5 University Courses that are Overrated in Nigeria

by Ojeyemi Adeleye

Some university courses are overrated, most especially in Nigeria. This is due to the amount of public attention given to these courses by the outside world. Perhaps this gave birth to reasons some Nigerian parents force a particular course on their children while gaining admission into higher institutions.

Even at times, they go as far as choosing courses for their kids during jamb registration. Don’t be shocked if I whisper this to your ears. It still happens. Thus, the disadvantage of University courses that are overrated is more on the child. Such a child tends to show a lackadaisical attitude towards a course chosen for him/her. Moreso, they become apathetic to even education in general hence, jeopardizing their future. 

University Courses that are Overrated in Nigeria: Parents Selects, Child Rejects

There is no doubt that there are professional courses that will automatically guarantee you a career and a job. However, some underrated courses will assure you of a great life only if you take them seriously. 

Time is changing and the world is evolving. The multi-million naira profession of yesterday does not worth it anymore. There are numerous skills hidden within some university courses that are considered underrated. Most people don’t get this. So, they focus more on the university courses that are overrated.

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Perhaps you have a brother or sister who wants to gain admission into the university but is still confused about those university courses that are overrated. Then, permit me to walk you down the aisle of overrated courses in various Nigerian universities. 

However, it is important to note that “overrated” in this context means low demand in Nigerian society as well as the labour market, geographical location, employment rate and the economy of the country.

5 University Courses that are Overrated in Nigeria

  1. Law

Have you ever heard of a Nigerian father or mother bragging about his or her child studying law? Check out this conversation and relate:

Dr Taiwo: Mrs Priscilla, is that not Funmi?

Mrs Priscilla: Yes, she is the one. In fact, she just gained admission.

Dr Taiwo: What course?

Mrs Priscilla: Law of course (smiling)

Dr Taiwo: Our future Folake Solanke (they both laugh)…

This is a typical scenario for Nigerian parents…

Just so you know, Folake Solanke is one of the notable female SAN in Nigeria. Yes! But studying law is worth it then. Now, all we see are law graduates at the entrances of several courts typing one affidavit or the other. 

Nigeria has a way to humble you. So, the law is one of the university courses that are overrated in Nigeria.

  1. Medicine or Pharmacy 

I’m sure this will shock so many of us. However, medicine or pharmacy is also one of the university courses that are overrated in Nigeria. To be honest, over the years, medicine has been an assuring course that is likely to guarantee you a job after studying. But like I said earlier, time is changing. 

Nowadays, it takes the grace of God to work at any federal or government medical centre or hospital in Nigeria. Only if you get to know some higher forces above. If you ask any medical student if he or she would like to work in any medical establishment, “no” is most likely the answer you will get. Why? He or she will tell you the pay isn’t worth it. 

If you are conversant with news, you would know there are numerous times medical practitioners embark on strike. Do you still feel it is not overrated? Let’s have a flashback to when Nigerian doctors were trying to relocate to work overseas due to poor welfare and working conditions. Or is it not convincing enough? My brother, medicine or pharmacy is one of the overrated courses in Nigeria.

  1. Linguistics

Linguistics is a very broad course and as such should be of great advantage. I can recall when trying to choose a course to study at the registration centre. The cafe man said ‘linguistic de da o, e le fi sise ni embassy.’ This means linguistics is a good course and it provides job opportunities at the embassy. 

But the question is how many universities teach foreign languages? At least I am aware of the University of Ilorin that teaches French alongside Yoruba. The truth is most of those who study these courses, especially Yoruba, end up in a classroom or some media house. Perhaps that’s the embassy they meant. Media houses might sound like a big deal to you, probably a place where money should be flowing. However, in a real sense, it’s not.

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  1. Accounting

Accounting is a four-year course in every Nigerian university. It is a professional course that is highly recognized. Also, it is one of those courses that are overrated in Nigeria. One thing I fancy about accountants or bankers is their sense of dressing. Another thing I detest is the insecurity of the job. 

About 2 years ago, Access bank of Nigeria sacked some workers. Why struggle in school for four years to get sacked in a day due to the inadequacy of the bank to manage staff? Let me burst your brain. Did you know that not all bank officials or staff studied accounting?  I have an accounting friend that is a badass fashion designer now.

If accounting was paid off, I’m sure she would not have made fashion design a real hustle. Therefore, accounting is one of the university courses that are overrated.

  1. Theatre Arts 

As high profile as this course is, it is the most challenging especially for graduates of theatre art. Numerous people in the entertainment industry today got there due to their talent. This even makes it difficult for theatre graduates to occupy the industry. 

A good example is the Nollywood world which comprises mostly people who can display their acting, dancing and singing skills or talent. To cur it short, theatre arts is also one of the overrated courses in Nigeria.

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I hope this article assists in whetting your appetite for some university courses that are overrated in Nigeria. By now, you should know how to look out for and factors to consider when choosing a course to study. 

There is a tiny possibility you can get a career from the list of courses above. But that’s if you are either academically sound or you have a strong connection. In Nigeria, we call the latter “long legs.” However, whatever course you study, try to be innovative. 

Even if there is a low demand for your course in Nigeria, it doesn’t mean your creative skills or course can’t earn you a living in another country. Subscribe to our newsletter or join our whatsapp community to learn more about related posts. Thanks for your time!

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