Top 5 Signs to Know a True Husband Material

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“Don’t marry a Yoruba Demon!” Bisola keeps screaming in my ears.

Yoruba Demons would do nothing but show you pepper in marriage. My eyes have seen shege in the hands of Yoruba Demons, and I won’t allow you to go through the same.” She continued.

“Isn’t that tribalism? Do we now judge people based on where they are from?” I asked 

Are you currently in the shoes where people around you are telling you not to marry from a certain tribe because men from those places are not good husband material?

Let me tell you this. 

A good husband material is not dependent on the tribe. 

Yes, I know tribe matters to some people when it comes to choosing partners, but read this article as I will be sharing the right things you need to look out for when deciding who to settle down with. In this article, I will reveal the secret of identifying a good husband.

If anybody should settle for less, it shouldn’t be you! 

Who is a Husband Material?

Have you met someone who gives you the green light? Is there someone you feel might be the perfect match for you as your husband? Are you looking for signs he’s husband material?  

Have you made a bad decision marrying someone you thought was the perfect match, but the union didn’t work out because you don’t know the signs to look out for when considering the right husband for you?

Marriage is sacred, and it is the only union that gives a certificate. Before you get any experience, it is forever, so choosing a partner to live the rest of your life with is very important and something you should do with great care and consideration. 

A failed relationship is better than a failed marriage. That’s why I will take steps to unroll important signs you should look out for in determining he is the best husband material. 

There are different signs you’ve heard of when you see the man you intend to settle with that would put you at ease. But then, if he ticks all the boxes of signs mentioned here, rest assured he is the one for you.

How to Know a True Husband Material

If you follow this step, you will not only get good husband material. You will get a super thick 1000-yard original husband material.

  1. He respects his family

The most important quality you should look out for when deciding on a partner is to look out for how he treats his family. One truth is there is no man that will not prioritise his immediate family, respects them, and treats them right. A man that respects his family will respect you, and a man that prioritises his family will prioritise you too.

A man who doesn’t respect his family but respects you is likely to be only pretending, and chances are high that it won’t take long before he disrespects you and will eventually serve you breakfast.

How do you know he respects his family and isn’t forcing it or acting to please you? Take careful notice of how he treats them. Does he care about their well-being? Does he try to love them? How does he react and help them in their times of trouble and needs?

If there is harmony between him and his family, there is a high chance that he will build a home filled with love and harmony with you.

  1. He respects your family

Another important attribute that makes up a good husband material is how he treats your own family. They always say you can see how a man will treat you based on how he treats his family, but his approach toward your family may be just as important.

Does he care about them as people? Does he make an effort to get close to them? Does he try to love them simply because you do? 

If he cares about them and does his best to accommodate them, the vibe flows easily without stress. This is a great sign that he’ll make a strong husband.

The truth is that accommodating and loving another person’s family is not easy because you have different upbringings and family values. Still, if your boyfriend shows he is making a real effort with your family, this is a sign of a keeper.

However, people marry people who do not get along with their family members and do well in their marriage, but these relationships are a major part of your life. If there is harmony and acceptance between your spouse and your family, this will make for a much smoother ride in the future. 

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  1. He prioritises your relationship

Your life partner should be someone to whom your relationship means everything. Someone who doesn’t take you for granted. Someone who places you as a top priority. Let’s face the truth. Marriage is not an easy journey. It is not filled with roses and bright sunshine. It is more than the romantic K-Drama movies you watch on Netflix. 

Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and it would not be advisable to settle with someone that doesn’t prioritise your relationship. Marriage is very demanding. Find yourself a man who knows the values of a family and is willing to fight and keep his marriage right, even in the centre of tribulations and hard times. 

The length at which a man is willing to keep and protect his relationship and marriage determines how long a woman would like to hold on and take the marriage work. If a man relents and doesn’t care about making the relationship work, there is little or no effort that would make the relationship bounce back happily every time there is a problem.

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  1. He has leadership skills

As it is widely said and believed, a man is the head of the home, and no woman would feel comfortable being under a man who cannot lead her right. In determining a good husband material, look closely at how he leads people around him.

Does he listen to other people’s advice? Does he realise when he is wrong and makes amendments? Does he command respect, or does he earn respect? All these things are what you should look out for when determining if he has good leadership skills. 

  1. He makes you feel safe

Listen to me. This quality is directly equal to how he treats his family and yours. When measuring the quality of a man’s husband’s material, you should never overlook this.

How do you feel around him? What kind of vibe does he give you? Are you free? Do you feel safe with him? Can you be vulnerable with him? Do you feel comfortable? Are you respected and protected? You should feel safe with your husband physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

If your man makes you feel safe and comfortable without him trying to act or force it, that is a sign that he’s a great choice for a long-term relationship or marriage. 

If you do not feel safe and free with your partner at all times, this issue needs to be addressed. Suppose you feel afraid to, and you are always forced to keep up with the vibe when relating with him or feel you are being used or might be abused later in the relationship. In that case, this is a huge red flag in a relationship and a sign of reaching out for help and support from friends, or, more importantly, it might be a sign for you to walk away from the relationship.

Other Signs of Husband Material You Should Note

Don’t leave out these other signs because they’re as important as the ones listed above. You will know a true husband material if he: 

  • Supports you mentally and physically
  • Communicates with you at all times without stressing 
  • Is ready to apologise for any misgiving 
  • Is honest with you
  • Is dependable 
  • Allows you to communicate your feelings to him at all times 
  • Is Family oriented
  • Makes you laugh without acting


The truth is marriage is a big step, and as much as you have to make sure you marry the right person, you also have to understand that nobody is perfect.
And as much as you understand that “nobody is perfect,” you still want to ensure you are marrying the “right person.”

To a large extent, marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endured, so you don’t want to spend your life fixing trouble and issues in your marriage.

When you’re looking out for the guy with the best husband material and attributes, it’s best you look beyond his physical appearance. Yes! I know you want cute babies, and I do, too. But then, a good physical appearance is not required when choosing a life partner.

A good physical appearance might draw your attention at first, but then good character and the ability to tick 80% of the boxes I listed in this article will guarantee a happy life together.

Do you wish to discuss further on this? Share your thoughts in the comments or reach out to us on WhatsApp.

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This article should be a mantra to be followed who as it captures the whole essence of getting it right in relationships which in turn will lead to a beautiful marriage experience.
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