents, even the lecturers, and all others who have, in one way or the other, contributed to the growth of success.

Finally, all the years of sleepless nights, and efforts made, paid off. As you strive to secure your stomach don’t forget to working graduating with a good grade.

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