Best Ways to Get Customers’ Reviews & Feedback

by Olasubomi Samuel Kolawole
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Mr. Coker is an e-commerce business owner who deals in all kinds of men’s wear. He generated many sales in the first three months of launching his business.

When the business was four months old, Mr. Coker realised there was a low turn-out of customers, which resulted in poor sales. 

What do you think could have led to this? Tell me the answer and get a Ferrari… *winks* 

Well, Mr. Coker could no longer gather as much profit as he had in the first three months because he never asked for his customers’ feedback nor created a platform where they could drop their reviews. 

customers' reviews

Customers’ reviews are essential for your business

Mr. Coker represents thousands of business owners who consider customers’ feedback insignificant. However, as a business owner, you need to know that customers’ feedback is important because they give you more insight on how to improve your business, and the positive ones draw new consumers to buy products from your store.

Grab a coffee as you read the five best ways to get customers’ reviews and feedback. But before you jump the line, let’s know the meaning of customers’ feedback and why it is important. 

What is Customers’ Feedback? 

Customers’ feedback is the evaluation of your products/services shared by people who have used your products/services. Its purpose is to show the customers’ level of satisfaction and also help the product or service providers understand where there should be room for improvement.

Why Is Customers’ Feedback Important?

Customers’ feedback is important because it shows where your business is lagging and how you should improve or adjust it. 

For example, someone buys a product and expects it to be delivered in less than 24 hours. But it takes the delivery man over 48 hours to deliver the item.

If you ask for feedback or a review from the consumer, he will comment that your delivery service is poor. That way, you know why you should improve in that area. 


Get feedback from customers

Also, customers’ reviews enhance your credibility. People believe what others say about a company more than what it says. 

Apart from the recommendations from friends and family, people trust positive online reviews about a brand and make them visit the website.

According to BrightLocal, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This means companies with positive reviews have more chance of winning more consumers to buy their products. 

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5 Best Ways to Get Customers’ Reviews & Feedback

1. Through emails 


You can get reviews through automation email

Almost every company reaches its consumers through email to build long-lasting relationships with the customers. Not only does it serve this purpose but also for getting feedback from consumers. 

How do you reach out to them using this platform? Automate your email or set up a team that will reach out to them to evaluate their shopping experience or the quality of the item purchased from your store. 

Why do you need an email to get feedback from consumers? 

Some consumers don’t bother to give feedback because they feel nobody will respond. Hence, they keep quiet. 

That’s why you need an email service provider like GetResponse that will help you automate your messages so that after they buy an item, they receive messages asking about their shopping experience. 

However, it would help if you did not beat around the bush but keep your message short and simple. Then, insert a link that will direct them to where they will write a review or rate your service. 

This convinces them that you care about their ‘welfare’. And you know what that means. It enhances your brand’s credibility and gives room for more recommendations.  


2. Social Media 

social medium

Social media is an effective tool for business

If you are not on any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you should stop reading this now.

Yes, I mean it… Lol. But to be candid, you need to have a social media presence and dominate several social media platforms.

Why? Because these are the platforms where most of your consumers converge.  

“Why social media, Sam? Nobody has the time!” 

Hey… Hey… Just calm down… Please don’t punch me… I know this can be a pain in the butt – people ignoring your messages to watch live Facebook streams, but the fact is, you can still gather customer feedback there. 

Carry out a survey or create a poll on your Facebook page, or your Instagram stories, asking your consumers to evaluate their shopping experience or service. I assure you that many happy consumers are going to answer it.  

Like emails, keep it short and simple. Don’t ask many questions. The attention span of users is very short. It’s just like you trying to stop the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos. 

3. Create an online forum or community


Create an online community

Most companies set up an online forum or community on their websites to allow customers to converge and share their shopping experience, how fast the delivery is, the quality of items bought, and many other issues. 

You can also employ this method! 


Set up an online forum on your website or a social network where consumers can share what they like or hate about your service.  

When customers join this community and see myriads of negative and positive reviews, they are also drawn to leave theirs. That way, you gather more insight on how to improve your business to suit consumers’ needs.

Also, have a moderator whose responsibility involves starting and moderating discussions and responding to positive or negative comments. Again, this strengthens the relationship between you and your customers.

4. Offer incentives 


Offer Incentives to Customers

Another method you can use to receive customers’ reviews is to offer incentives. You are employing this tactic to make happy customers rate your product since the only rating you get is from sad customers. 

However, to avoid making this look like you want to cross-sell or bribe them in exchange for reviews, let them know that this is just a sincere effort to improve the customer service. That way, your customers know why they are leaving a review. 

So what kind of incentives should you offer? 

Offer incentives such as free shipping, gift cards, discounts on future purchases, online contest for a bigger prize, and free products that complement the ones they’ve bought.  

5. Share positive customers’ reviews.

share reviews

Share reviews on website or social media page

To get more customer reviews, you can share the reviews of customers. 

Sharing these do two things: 

First, it spurs other customers who have patronised you to join the bandwagon, leaving their reviews as well. 

Secondly, it propels people still sceptical about your service to patronise you. 

So, how do you go about this? First, you can post your customers’ reviews on social media platforms like your Facebook page or as a quote on Instagram. 

Then, play Kiss Daniel’s Buga as you get more feedback and get more sales.  


Customers’ reviews or feedback is the sure way to improve your business. Your customers know what they want more than you do. So, tailor your business to suit their needs, and you’ll always win them over, making your competitors struggle to snatch them. 

And there you have it! Implement!

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