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Did you know? is a community of spirited individuals who you can attribute as your friends with benefits. Yinmu. No, for true! Referencing the abundance of free information available to you now and the upcoming ones being cooked up for your satisfaction, the relationship is relative.

So, who are your other friends with benefits? The government? Your favourite Influencers? Your neighbours? Sabinus? Your ex? Perhaps your circle is limited to your childhood buddies, okay.

But, how do you even know someone perceives you as a friend with benefits? Whether it’s effortless or demanding, we’ll do the math together.

From the original design of a friend, it would be a person with whom you have a bond of mutual affection, typically platonic. A pop preference would be someone that is not hostile. The explanation slaps better when it is not an audio friendship. If you agree then we can proceed with, what is the meaning of friends with benefits. 

Meaning of Friends with Benefits 

Just as we have British and American meanings to words, the Nigerian version isn’t ruled out. FWB as it’s commonly abbreviated. Some say it’s a friend whom one has an occasional and casual sexual relationship with. There’s also a saying that it’s a person of interest who is useful.

A conclusive proof will be the corresponding features of a friend with benefits that are valuable and helpful. So, feel free to validate your idea. 

But, if you ever worry about being a friend with benefits, probe about the meaning to avoid stories that touch. Unto the next one, Advantages and disadvantages. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Friends with Benefits.

Can we even say there are any pros or cons of being friends with benefits? Well, research agrees. It’s our turn to make a personal decision. 

You know how you have childhood friends, besties. You can also have Spa friends, wine friends, japa buddies, brunch friends, strike friends and it goes on and on like that. You dig? The benefit they serve is as good as gold. From money to availability to hosting events, until they don’t. 

And FYI, this isn’t gender-based but maybe money based. Exclusively, that’s what signifies “money makes the world go round” as a thing. 

If someone is your friend with benefits, you’re most likely theirs. When the benefit you offer is no longer equivalent or significant, you may be tossed out. And that’s how the challenge evolves. 

Yeah, it can be a mix of stressful and intriguing decisions. The good thing is you don’t have to make anyone your friend with benefits but would it be such a bad idea to know more? Exhale but let’s do this. 

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Advantages of Friends with Benefits.

  1. You have clarity

You are well acquainted with your friend’s abilities and interests too. In a situation where Sheggz is craving a travel buddy to always partner with to watch live matches and Adekunle’s preference is being a party buddy. There is clarity and any form of controversy can be avoided at an early stage. 

  1. You meet new people

 Some circles solely accept members for friends with benefits. You can ascribe it as vanity but they’d choose it over joining a coven of witches. 

You become a member, maybe fund a membership card and find people who are suitable for the benefits you dish and can reciprocate. And if your will leaves room to pursue the friendship, the ball is in your court, regardless of the club you belong to. 

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Disadvantages of Friends with Benefits

  1. Friendship Breakup

You can taint a good friendship by introducing friends with benefits.The idea would sound so pleasing. And, you would be convinced your bond with the other person cannot break then you chance it. Set a few rules and go with the flow until pressure surfaces from the unknown manual of life featuring FWB.

Subsequently, you choose peace, and that friendship you once adored tastes like agbalumo or aloe vera. Sad but possible. A friendly piece of advice, friendship breakup sucks. 

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  1. Frustration

You can get frustrated for wanting more. As expected, every friend with benefits comes with different rules and gains. For some people, it’s limited to a sexual bonus. If you ever need your FWB to be available for you emotionally, making the request might be crossing the line.

 So, in that situation, you’re starved. It could lead to you having regrets or expressing how you feel and ruining the situationship. It is what it is. 

  1. Loneliness

You may be alone under the canopy. In a language we can comprehend, it means the “friends with benefits” you’re involved in isn’t mutual. You know how it’s said that faith is the substance of things hoped for,  you might need an unlimited bundle of hope. So, all the benefits you dish will be repaid with premium tears or panadol extra ambassadorship deal. Stay jiggy! 

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Bottom line 

Friends with benefits is a thing and most likely will always be. It’s also not for every species. Talk about opportunities. In Nigeria, the safe code is “know people.” You know someone that knows someone and the ladder propels. Just as minor as friends with benefits might seem to you, it is such a big deal to several people. There are projects, and contracts some folks connect through their FWB. 

Just like every other relationship, be careful how you shut the door. Although, friends with benefits classify as a situationship. Not every ending will be happy but if you ever have to reconnect with an ex – FWB, you’ll still have a door to go through. 

This is not to say your success is tied to friends with benefits. You’re still sane to not be on board with it. But, while you’re still here, what team are you on? Friends with benefits: Yay or Nay? 

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