10 Pickup Lines for Nigerian Girls

by Sulaiman Halima
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pickup lines

Nothing is as heartbreaking as the failure to win the heart of a girl you admire. Unfortunately, most guys find winning a girl’s heart difficult, not because they are not good-looking or kind. Instead, they fail probably because they can not hold a conversation properly or lack the right compliments to win a girl’s heart.

Winning a girl’s heart is a mighty task, but it is unnecessary to go out of your way to do anything extraordinary. Consistency and efforts are the most important things every girl desire in a romantic partner. Making a girl smile is a great effort that can relegate all sorts of obstacles and give you an edge to winning her heart.

Pickup lines really do wonders when it comes to making a girl smile and gaining her attention. Are you wondering what you could do to start a conversation with a girl you like and maybe even land a date? How about some adorable pickup lines?

According to Wikipedia, “A pickup line is a conversation opener with the intent of engaging a person for romance or dating.” Pickup lines are generally accepted within the dating bout; it can be a prepared remark used by a person to start a conversation with a stranger which whom they are interested in having a relationship or a more elaborate attempt including flattery or humor.

Pickup lines are pleasing if they are presented appropriately. As a guy or man willing to engage a girl or lady in a conversation and wish to win her over, you must be careful when choosing your pickup lines. Pickup lines can often boomerang when they are cunny; Most girls are not fans of flattery or dowdy lines. Having a good conversation starter topic can make a normal conversation great.

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Do pickup lines actually work? 

Yes! Pickup lines really work. How? Finding the perfect pickup line can be hard, but smooth pickup lines are not complicated at all, and they actually work in as much as you make them pleasing.

3 Things to Remember Before Approaching a Girl 

  • Be Considerate

Instead of concentrating on how to be funnier, consider what the other person would be comfortable with. Do not force a conversation to avoid any form of awkwardness; the mood must be enlightening for both of you. Also, you should be interested in their response and should restrain from the conversation if you feel any discomfort from her side.

  • Be Sincere

You might find it difficult to entice your lady love if you are not real, as most of your conversations will not be intent. Avoid the traditional pickup lines because a good pickup line must be intriguing, intriguing enough that she would begin to reciprocate your interest. You have to make your conversant more interested; show her that you are a fun person to be around. You do not have to sound funny or desperate; all you need is to be realistic. Using something you both have in common at the moment is best; taking your surrounding as an example is a good conversation starter. You have to be careful, too, as poor context when coming up with pickup lines can be offensive sometimes.

  • Be Confident

Having a smooth pickup line can be amazing when coupled with confidence. Having the confidence to go with is more important when choosing pickup lines. If you are trying to use a pickup line and do not want to look like an idiot, then confidence is the key. To win a girl’s heart, the tone of voice coupled with the look of confidence could be all it takes. Confidence is one of the keys to attraction.

So, you should put these in your mind anytime you are willing to approach a girl with a pickup line; if you do not want her to end up working away in disgust or even scare her off.

10 Pickup Lines for Nigerian Girls

pickup lines

Though it is hard to choose what would be classified as the best pickup lines, it could be any given one, but the pickup lines you would be seeing in this article are pretty effective. In this article, I have come up with sincere and unique lines to help you connect with a person who catches your attention. These pickup lines work as a conversation starter on a first date or even when approaching a person for the first time.

Do you want to make a lasting impression on a girl? Yes?! Then, this article is for you. Below are the top ten pickup lines applicable to both online conversations and meeting people in reality.

  1. “You look fit; I’m sure you are on a healthy lifestyle, or are you on any daily routine?”

This way, you will leave her with no choice but to say something even if she is not willing to.

  1. “You look like this famous actress…, would you like to be famous too? In what aspect?”

You have to be careful in this case, be sure that the person you are comparing her to is great; if not, she will not be impressed.

She is going to feel like a queen! Girls like flattering, we all know.

  1. “What do you think about this event or place? I hope you are having fun?”

This is a great conversation starter for you; anytime you find someone you are attracted to at a particular place.

  1. “What is your definition of an ideal lifestyle.”

Trust me, and no conversation will ever be boring with this such a smart question. She would be impressed, and girls are easily attracted to smart people.

  1. “What gives you the most fun?”

This question can never go wrong; we all have what gives us joy, no matter how little it is. It is a great way to spark a conversation.

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  1. “It seems you have been quite busy today. I noticed you had not been online since”

Oh my God! she is going to feel on top of the world. They love it when you pay attention to them.

  1. “What do you think about the weather today? I hope it continues like this or never stays”

This can be other things, too. So far, it is a comfortable commonality you both have at that moment.

  1. “You have a good sense of dressing, and I find it attractive.”

This works anywhere, whether online or in reality; you are going to make her blush

  1. “What a fancy…….., you must be very fashionable”

Girls love it when you compliment them, and this can be anything she has at that moment. She is going to feel herself! lol

  1. “Wow! You …….. too? That’s great, me too.”

This can be a hobby or any activity in between, remember similarity is a great attraction effect, you know.

End Notes

So, guys, here are the unique pickup lines you can use whenever you feel the urge to express your feelings to your crush. Take these multiple lines with sincerity and spice of confidence, and be sure to win the heart of your lady love. So why not dive and give it a go! These pickup lines will make you stand out and start a conversation. I’m pretty sure that you are going to make a good first impression if you make use of these selections. Good luck, dear!

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