The Benefits of Video Games Technology to Humans

by Emmanuel Odebiyi
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benefits of video games

What is Video Game Technology?

A video game, often known as a computer game, is an interactive electronic game that uses an input device to produce visual feedback, such as a keyboard, gamepad, joystick, or motion sensor. The most frequent place for this input to be displayed is on a video display device, like a TV, monitor, tablet, or virtual reality headset.

In Nigeria, the video game industry is still quite new. With only six new businesses developing games as of 2015, the country’s video game development industry is still quite modest.

But video games are becoming increasingly popular in the nation, thanks in part to its young population and quickly expanding mobile industry.

Developers now have the chance to disseminate mobile games quickly due to Nigeria’s rising smartphone adoption rate and a mobile broadband connection, which is cheaper and quicker than a few years ago.

Nigeria has a young population, with more than 60% of the population under the age of 25, and the country’s locally produced music and movies have a strong market. After China and India, Nigeria has the fastest-growing mobile internet users globally.

When Video Games Started in Nigeria

The creation of the World Wide Web marked the start of a new era in gaming innovation. Different game creators were inspired by the internet’s scope to produce more games that could appeal to larger audiences interested in video games anywhere in the world.

In Nigeria, having access to the internet allowed us to download games as programs for our Java and Symbian mobile phones from websites like and

The high-performance games previously available on PC couldn’t compete with the mobile video games programs for Java and Symbian, even if the internet allowed us to download various games to our phones.

The advent of smartphones and app stores in 2007 marked the beginning of the fast growth of mobile video game technology that has since ushered in the golden gaming era. Initially, we had easy-to-play, pass-the-time Android and iPhone games like Flappy Bird, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and other endearing physics-based puzzle games.

The millennial generation controls the majority of the Nigerian video games market, from the most played games to the least played ones.

The players, producers, designers, makers, and distributors who have contributed to the development of a multimillion-dollar market in the nation are primarily members of this youthful generation.

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Benefits of Video Games Technology

Video and computer gaming are no longer just a hobby; they are now a way of life. Video game enthusiasts from the first generation have reached maturity and maintained their interest. Parents and educators are concerned about games’ detrimental impacts on kids, and a lot has been written about how games can cause addiction and aggressive behavior.

But not everything about video games is bad; in fact, the advantages of video games are more than the disadvantages they can cause when moderately played; so what are these advantages? These are;

  1.  Ability to multitask

Games have been demonstrated to enhance your capacity for multitasking. One of the most noticeable importance of video games is that they enable you to execute many jobs simultaneously while performing daily duties more effectively.

Action games, in particular, frequently require players to do many things at once. For instance, you must maneuver your character while watching the adversary on the screen, monitoring your health, ammunition, and other numbers. With your teammates and pals, you can also be speaking into a microphone.

Modern video games offer so much fast-paced action and hyper-stimulation that players may become more adept at multitasking as a result. This makes it one of the best benefits of video games.

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  1. Quicker decision-making and higher accuracy

You can improve your decision-making skills in video games, which might lead to more effective decision-making in real life. This is one of the most interesting benefits of video games.

You are more likely to make quicker and more accurate judgments if you play action games than if you play slower-paced games or even if you are not a gamer. The ability to strategize and think quickly under pressure in a fast-paced fantasy setting may be of advantage in real-life situations.

  1. Better socialization skills

The majority of people around the globe play video games, which is no secret. It’s a phenomenon that transcends age, gender, and geographic boundaries.

While certain games may only be played online, the majority let you communicate with others worldwide. You’ll frequently need to work with other players, communicating with them via text or voice chat as you devise strategies and address issues that are given to you. The majority of games are created with this in mind.

With this as one of the benefits of video games, it will help enhance your interpersonal skills, which are crucial for success in college and beyond.

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  1. Improved digital and literacy abilities

It’s nearly hard to survive in the modern world without reading comprehension and some computer abilities. Fortunately, video games offer many opportunities to grow both.

Here, the advantages of video games might make it easier for you to adjust to other facets of life. For instance, playing video games would require you to become used to a brand-new, foreign digital environment, which you would learn by doing. This may be useful in real life, particularly when settling into a new nation or university campus. This makes it one of the best benefits of video games.

Additionally, playing video games naturally pushes you to make use of technology and learn how to navigate its challenges. Because of this, many students have chosen to pursue technology-related degrees, with some even choosing to specialize in courses connected to video games.

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  1. Enhanced brain function

The stimulation of the brain that gaming provides is one of the benefits of video games. This is because it is interactive and necessitates intense degrees of focus and concentration.

Most of them call for problem-solving in a brief amount of time and split-second choices. Consider this when you are being placed in a variety of various virtual environments while playing a game. Following this, you’ll need to do what you’re told, think about what you’re doing, and react to any issues that appear on the screen.

Your brain will benefit greatly from this.  Some of these benefits include improved visual processing, fast thinking and action, processing efficiency in the brain, and greater creativity. 

Additionally, it helps you recognize and recall the surroundings’ places and items as well as how they relate to one another. This may be used in several real-world situations, including driving and navigating cities.

In terms of academic performance, video games have been shown to enhance metacognition, which is the act of reflecting on one’s learning and thinking.


When done in moderation, video games can be enjoyable and beneficial. It will be useful to understand your gaming motivation to benefit from video games.

You may reap many benefits of video games if you engage in moderation. However, if you play video games a lot to escape from real-life issues or clear your mind, you might start to have issues with your play and, in severe cases, develop a gaming disorder.

It’s crucial to monitor your gaming and maintain a healthy balance because it can positively and negatively affect your quality of life. The last thing you want, especially as a Nigerian, is for video games to cause you problems.

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