5 Top Cryptocurrency Apps in 2022 with the Best User Experience

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Due to smartphone flexibility, businesses can reach and interact with their customers anywhere. 

Technical features like charts and indicators make Crypto mobile apps complex, but that doesn’t guarantee the app isn’t for newbies. Top cryptocurrency apps aim to improve data security and provide a nice user experience. Crypto devotees need a service that provides quality software that detects duplicate transactions and uniquely identifies informational files.

Terms used in the crypto investment space

  • Exchanges: An organization or market that matches buyers and traders together in order for them to transact with each other.
  • Brokerages: A market or organization that focuses on their customers, either the buyer or seller.
  • Coin: Digital or virtual currency that is comparable to your traditional currency.
  • Token: Digital items are used to reward blockchain actors or investors on a project.

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Five (5) Top Cryptocurrency Apps

Coinbase: Top Cryptocurrency App for Trading


coinbase is a place to trade crypto

Coinbase inc. is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform. It has the highest trading currency by volume in the USA.

The services offered by coinbase to its customer or traders include;

  • Coinbase App: An exchange app that allows investors to transact cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, and bitcoin.
  • Coinbase Wallet: Coinbase created the software app to store users’ cryptocurrency and allow them to access dapps (decentralized Cryptocurrency applications)
  • Coinbase NFT: A non-fungible-token marketplace. A place where NFT collectors transact their respective arts.

The coinbase app is superb and easy to use for new crypto investors. 

They also provide a step-by-step guide for investors on how to transact on any currency. 

country served 100+
App rate 4.00
Fee per trade 0.5%
Minimum deposit $0
Downloads 10M+
Total $21.3billion


Binance: Top Cryptocurrency App for Trading



Binance.us is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform. It has the highest trading currency by volume in the world.

Binance owns two currencies, and its software application is among the top cryptocurrency apps in the world.

The platform also allows its customer to transact with its currency, and the currencies are;

  • BNB (Binance Coin)
  • BNC (Binance Smart Chain)
Country served 600+, excluding the USA
App rate 4.50
Fee per trade 0.1 for binance exchange, and 0.45 for others
Minimum deposit $0
Downloads 50M+
Total assets $60billion +


The binance pay app is fast and reliable. Users can send and receive cryptocurrency instantly, unlike the traditional banking system, where there can be delays in transactions.

Binance platform covers the major peer-to-peer trading channels around the globe, and they support over  150 payment methods.

Despite binance pay technical features, the app still creates simple yet interactive user interfaces that are accessible for both intermediate and experts.

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Gemini: Top Cryptocurrency App for NFTs and Crypto Exchange



A NewYork based crypto exchange company that allows the buying, selling, and storing of non-fungible tokens NFTs.

The platform also creates a simple and secure app for its users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Gemini also owns its own currency, Gemini dollar exchange, and they also provide products such as;

  • Gemini wallet
  • Gemini pay
  • Gemini mobile and crypto
Operating Country 4.00
App rate 6
Fee per trade 0.5-4.5%
Minimum deposit $0
Downloads 1M+
Total assets $7.1billion


eToro: Top Cryptocurrency App for Exchanges and Support


etoro is one of the top crypto apps

eToro is an Israeli-based crypto trading and investment platform which gains many traders’ attention through copy trading.

The platform gives opportunities for new traders to mimic expert trading styles or strategies.

For traders or investors who understand how CDFs (Contract for difference) work, eToro is a great platform for them.

eToro has expanded its network by providing multiple asset brokers and a low transaction fee for crypto-crypto traders.

eToro investment products include:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Cryptocurrency wallet
  • Copy trading
Operating Country 200+
App rate 4.00
Fee per trade 1%
Minimum deposit $10
Downloads 10M+
Total assets $8.8billion


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Crypto.com: Top cryptocurrency App for Exchanges and Use of Debit Card


Crypto has a user friendly experience

A Singapore crypto exchange company and a platform best at allowing users to transact with debit cards.

Diversified traders can easily create trading portfolios and make them through bank transfers. 

There is also a lower commission for long-term investors, and a fee of $4 is charged per $1000 traded currency for traders.


Available market 100+
App rate 4.00
Fee per trade 0.4-3.0%
Minimum deposit $20
Downloads 10M+
Total asset $700million


Features of Top Cryptocurrency Apps

  1. Currency range

Top exchange platforms traded top currencies like Bitcoins and Ethereum.

But, there are over 4000+ cryptocurrencies all over the world. So as a trader or investor, nice crypto exchange platforms offer more currencies than others. Irrespective of the currency you’re holding, there are many platforms to trade them.

  1. Transaction fee

Many crypto exchange platforms offer low transaction fees. With this, new users or crypto beginners can be attracted. Higher transaction fees don’t guarantee good and aren’t worth it.

  1. Customer support

Good customer service is required for every business to retain their customers and acquire value from them. Many issues arise during transactions, which can demand quick and actionable solutions from these exchange platforms.

Bad experiences happen If client responses or solutions are delayed. So, every payment platform values customer service because it brings more leads.

  1. Usage

Simple and visually appealing app interfaces make the user experience great. Even when newbies interact with the app, they can operate with the platform guidelines.

  1. Method of funding

Due to many payment platforms, some investors or traders find it hard to fund their accounts.

For some crypto platforms, it’s easy. Platforms like eToro accept debit cards, which makes it easier for its users to fund their accounts.

Therefore, for most platforms, you must be aware of the process and choose the right funding platform for your account. Methods include; card payment or online transfer.

  1. Security 

Ensure your information and data are secure because every financial institution or platform will always experience hacking.

Therefore, make the necessary research, and confirm your money is safe with your exchanger.

  1. Location

Some cryptocurrency companies, such as Binance, can’t operate in the United States Of America. So, you should be familiar with the platform you plan to invest in your cryptocurrencies.

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Top Cryptocurrency Apps in Nigeria

Many top cryptocurrency apps, including those mentioned earlier, can be used in Nigeria. Below are other top cryptocurrency apps you might like to try out as a Nigerian.

  • Breet
  • Luno 
  • Coinbase pro
  • Prestmit
  • Binance,
  • Kucoin


We have carefully selected the crypto apps based on statistics and usage.

However, users are adviced to research and select these apps based on their trading purposes.

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