Top 10 Dressing Tips for Nigerian Women

by Sulaiman Halima

Have you been wondering why your colleague at work is always earning everyone’s admiration at the office? That’s even though she’s not as beautiful as you are! Or haven’t you wondered why your neighbour is always looking stylish even when she doesn’t put on expensive clothes as you do?  Probably she has some stunning dressing tips she follows every day. Who knows?

Well, this article is for you. Most Nigerian women face trouble every day in determining what cloth to wear and how to look stylish. This is majorly because they lack the necessary dressing tips. It is not until you fill up your closet with clothes that you look good. Dressing tips can actually help!

Why Dressing Tips are Vital to Nigerian Women

When it comes to dressing elegantly as a woman, the benefits go beyond looking beautiful alone. A woman should dress well not only to look beautiful. This is more reason women should not forgo the theory behind dressing tips.

Anyway, below are some reasons you should always dress well.

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Reasons You Should Dress Well

  1. Dressing speaks about your personality

Your dressing determines how you’re going to be received by people. No one takes a person who dresses inappropriately as serious. This is because they believe your dressing is who you are. Perhaps you’ve been wondering why people don’t respect you enough, try and dress differently. 

  1. Dressing boosts your confidence 

Nothing feels better than knowing you’re well-dressed. It makes you feel secure. 

  1. It leaves a good impression on you

Dressing well helps you make a better first impression when you approach new people. It also helps during an interview and everywhere in between. 

Now that you know the reasons you should dress well, it’s time to dive into the business—dressing tips for Nigerian women. At times, you need to do something distinct to be addressed differently. Maybe you have to add a little spice to your dressing style or remove the excess. 

Below are some dressing tips you need. These tips will help to improve your look and make you a classy Nigerian woman. 

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10 Dressing Tips to Make you a Classy Nigerian Woman

  1. The shape of your body matters

In Nigeria today, most ladies wear clothes because they are trendy, whereas they forget their body shape. One of the major dressing tips for women or ladies to take into consideration is observing one’s curve. Just because a cloth looks good on your friend doesn’t mean it will fit you too. 

Your friend might look smart and stylish in a particular cloth. Meanwhile, you might end up looking somehow if you put on the same cloth. This is why I would implore you to always consider your body shape before choosing any cloth. You don’t have to gain or lose weight, just focus on what fits you. Your shape matters!

  1. Choose the right underwear

Have you ever wondered why people always stare at your body blankly anytime you walk on the road? And during those times, you do not have a stain on your cloth! Something is probably not right. Don’t you think it’s because your underwear always outshone your outfit? One of the worst dressing flaws is wearing bright colour undergarments under a transparent outfit. 

As a lady, note that you can’t wear any other colour of underwear other than white when wearing a white outfit. Always make sure that your undergarment is not contradictory to your outfit as the case might be. Therefore, choosing the right lingerie or underwear is one of the most crucial dressing tips you should embrace.

  1. Do justice to every occasion

There’s a popular saying amongst the Yoruba people that reads, “o le gbe Omo oba fun osun“. It means you can’t give a particular woman’s child to another woman. Imagine going to your in-laws’ house wearing a bikini top and a panty with a hat. You dressed up as if you’re going to a beach party, lol. Especially if you’re going to meet indigenous ones. 

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Dressing tips.

Omo, be ready to face insults. You suppose know sayeni ba te oka nirumole, odidandan ko rija oka” according to another Yoruba adage. There is a particular dressing pattern a responsible lady or wife should follow in Nigeria. Therefore, choose the right cloth for the right occasion. 

You can’t dress like a nun and head to a dinner party, I swear e no make sense. You wore crazy jeans to a job interview and you expect them to hire you. Of course, they won’t! A classy lady should know that every outfit has its occasion. So, keep these dressing tips at the fold of your palms. 

  1. Know how to combine pieces of Jewellery

Jewellery is one of the things that enhances the beauty of ladies. Despite this fact, there are still certain rules to its usage. As a  classy Nigerian lady, do not use large or too bold earrings when putting on an English wear. 

Also, note that using earrings with chain and pendant on English wear will only give you the look of a local champion. If you intend to use a chain and pendant, then do not bother to use any earrings. Avoid large or too bold earrings and necklaces unless you’re going for an owambe party. Although you should be prudent in this case too. 

