Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops in Nigeria

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Do you love video games? A gaming laptop can expand your experience. Are you a gaming geek who also loves travelling? Getting a gaming laptop will be a nice decision for mobility’s sake.

You can also experience a nice visual design engineered with high-quality specs to improve your gaming hormones.

Gaming beasts like ASUS ROG, MSI, or any best gaming laptop, can’t be compared to a regular PC, which might possess good hardware features, but is low on qualities like screen, speaker and configuration level.

It is 2023, and as a gamer, you are here to check for the best gaming laptop in Nigeria with the best quality.

10 Best Gaming Laptops in Nigeria

  1. Acer Nitro 5


Acer Nitro 5

When it comes to flexibility, there is no heavy machine here. Acer Nitro allows gamers to perform other online tasks like chatting and browsing, all in the background without interrupting our gaming session.

And with real-world light property imitation, this PC is arguably one of the best gaming laptops to provide amazing image quality.


Price – N300,000

Graphics controller model – NVIDIA GeForce 30 series

Processor – 8 Gen Intel Core i5

RAM – 8GB – 16GB

Storage capacity – 512GB – 1TB

Screen size – 15.6″ – 17.5″

  1. Dell G3 15


Dell G3 15

In the world of video gaming, Dell products are also dope. Their goal is to satisfy the gaming audience with the latest and trending features in the gaming industry.

Dell gaming products, Dell G3 15, to be precise, prioritise visual content, especially for structuring game streaming. 

Nice exterior design for gamers’ conveniences, long-lasting battery and fast charging features. All this to give unforgettable wonderful gaming memories. 


Price – N450,000

Graphics controller model – NVIDIA GeForce Gtx Series + Max-Q

Processor – Latest Gen- Core i7

RAM – 8GB – 16GB

Storage capacity – 512GB

Screen size – 15.6″ inches

  1. HP Omen 17


HP Omen 17

As one of the most used PCs, HP generally provides us with an amazing experience. For gamers, the Omen 17 machine is super fast and provides an inexpensive configuration.

Although, it produces more heat, which is one of the major tasks the world gaming laptop manufacturers are working on. But graphically, HP Omen 17 is a nice budget for Nigerian gamers.


Price – N550,000

Graphics controller model – NVIDIA GeForce RTX series

Processor – 8th Gen- Core i7

RAM – 32GB

Storage capacity – 2TB – SSD

Screen size – 17 inches

  1. ASUS TUF A15



Serious gamers will want to experience this beast. Because in terms of durability and strength, the gaming PC offers more. The screen’s 1080p display gives it the ability to display actions of about 144 frames/secs compared to a regular PC.


Price – N650,000

Graphics controller model – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

Processor – 8th Gen, Core i5

RAM – 8GB 

Storage capacity – 1TB

Screen size – 15.6″ inches

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  1. MSI GF 63



Thickness isn’t one of this machine’s problems. Yeah, this best gaming laptop provides a light and thin design. This laptop is prove that you don’t want to spend six figures to get a gaming laptop. A sleek, thin, smart design makes the gaming laptop a must-get.


Price – N326,000

Graphics controller model – NVIDIA GeForce 1060

Processor – 8th Gen – Core i7

RAM – 8GB -16GB

Storage capacity – 256GB SSD, 1TB HDD

Screen size – 15.6″ inches

  1. LENOVO Legion Y540


Lenovo Legion Y540

Compared to its predecessors, the Y540 is tagged to be a versatile machine. Wired to be good for everything. Be it video editing, streaming or video gaming. You’ll be welcomed warmly.

For gaming’s sake, the PC is coupled with an elegant design, a long-lasting battery and nice configuration options— at a mid-range budget.

This laptop doesn’t provide an RGB colour design. Instead, its makers design the keyboard to display a white light. Sorry! Such an attribute makes the PC look unprofessional in the gaming world. But the PC is worth getting for your gaming journey.


Price – N780,000

Graphics controller model – NVIDIA GeForce 1660

Processor – 8th Gen-Core i7

RAM – 8GB – 16GB

Storage capacity – 1TB, 256GB

Screen size – 15.6″ inches HD resolution

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  1. ASUS ROG G752VT



Taking a breakthrough ahead is the ASUS ROG G series. This hardware is characterised by modern design, an anti-ghost keyboard display, beautifully customised armour colour and varying configuration options.

You can gracefully select different configuration settings, ranging from HDD– HDD and SSD combined. 

The ASUS product is built to run any latest video games of higher settings. No doubt, this gaming laptop is one of the best out there for Nigerian gamers.


Price – N750,000

Graphics controller model – NVIDIA GeForce GTx970M 

Processor – 8th Gen, Core i7

RAM – 8GB – 16GB

Storage capacity – 256GB HDD/SSD

Screen size – 17.30″ inches

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  1. Dell Alienware 17


Dell Alienware 17

Two major benefits of this device are that you can control the ventilation power manually and that the battery lasts a long time for a gaming laptop. This laptop won’t win beauty contests, but you can play almost any game, just not on the maximum settings.

Thanks to the 144 Hz refresh rate of the screen, you may play games at a high frame rate.


Price – N740,000

Graphics controller model – NVIDIA GeForce RTX series

Processor – Core i7

RAM – 16GB

Storage capacity – 1TB HDD

Screen size – 17.30″ inches

  1. Acer Nitro 7


Acer Nitro 7

Not necessarily its power, but its elegant, light, and small design—gaming laptops are sometimes much thicker—sets this gaming laptop apart from others. This laptop’s screen’s side corners are likewise extremely narrow. This laptop is equivalent to the other laptops on this list in terms of specifications.


Price – N550,000

Graphics controller model – NVIDIA GeForce Gtx 1660

Processor – Core i7


Storage capacity – 512GB SSD

Screen size – 15.6″ inches

  1. HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop


HP Pavilion

The HP pavilion Windows 10 boots up swiftly, apps loads rapidly, and the 144Hz refresh rate gives the overall experience a sharp, fluid feel. The display panel provids pleasing colours and has more than enough brightness for indoor use.

The best gaming laptop runs quietly and doesn’t get too hot when you are not performing any strenuous activity. This laptop will provide a great gaming experience through the top-end specification listed below.


Price – N280,000

Graphics controller model – HD graphics

Processor – Core i5

RAM – 12GB

Storage capacity – 1TB HDD

Screen size – 15.6″ HD resolution

Future of Gaming in Nigeria

Nigeria currently has the greatest recorded number of internet users in all of Africa at over 109 million, with a large portion of this traffic coming from mobile devices. With a median age of 18 years and the highest percentage of youth in the world.

In coming years, gaming will grow in popularity. Fortunately, that will draw in new gaming establishments, ensuring a stronger gaming selection for the locals. And the best gaming laptop will always win the league.

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You want to buy a new gaming laptop but don’t want to spend much money. The laptops on this list are ideal for you in such a case. 

We suggest focusing less on storage because SSDs can typically be added or taken out of gaming laptops. What specifically do you need in a gaming laptop? All the listed gaming laptops above have their specification that can influence your decsion. Don’t worry about availability. You can purchase the PC from places like Jumia, Konga or other shops nationwide.

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