How to ask a girl out

Unfailing Tips to Ask a Girl Out in Nigeria

by Oluwaseyi Ajayi

My guy, is there a babe you’ve been eyeing, that you’re eager to ask on a date, but don’t know how to go about it? 

Worry no more, I got you covered. 

I understand that, for guys who are the shy type, having conversation with girls or asking a girl out on a date can be scary. You start trembling like someone in a cold room. 

 Guy, you have to muster up courage and talk to that girl you have been eyeing for long.

If you’re confident and go about it the right way, you’ll get the yes you deserve.

This is why I have decided to help you before another sharp guy hooks the lady up. 

In this article, you will learn how to ask a girl out on a date and how to ask a girl out online and make her your girlfriend.

Let’s dive in.

How to Ask a Girl Out in Nigeria

Knowing how to ask a girl out is important, no matter how tasking it may seem. 

Follow the following steps on how to ask a girl out and you’ll have no issues.

  1. Be good-looking

The first major step to ask a girl out is to be good-looking. Before you go to meet the babe, ensure you look nice.

Nigerian babes like good-looking guys, although you don’t have to look like Lee Min-ho to look nice. 

Looking good means you should have good dress sense, poise, posture, aura, smell, body language, confidence, no clean shoes, and neat finger and toe nails, etc. 

You have to look good because she will respond to you based on your look.

 Your impressions, first, second …till she says yes and after matters a lot.

  1. Be confident

As a guy, if you don’t assume a confident posture, you are guaranteed a rejection. Here are some dos and don’ts of posture.


  • Look at the ground or sideways when talking to her.
  • Slump your shoulders.
  • Cross your legs/arms.
  • Fidget.
  • Become a sudden stutterer in her presence.
  • Don’t be on her face.


  • Maintain eye contact with her.
  • Smile and look cheerful but not clownish.
  • Speak calmly.
  • Shoulders down.
  • Chest high.
  • Give her space.

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  1. Be mindful of place and time

If you want everything to be perfect, you shouldn’t ask a girl on a date at the wrong place and time. 

You have to study her mood and the environment before you meet a girl and ask her on a date. 

Don’t walk up to her when she’s busy. Some Nigerian babes also don’t like it when a guy walks up to them in the presence of their friends or family members.

If she’s a girl you don’t see often or you are seeing her for the first time, no problem, make your move right away.

But, be mindful of the following;    

  • Be sure she’s not busy.
  • Don’t make a move if people are close to hearing you ask her out.
  • Study her mood and make a move when the signal is inviting.
  • Know what you want.
  • Don’t be shy; go for it.
  • Avoid using pick-up lines that will elicit a ‘no’.
  • Introduce yourself, tell her your intentions, and exchange contacts.
  • Follow up.

One thing you should also know, my guy is to be open to receiving a ‘no’.

This  article talks about how to ask a girl out and get a yes, but, know that rejection is part of life, you may do everything well and still get rejected, don’t let that affect your confidence. 

If Damilola says no today, Joy will give you joy tomorrow.

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How to Ask a Girl Out Online

You can be turned down online if you don’t do it the right way. 

The important thing to know about how to ask a girl out online is to keep her interested in your chats and make her always want to see you online. 

Asking her out online doesn’t require impressing her with big grammar, or knowing the questions to ask and when to ask them. 

It’s majorly about developing chemistry with her online, so when you eventually ask her to meet you, you will get a ‘yes’.

To compensate yourself for the data spent on the chase, follow these tips to get a ‘yes’:

  1. Don’t always start conversations with ‘Hi’

You can start a conversation with on a topic she will be interested in. Ensure you end with a question that will guarantee a response from her.

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  1. Don’t reveal your intentions very quickly

Once she starts to reply to your messages, don’t ask her out immediately, create a bond between you and her first. 

Let her trust you so she can have reasons to meet you and not just because you show interest in her. 

If you guys know each other well, you will have a less awkward date when the time comes.   

  1. Ask questions

You asking her questions will show you are genuinely interested in her. 

Remember to make the questions as short and simple as possible.

  1. Look for similar interests

Go through her profile to get the necessary information you need,  then create a conversation around similar interests. 

If you do this, chances of her saying ‘yes’ will be high.

  1. Make her laugh

Laughter is one of the best ways to develop chemistry with a girl online, making her laugh will go a long way in your relationship. 

The more you are able to make her laugh online, the more the chances of the relationship going to the next stage.

However, if you don’t have the skill, don’t force yourself.   

  1. Shower her with compliments 

After you have taken time to study her,  based on how she chats and through her other online activities, shower her with compliments.

Save other compliments like beauty till your first date.

After chatting with her for weeks and you have developed a great friendship, if you ask her out,you will likely get a ‘yes’.


Hey bro! Confidence is the key to ask any babe out. You must be confident and go for what you want.

 One other important thing you should work on is your communication skills.

Asking a girl out in Nigeria doesn’t necessarily require you to behave like Mr. Macaroni, all you have to do is follow the guide in this article.

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