Even though it is a means of beautification among the ladies, some of the women in Nigeria still see jewellery as a form of wealth. You can showcase your wealth in several ways. However, not necessarily by giving yourself unnecessary body aches by showcasing your jewellery collection. 

Of course, we know you’re rich, smiles. Imagine a person putting rings on almost all their 10 fingers. Isn’t that extreme and unattractive? In fact, it’s a craze and not fashion! So, bombarding your neck with heavy metals (chain) is not the definition of wealth. It isn’t at all. It will only label you as a rich dog. I don’t mean to be rude but those big chains in your tiny hands are just the replica of a handcuff. 

Therefore, avoid using too much jewellery at a go. Embrace these dressing tips of knowing how to combine your jewellery. The normal ear-piercing for a lady should not be more than 2. So, it is now up to you to decide how dashing you want to be. 

  1. Go for the makeup that suits your look

Nowadays, makeup has become trendy stuff among ladies. To some, it is a source of confidence. Others see it as a necessity to suit several occasions. Regardless of its purpose, makeup should not be too extravagant and contradictory to your look. Ensure you do not apply heavy foundation or powder such that when you look into the mirror you become a stranger to yourself. 

Imagine the look of a dark skin person using a light foundation. Of course, the face will be Fanta and the neck will be coke. What a funny look! Find a foundation that matches your skin tone as this will give you a natural look even with the makeup on. 

Your skin colour also determines the kind of lipsticks that would fit you. Avoid garish shades of lipsticks and eyeshadow. Use each makeup cosmetic correctly and if you do not have the idea, ensure you check it out. Watch makeup tutorials online to know the kind of makeup that works for you. Don’t do what you do not know if you don’t want to end up looking like Suliya in the popular Nigerian movie, “Jenifa”. My friend, e no go make sense o.

  1. Wear your bra size 

One of the best dressing tips you can ever come across as a lady is to always wear your bra size. The major cause of sagging breasts in most ladies is not wearing the correct bra size. You have small boobs but you’re always wearing a big bra. What do you mean? Lol! Your boobs will still grow with time, abi? 

Aside from the fact that an oversized bra can easily deform your breasts. Wearing an oversized bra will also make your outfit unattractive and unsmart. This is just the same way a smaller bra will give an unnecessary pulpy look and discomfort to the person. Why will a person with bigger boobs be wearing a small bra all in the name of attraction and shape? Your bra can give you that perfect shape you want. So, you don’t need to stress yourself. 

  1. Modesty is classy 

The dressing tips for Nigerian ladies or women can never be complete without this section. Nakedness, they say, is far from beauty. You don’t have to be naked before you can be classy. A classy lady never dresses naked. We know you have a stunner physique. However, isn’t it good to keep some part of your body a secret and let people marvel?  

Crop tops are beautiful but your belly buttons should be hidden at all times. It is inappropriate for a decent woman to wear clothes with a too deep neckline. Your neckline should not reveal more than a little cleavage.

An appropriate short skirt for a decent Nigerian woman should reach just above the knee. Anything shorter portrays a different meaning.  

  1. Learn how to match colours

Learning how to match colours is one of the most important dressing tips. Unless you’re going to a masquerade festival in your village, on no account should you have more than 3 colours in your outfit. Avoid too many patterns and colours. So far you’re not a baby and don’t want to end up looking like an adult cartoon. Wear clothes with less pattern and less colour. 

Let one colour pop up at a time. That is, wear one bright colour at a time. Besides, consider your skin tone when picking outfits. This is one of the best dressing tips you should know as a lady. 

  1. Never leave the house without consulting Mr Mirror

Are you there? Before you leave the house, take a look at yourself in the mirror. You are the best judge of yourself. If you think you’ve done too much, do not hesitate to adjust.

  1. Take care of your clothing

Organize your clothes properly in your closet. The dressing tips takeaway here is that your outfits should be in order. Separate the dinner wear from the casuals, your workwear from your church wear or anything in between. This is to save you too much stress when going out. 

If you do not have a closet, fold your clothes in your bags such that you can wear them even when they are not ironed. 

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Now, you know what you are not doing right as a lady. Having digested the above dressing tips, Goodluck! Ensure you follow these dressing tips, then watch and see how your beauty radiates more. Your head go swell tire

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