10 Wildlife Conservation Destinations in Africa You Should Visit

by Ann Okoroafor
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Africa is one continent that is enriched with beautiful nature and wildlife conservation. This travels way back in history. Remember the first home of humanity, popularly known as the Garden of Eden? It has been discovered to have its location in Botswana, an African nation.

The Garden of Eden is a typical example of what wildlife conservation entails, with every animal living in that space.

You might be wondering what wildlife conservation is. Just relax as I’d not only be explaining what Wildlife conservation is, but I will also be sharing some wildlife conservancies in Africa you should visit.

What is Wildlife Conservation?

Basically, wildlife Conservation is an act of saving the animal kingdom. Wildlife conservation is a system made by man to preserve the life of animals and prevent their extinction. This is achieved by maintaining their habitat and ensuring significant threats are contained.

Organisations like the African Wildlife Foundation, Conservation International, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature are committed to ensuring that different wildlife species do not go to extinction.

But, really, why go through all this trouble? What is the essence of going through the trouble of protecting animals that are dangerous around humans? Let’s discuss some importance of Wildlife Conservation.

Importance of Wildlife Conservation

Imagine growing up in a world where all you see are human beings. No horse to ride on when you get to the beach, no cat to crawl up your bed while asleep, and the like. These domestic and wild creatures add their spice to the world. 

Imagine you watched a documentary about a lion while growing up and heard about it in the nursery, but now 25 years later, you want to watch them live, but you can’t find them anywhere in the world.

Wildlife conservation is essential, and this is why:

  • Wildlife conservation helps to maintain balance in the Ecosystem. There are tendencies for the Ecosystem to be affected when a species of animal goes into extinction, as each wildlife plays a role in maintaining the Ecosystem.
  • For the preservation of heritage and culture.
  • To promote tourist attractions.
  • Wildlife conservation is also important for education and learning.

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10 Wildlife Conservation Destinations in Africa You Should Visit

For your adventure, these are 10 Wildlife Conservation in Africa you should visit.

  1. Yankari game reserve

Yankari Game Reserve is a wildlife conservation facility in Bauchi state, Northeastern Nigeria. It serves as a refuge for over 50 animals of different species. At the wildlife reservation, animals like the Olive Baboon, Tantalus Monkey, Antelope, West African Lion, Bush Elephant, Buffalo etc., are kept and cared for. Fortunately, the Reserve is open daily from 7 am to 10 pm.

  1. Afi mountain wildlife sanctuary

The Afi Mountain, located in the southern part of Nigeria, Cross River State, has existed for over 23 years, and it has been the home of Gorillas, chimpanzees, Drill and the grey-necked Rockfowl. You would be amazed at the intelligence these animals display.

  1. Pilanesberg game reserve

One of the exciting wildlife conservation centres to explore is Pilanesberg Game Reserve. It is located in South Africa, near Johannesburg. Pilanesberg is the fourth largest game reserve in South Africa, with an area of 550 km2. With over 7000 animals to explore, you are set to have a long-lasting fun nature experience.

The Game reserve is just 20 minutes drive away from the city with other places suitable for exploration, like the Mankwe Dam region, which is the largest body of water in the Pilanesberg game reserve, a bird hide which gives you a good view of different bird species, and exotic accommodation. You could also go for a day drive or a night view.

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  1. Mapungubwe national park

The wildlife of Mapungubwe is a magnificent game reserve located in South Africa. It is a home for the big five (Lion, Leopard, Black Rhinoceros, African bush Elephant and African Buffalo). Sit back, be in the moment as you enjoy the funny displays of monkeys and watch the jungle king walk with pride and confidence around the region.

An estimated 32 species of snakes are also at the Mapungubwe National Park. Some are Black Mambas, Southern African Pythons, Sand Snakes, and Snouted Cobra. You’d also find a large Crocodile population in the Limpopo River.

Do you love Bats? This Wildlife Conservation has a minimum of 17 species of bats living in it.

  1. Cape Agulhas national park

Agulhas National Park is rich with beautiful diversity of flowers, and this is one of its unique selling points. This beautiful Nature reserve’s coastal plains in the Western Cape of South Africa hold many secrets for nature lovers. You would enjoy activities like fishing, bird watching, hikes, walks and trails, whale watching and lots more.

Because this wildlife conservation centre is located where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, you will discover fascinating historical occurrences like signs of ancient settlements, shipwrecks and specific ecological habitats. Unfortunately, the park has no facilities, but you can find hotels, restaurants, banks and other facilities in the surrounding towns.

  1. Jebil national park

Covering an area of 150,000 hectares, Jebil National Park, located in Tunisia, is the second-largest national park in the country. Various wildlife like the Dorcas Gazelle, Rhim Gazelle, Cheetah, the fastest land animal, and different species of birds have found a home at the Jebil National Park.

Guarded shelters are available at the park for tourists who frequent the park.

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  1. Lewa wildlife conservancy

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is located in northern Kenya and has existed for over 28 years. It is a safe home for various wild animals, including Black Rhinos, Grevy’s Zebra, Lion, Elephants, Leopard, East African Cheetah, and Buffalos. You will have an exciting experience on your first visit to this wildlife conservation centre.

  1. Tiwai wildlife sanctuary 

Tiwai wildlife sanctuary is located in Sierra Leone. It is a biodiversity centre that hosts over 135 bird species, 320 mammals, 425 reptiles, and 510 freshwater fish. So you have more than enough wildlife to feed your eyes with while you create exciting memories.

It is a typical example of what ancient rainforests look like in West Africa. It has 11 species of Monkey, including the Diana Monkey, the rare breed of Pygmy Hippopotamus which you can only find in the Gola rainforest. Different species of birds, like Hornbills, White Breasted Guinea Fowl, young Deer and leopards, can also be seen at the Tiwai wildlife sanctuary.

  1. OL Pejeta wildlife conservation

Being the home of the world’s last two surviving northern White Rhinos, it is still the only place in Kenya where you can find Chimpanzees. It is also the largest Black Rhino sanctuary in East Africa. 

At OL Pejeta wildlife conservancy, you would also find all members of the ‘Big Five’. In addition, some other rare animals you can find here are; African Wild Dogs, Grevy’s Zebra, Cheetah, Bat-eared Fox, and Oryx.

You’d also find common wildlife like Giraffes, Vervet Monkeys, Baboons, Hyena, and lots more. Before we conclude, let’s discuss one more wildlife conservation you should visit in Africa. 

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  1. Virunga national park

Located in the eastern part of Congo, the park has a record of 196 mammals, 706 bird species, 109 reptiles, and 65 amphibians. Some animals you get to meet are Mountain Gorilla, African Bush Elephant, African Buffaloes, Lions, Nile-Crocodile, Regal Sunbird, Spurfowl, Weaver and many more.


Watching wildlife go about their livelihood and being in close range with them is more exciting and adventurous than watching documentaries.

Africa is one continent where you enjoy nature, and the best part is that you do not have to worry about accommodation, feeding and the like, as most of these wildlife conservation centres have reasonable accommodations and facilities around the area for tourists who decide to spend long days. 

Just ensure you do not get carried away and sway off your tour guide and the rest of the group.

Have you visited any of these wildlife conservation centres? I’d like to hear about your experience. Please, go ahead and share your experience in the comment section.

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