Abuja Vs Lagos: Which is The Best?

by Ogechi Anyanwu
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Abuja vs Lagos

For a while now, there has consistently been a comparison between Abuja and Lagos, just like the never-ending Davido/Wizkid argument. 

When a Nigerian graduate or someone looking for greener pastures decides to leave his comfort zone or step out of a “not so successful” state for a more developed one, the Abuja vs Lagos comparison is even more prevalent.

Also, when foreigners and residents of other countries visit Nigeria, they choose to live in Abuja or Lagos.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the duo are the best cities in Nigeria.

About Lagos

Lagos, the largest metropolis in Nigeria and one of the biggest in sub-Saharan Africa, has remained a spectacular city with a wide range of opportunities for residents of all backgrounds.

 It is, so to speak, living up to its slogan, “Centre of Excellence.” All of the country’s celebrities congregate in the nightlife hub of Lagos State. 

In the 77 years between 1914 and 1991, Lagos served as the nation’s capital up to 1975. 

Lagos was replaced by Ikeja as its state capital and Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, replaced Lagos in 1991 as the federal capital.

About Abuja

Abuja is ranked as the eighth most populous city in Nigeria by Wikipedia. The richest people in Nigeria reside there, making it the wealthiest region of the nation. 

Nigeria’s political and administrative hub is the country’s capital.

Abuja is home to many of the most well-known attractions, including The White House, Central Mosque, Transcorp Hilton Hotel, etc.

Abuja is simply luxurious. Foreigners and expatriates all adore living there. 

Abuja is a city with great and secure nightlife, like Lagos. This means that all of the city’s stores, boutiques, nightclubs, and bars run smoothly. 

Abuja, generally known as the Federal Capital Territory or FCT, has a very high cost of living. Federal Government jobs and Government owned businesses all exist there.

Most people would rather “be made” before picking Abuja, making it less of a first choice for private start-ups.

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Abuja Vs Lagos

Which is better, Abuja or Lagos? Hmmm!

They both have advantages and disadvantages, good and bad qualities, and unique qualities that set them apart from one another, and perhaps that question will never be answered. 

Lagos and Abuja are both fantastic cities to live in. Before choosing to live there, there are a lot of things to ponder. 

It all depends on your goals and where you would feel more at ease. Also, know that “comfort should never be substituted”.

In this post, we will examine the “Lagos vs. Abuja” debate by comparing the values of the two cities.

You may then choose which city, based on your preferences, you would eventually want to call home.

  1. Abuja vs Lagos – Cost of living 

It’s really obvious how much the cost of living in Abuja vs Lagos is. If you compare the cost of living in Lagos with Abuja, Lagos is generally less expensive.

It’s true what they say—in Lagos, you’ll always find your level, and living a fake lifestyle is truly not necessary.

Even if the cost of transportation can be absurdly expensive, as it is in Abuja, you can discover solutions that fit your budget for everything from housing to transportation.

Compared to Lagos, the capital city of Abuja is relatively expensive. It is without a doubt the priciest location in Nigeria. 

Although feeding is not so expensive in Abuja, the cost of accommodations alone would discourage anyone from living there.

  1. Abuja vs Lagos – Entertainment 

There is no doubt that Lagos is the entertainment hub in Nigeria and all of Africa.

Lagos is home to the largest film, music, radio, and television studios. Because of this, the top stars in music, television, movies, and even the fashion industry love to reside in Lagos. 

The nightlife is also unmatched. Club Quliox, the best nightclub, is located in Lagos. The mainland and the island of Lagos both have clubs owned by famous people, like D’banj, Tuface, and so many others. 

Entertainers usually go to Abuja for a visit, or vacation but never to reside there. Abuja also is quite a nightlife city with a lot of clubs and bars.

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  1. Abuja vs Lagos – Security

It should not be surprising that living in Abuja is safer than living in Lagos because it is the country’s safest place, as that is where the government is headquartered. 

There are security personnel all across the city, and they patrol it frequently to keep it secure for both commercial and residential purposes.

Kidnappings, NURTW conflicts, and activities of cult organizations like the One Million Boys pose a hazard even in Lagos’ large “estates.”

  1. Abuja vs Lagos – Employment opportunities

In contrast to Abuja, where it is almost impossible to get employment, Lagos offers more employment opportunities.

The city does not need Government organizations to function. 

Lagos has a large number of foreign firms, small businesses, and local investors, thus there are constant job opportunities.

Thousands of Nigerians who arrive in the city with nothing have transformed it into a land of opportunity; they eventually become extremely comfortable. 

In Lagos, many people are still starting businesses, and there will always be prospects for employment and businesses for young people. 

On this one, Lagos vs Abuja is not necessary because the difference is fairly clear.

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  1. Abuja vs Lagos – The environment

The phrase “calm atmosphere” and “Lagos” don’t go together because the city has over 15 million inhabitants and more are moving in every day. 

Lagos is a large city that is primarily made up of water. There is a reason why Lagos is known as the city that never sleeps.

Lagos is Nigeria’s stress capital due to the daily early morning and night scramble to avoid traffic.

When compared to Lagos’s stress and its large population, Abuja is rather peaceful, lovely, and serene.

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In Summary

Lagos is a beautiful busy city with more residents, a growing economy, and vibrant nightlife.

 On the other hand, Abuja is a big city as well but quite the opposite because it is calm, and well-planned, with nice roads, beautiful houses, and few people. 

There’s this phrase that ‘Abuja lifestyle is not for the broke people’ and ‘Lagos stress is not for the weak’.

 If you are looking to move out of your current state to Lagos or Abuja, your personality and interests, area of work, or profession will determine which of these cities would be great for you.  

The peace and calmness of Abuja will appeal to someone reserved or introverted.

On the other hand, Lagos is known as the “city that never sleeps” because people are continually going in and out at all hours of the day. It is a busy place filled with never-ending traffic jams.

One thing you should know is that moving to both cities wouldn’t be simple at first, after all, you just moved into a new city but with perseverance and consistency, you’ll get along just fine.

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