How to Prepare For a Pre-wedding Photo-shoot in Nigeria

by Ann Okoroafor
Pre-wedding photoshoot

Two things skyrocketed this year in Nigeria; one of them is the ‘Japa wahala’.

So many Nigerian Youths left Nigeria for different reasons. The second is ‘wedding.’

Omooo! The rate at which people got and are getting married is interestingly alarming.

 Sometimes, I hope that my unknown spouse and I are not the only unmarried youths in Nigeria.

Nigerian ladies are as detailed about the pre-wedding events as they are about the wedding.

One vital part of preparing for a Nigerian wedding is the pre-wedding photo shoot.

I do not know who began this pre-wedding photo shoot trend, but from the look of it, it has come to stay. 

You do not want the pictures on your wedding banner to look like it was dragged into it. I’m sure that you want to get your pre-wedding photos right.

When I asked Opeyemi (by the way, Opeyemi is a friend), she said, “For me, it’s the location o! I need a location that would make my pictures come out nicely.

For Darasimi, it was different.  She was particular about her and her husband’s outfits. “Our outfit has to kill it,” she said. 

Mercy was concerned about posture. “I’m terrible at giving the right pose for a photo shoot”, she lamented.

All these points are valid. So, I’ve decided to save you the stress of racking your brain to get the best pre-wedding photoshoot in Nigeria.

How to Prepare For a Pre-wedding photoshoot

To enjoy an exciting Nigeria pre-wedding photoshoot experience, these are the things you should take note of; 

  1. You and your partner should be into each other

This may seem strange, but your partner has to be in the moment as or nearly as much as you are.

You wouldn’t want your partner looking like they were dragged into the photo shoot studio.

 Do you know that ‘can-we-get-done-with-this’ look? Omo! It can potentially ruin the entire experience, and you know cameras don’t lie.

They give back to you whatever you give them to capture.

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  1. Carefully choose your location

Pictures are supposed to tell a story. What story do you intend to tell via your photo shoot styles and photoshoot ideas?

Do you want to show love, commitment, trust, pursuit, or glamour? The list goes on.

Whatever pre-wedding photo shoot story you want to tell, the location goes a long way in telling it.

For instance, if you met your partner in the village, you might want to share that story via your pre-wedding photo shoot. 

One way you can tell it well isn’t by just visiting one photo-shoot studio in Nigeria and taking pre-wedding photos there.

You could go to a rural area, dressed the way people who stay in the village dress, carrying firewood or an axe, etc. 

We would be able to get the message you are passing across via the pre-wedding photo shoot.

It’s very relatable because, in Nigeria, we have these cultures. We’d get the gist the moment we see it.

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  1. Choose your outfit well

Now that we’ve gotten ‘the interest of your partner and choice of location ‘out of the way, something else you’d need to pay close attention to is your pre-wedding photoshoot outfit.

Do you see everything I said about telling a story via your pre-wedding photoshoot in Nigeria?  Your outfit cannot be ignored. 

You won’t be able to tell the intended pre-wedding photo-shoot story perfectly without the right pre-wedding photo-shoot outfit.

Choose a fabric colour that suits you and your partner’s skin tone well.

If you’d be mixing colours, do it using the right shades. You might need to get your fashion stylist involved here.

Do not mix a royal blue with a purple (except if you intend colour blocking, though) to avoid your pre-wedding photoshoot looking like a masquerade concert.

Be careful about wearing prints on prints.

Not every print fits the next print. You need a good fashion sense to get prints to fit against each other. 

Your fashion stylist could also help with this; otherwise, do plain and printed fabric.

For choosing the right outfit for your pre-wedding photoshoot in Nigeria, you should focus on the following;

  • Colour of fabric
  • Style of the outfit
  • Type of fabric that’s most suitable for that style

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  1. Patronize a professional Nigerian photographer 

With everything happening right now in our beloved country Nigeria, doing 9-5 jobs doesn’t do much anymore, except you’re already a big shot in your Industry. 

Even at that, let’s tell ourselves the truth; the big shots don’t do a 9-5 job routine.

Many Nigerian youths are venturing into skills right now (God bless the person that gave us that wisdom).

Photography is one of the most lucrative skills in Nigeria right now. Get a Nigerian professional photographer.

All these attempts to unnecessarily mince money will do your pre-wedding photos no good. 

Prepare a substantial amount for your pre-wedding photo shoot. Budgeting 5000 naira for 15 copies of pre-wedding pictures no follow at all. 

You’d get a ‘copy and paste’ looking picture, with your body size bigger than the staircase. (LOL)

The point is to keep a friendly budget for the pre-wedding photo shoot.

It’d not be nice to spend so much effort getting the right location, being creative with your pose and outfit, and all, then one unskilled photographer will ruin the entire outcome. 

Once you get these right, you’d be able to either ‘pepper dem’, make a statement, or simply enjoy the beauty of your pre-wedding photoshoot style.

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Let’s do a recap of the points we’ve discussed so far:

  • Ensure that you and your partner have similar interests and energy toward the photo shoot. Be in the moment and into each other. These things come out beautiful when they are natural, not forced.
  • Choose the most suitable location. This could be a Market, Studio, Road, Beach, Fun Park, Church, or even the air. You can achieve your fantasies.
  • Choose an outfit and style that fits you two perfectly.
  • Engage the service of a skilled Nigerian Photographer.


With these on ground, you’re ready to enjoy an exciting pre-wedding photoshoot experience.

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