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5 Smart Dressing Tips for Nigerian Men

by Tobiloba Funsized Adeola

Looking good is good business; a man with a low fashion taste has a low chance of winning a lady’s heart. Therefore, men’s dressing tips are an important part of the lifestyle every Nigerian man must learn to apply.

A popular saying goes, “dress the way you want to be addressed.” You cannot wear a suit to a pool party and expect to be welcomed. As a man, it is important always to look your best; dressing tips do not apply to ladies only.

Looking good is yummy, but it is also important to always consider your comfort in whatever outfit you will be putting on. To look good as a man in Nigeria, you do not have to break the bank. But, with the right guidance and tips, you will discover you can look your best.

In this piece, you will be provided with the smart dressing tips you need to look stylish as a man. So fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

4 Style Connoisseurs you can Follow for Men’s Dressing Tips

dressing tips

Style connoisseurs are stylists skilled in fashion. As a result, people often patronise them for the incredibly innovative fashion guidelines they offer.

In this case, I am not suggesting you patronise them; of course, their services are expensive. But what you can do is keep up with trends from them by looking them up on google and social media platforms. Four famous style connoisseurs you can follow for men’s dressing tips include;

  1. Mai Atafo
  2. The Orange Nerd
  3. Tim Dessaint (not dessert)
  4. Ugo Monye

5 Smart Dressing Tips for Nigerian Men

  1. Know the attire suitable for each occasion

dressing tips

Imagine you’re all dressed up in a tuxedo, shirt, and long tie to the club when everyone looks relaxed, trying to have fun after a long day or week. Take a chill pill if you’re planning to win a lost soul. It’s the club; cheer up, bruh.

You can throw in a shirt and trousers or substitute with shorts. To spice up your shirt as a dapper man, you can open it up by releasing two buttons and rolling up your sleeves… That’s what is called ‘Holla at your boy.’

Another way to get eyes ogling would be to wear short-sleeved agbada with shorts, then balance the equation with fedora hats or a baseball cap…if they don’t get it, they can forget about it.

  1. Learn to Identify Colours

dressing tips

The Internet will shut down if we go too deep on men’s dressing tips without stating the importance of colour.

Monday morning, you’re resuming a new role in a hospital, and you, as a dark-skinned man, are dressed from head to toe in teal blue except for your shoe, which is black. Brother, the headline will read, ‘Dr. Miracle is here live at…’

Not only will you trend, but if the location of that hospital hits the public, a lot of people are going to be ill. There will even be the discovery of diseases like small chops typhoid.

Back to the main point, you can dress all white, black, and blue, but also incorporate colours. There are colours you might like a lot and some less.

A blend will help you find a balance so you don’t eventually lose clients as a marketer for looking like an Anambra masquerade. No offence, but we have to help you avoid twitter cruise nation when the solution to dressing tips for men is here.

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  1. Be style-conscious with your underwear 

dressing tips

This myth is that men don’t need much underwear because they are not women. It probably sounds like a wise tip to you.

So, after picking out your Gucci shirt and Balenciaga trousers and matching them with your Fendi slippers, you hide boxers that are losing the thread. What if Nigerian police drag you on the road and boxers tear you? Or maybe you mistakenly vex a Nigerian soldier, and you’re commanded to go naked… May we not be unfortunate.

The beauty of having 9, 15, and 20 boxers and discarding old for new pieces is not so you can show off that your crypto wallet is heavy. But, you get to exhibit hygiene, men’s dressing tips that will make you feel good and advocate you as the Golden boy, Zaddy, or Sugar daddy you are manufactured to become.

Besides, don’t fall into your crush’s hands. The cheapest boxers in this Buhari era are still N300. So, be conscious of your looks, even to those we might not see.

  1. Stick to simple accessories

dressing tips

You have alternatives for your accessories when you go through the list of Hublot watches, Cartier bracelets, studs, necklaces, resin rings, and beads. Having all one outfit combo is giving, but you don’t want to be caught slacking.

You are dressed for the gym and still want those babes eyeing you from angle 180 to know that fine boy drips. Twenty aboki beads and a heavy gold plated necklace might turn you into a stand-up comedian.

Having a simple necklace on during a sweaty exercise might cause itching, but go with it if you’re good. But, as you raise those dumbbells, your neck will still be giving one-liners. How? Leave it for the ladies.

And one last thing, no rule says you need all these accessories but don’t be boring. Try something new, and if it’s not working, cool. It’s probably not just your thing, but living life is by attempting the unknown.

  1. Know your shoes 

dressing tips

Mules are classy, slides are dope, football/ gym sneakers are a should-have, but guy, that’s not all there is to shoe collections.

And this is not to drag those who have that deliverance interview shoes that have gone through blood and water, yeah? If you did things based on ‘who is even checking me out, you’d probably use a multi-purpose shoe for everything.

Based on research, men love to spend money on quality shoes, which is fascinating. But, let’s not forget, if you broke, na your business. It’s not compulsory to own 30 pairs of shoes, and if you’d love to, the whole style team is rooting for you.

To be fair to your feet, keep the shoes coming and pair them nicely. You might be anchoring a reality show for men’s dressing tips. If you still own a pair, your effort to look good is applauded.


Too much of everything can purge someone; we deep it. But, being extra never killed a man. Just make sure your outfit is giving clean details. Of course, you will trend, and people will vomit if they want to, but please, go ahead and turn an eye to eye candy. Nobody will die. The style team is solidly rooting for you. That is all for this season on men dressing tips; there might be a sequel. Chao!

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