Creating Perfect Pitch Decks: The Component and Layout

by Oluwatoowo Onifade
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pitch decks

One great way entrepreneurs can solicit funds is by having captivating pitch decks. A pitch deck is a short presentation used to present your idea, brand, product, or company to any number of audiences, generally investors. Averagely, a pitch deck should not be less than ten slides and 20 at most.

Pitch decks are meant to be concise to boost your investors’ interest. It can also be referred to as a presentation slide deck, as a startup or investor pitch deck. The pitch deck is visual support to your verbal communication said in a pitch.

A pitch deck is a visual representation that summarizes your company, business plan, and startup vision. Pitch decks could be to get a meeting with a new investor, presented in front of a stage, and each one should follow a different structure. It is audience-specific.

What is the purpose of pitch decks?

The sole aim of a pitch deck is to make investors generate interest in your business- this could result in immediate funding or a second meeting. In addition, it helps a startup team gather their ideas and processes in product development and goal management. In essence, it provides clarity and helps identify their purpose.

A pitch deck is not made the same for all audiences; a different pitch deck proves useful for investors. A quick one, your pitch deck, can sustain investors’ interest if you avoid cliché. As an investor, I would not like to hear the same phrases in presentations I attend. Avoiding clichés also makes you stand out. That being said, ensure you make a good first impression.

How to create the perfect pitch deck

Creating a pitch deck is not a day job. Know that and know peace. Start by pulling together all relevant content, structure it to follow the story’s arc, and finally, design it to convey your message as clearly and simply as possible.

One of the most important aspects of effective pitch decks is organizing them based on the audience and forum in which it is being presented. When creating a perfect pitch deck, be sure to be straightforward- clearly explain things.

Also, do storytelling other than stats- your pitch is meant to engage your investors, not bore them with a list of metrics. Tell your story in a very relatable way; this will ensure that your investors follow. Finally, ensure that your pitch deck can stand alone. It is a presentation, yes, but it imagines that your investors ask for a copy to go through again before finalizing their decision- make your pitch deck have all the necessary information to ensure you label each slide. Your fonts are easy to read and have interesting graphics. You can have it in PDF format.

Content and Layout of Pitch Decks

pitch decks

Despite how your pitch deck can vary from 10 to 20 slides, you must know the predominant slides in almost all templates of pitch decks. These slides should never be missing in your presentation.

  1. Introduction/Title

Company name, logo, contact information, an overview of your business and what you do- in simple terms, the description of your business.

  1. Problem

What gap are you filing, what pain are you alleviating, what problem do you intend for your business to solve, why is your product or service necessary in the market, and who has this problem?

  1. Solution

How do you solve the problem you have discovered, alleviate the pain, and describe your products or services.

  1. Business Model

Ensure that you prove that your business or idea will stand against all odds and thrive. What is your strategy, and how will your business generate revenue?

  1. Traction

What level is your company at presently? In case you have acquired any customers, or any form of a ready market, be sure to share with the investors what testing you have done and what feedback have you received?

  1. Market

Is your market an existing one, or do you intend to create a new market? How much revenue will you acquire from this target market, is there a large target market today or in the future

  1. Competition

Every business has competition. If you have not discovered yours, I advise you to pause and do thorough research. Who are your competitors, and why are you better than them? Remember not to say anything bad about your competitors, and they stand as a drive to make you better.

  1. Vision

A business is as good as its vision. What is your vision for the future, and how do you become a gigantic company? Also, it would help if you coupled this with your mission.

  1. Team

Who are your team, why are they the right people for the job, what experiences have they gathered, is your team complete, if not, what other key positions do you need to fill, and why are certain positions critical to the company.

  1. Investment/ Use of funds

It is that time to ask for money. What do you need money for, and how much do you need? In case you have some investors at hand before, now is a perfect time to discuss them and why they chose to invest. provides you with a daily dose of informative content like this. Click here to subscribe to our Newsletter and avoid missing out on such content.

Examples of Popular Pitch decks

pitch decks

As earlier mentioned, pitch decks vary in style, audience, template, and some slides; below are a few examples of totes that might be your best bet.

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Creating a Pitch Presentation

Creating a pitch presentation is as easy as it comes. However, the following tips should help you a long way.

  • Manage time- time management is very important. Work between 15- 20 minutes.
  • Tell your story- you’re interpreting a visual story(your deck). Be a good narrator and carry your audience along.
  • Know your numbers- you do not want to start flipping pages to confirm numbers when asked. Practice, do research, and know your numbers-.
  • Get yourself ready for questions- investors want to know how their money will yield. Be ready to answer any and every question.
  • Make sure you have a strong close- you cannot afford not to close well. Close your story strongly and firmly. It speaks of your confidence.

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