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You go to your 9-5 job from Monday to Friday, or on the flip side, if you’re a remote worker, you sit all day or for the most part of the day and maybe at nights too at your computer, typing, designing, creating, doing whatever it is you do to make a living.

Days into weeks and weeks into months, finally, you get a work leave. Of course, you want to relax, get up late and go back to bed again. But is that just it?  Of course not. 

Vacations are one of the most important and exciting moments in our lives. And sometimes, all we want to do is to relax and explore. With these vacation ideas, you will get to feel what it is to relax and explore.

You have worked so hard to earn, so it is important to create a perfect vacation for yourself. If I was given a choice to select between relaxing and exploring during vacation, I’ll pick exploration, because it comes with awestruck experiences. 

However, some people might decide to pick relaxation and that’s also great. That’s why I have provided in this article 12 vacation ideas for both relaxing and exploring. You should try out whichever feels the most exciting  for your next vacation. But first and foremost, do you know why vacation is important?

Why is Vacation Important?

Humans need vacations to relax and rejuvenate from the stresses of work and everyday life. Vacations can provide a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and can allow people to enjoy new experiences, learn new things, and spend time with loved ones. Without further ado, let’s kickstart!

Vacation Idea #1: Relaxation.

Spend your vacation relaxing at a resort or spa. Get massages, take yoga classes, and spend time in the sauna or steam room. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods to help your body detox and relax. I mean who doesn’t want to forget about work and just chill? These are some amazing relaxing scenery for you to consider.

  1. Swim/Bath in Warm Waters

This may sound odd to some people, but trying it will give you a sense of relaxation. Try swimming in the warm pool at home or in a resort. Blue Lagoon in Iceland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is a world-renowned geothermal resort that allows people to swim in the warm waters and feel the warm temperature even when it’s icy outside.  

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But, if you’re not opportuned to travel to Iceland, you can ‘DIY’. Turn on the warm water in your bathtub, turn on the music, get in and inhale the warm steam. The most relaxing feeling ever!   

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  1. Gaming with Friends & Families 

Gaming is one of the best family vacation ideas. Playing card games, word games, strategy games, and many others are always exciting. Some relaxing and exciting games to pick during vacation are:

  • 20 Guesses: This allows you to ask someone a question and guess the answer.  It’s an exciting game that lets everyone think, laugh, and stay connected.
  • Pokeno:  This game joins two classic families into one; Poker and keno. This game can be played with thirteen players.
  • Boggle: Another interesting game to enjoy with your family. This game is about making as many words as possible with Bobble.
  • Qwirkle: This is a very easy and fun game to play while on vacation. Just match colors and shapes to fit.

Hundreds of thousands more games are available out there to try while on vacation. Feel free to play any of your choice.

  1. Watch the Sunset

Relaxing, isn’t it? Sitting down and watching the sunset rise and fall as you catch the views of the city from the mountain or a high stand. It’s magical. This is a great vacation idea for couples. 

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  1. Practice Yoga

According to some people’s assumption, yoga is boring. Well, that’s because they haven’t tried it. Yoga is more like a spiritual exercise, and because of this, it takes a very inspired person to love it. Sweet scenery, great imagination, great poses, and great freedom. It’s yoga, and it is relaxing for a more spiritual person who seeks the best vacation ideas that can be done at home.

  1. Learn Something New

What’s more fulfilling than returning to work after vacation with a new skill? I bet nothing much. Your best vacation would be that which you returned from with something profitable. It could be a practical skill or just knowledge-wise. You can learn makeup skills or the skills of how to tie Gele as a Nigerian so that you can gather up some cash from tying women’s Gele / hair wraps when you go to weddings and other owambes.

You can also take courses that will keep you more enlightened about the job you do.

  1. Follow a Skincare Routine

Take care of your skin! So that by the time you resume back to work, you would be glowing and toning. 

Following a skin-care routine can be stressful. Especially when you are a busy person that works 9-5. If you’re not used to applying skin care, you might skip days, which is not advised. So, to get used to your skin-care routine, it is advisable to start when you are on a vacation so that you can get used to it before you resume work.

vacaation ideas

  1. Eat Your Desired Diet

Maybe you haven’t been able to eat your desired meal for a long time. Now is the best time to drive up to the mall, restaurant, or wherever that meal is, and buy a whole lot. You won’t always have the opportunity to buy what you want while working, especially if you work remotely; having to sit at home on your system. So once you get the chance to be on a break, buy yourself a sumptuous desired meal. 

  1. Explore Diverse Cultures

Spend your vacation exploring a new culture. Visit a new city or country. Learn about the history and customs of the people who live there. Try new cultural foods and experience new things. Cultural diversity is something a lot of people are passionate to learn. Reading different cultural books, and eating varieties of cultural foods is everything relaxing and more. 

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Vacation Idea #2: Exploration.

With exploration, you and your spouse have a chance to explore new things together. You and your spouse can travel to different places you’ve never been to, learn different activities, and also get to meet new people. Exploration is a wonderful vacation idea for families and a great way for them to spend quality time together without distraction. 

This trip can be any length of time you want it to be, so it’s perfect for couples with busy schedules. When it comes to choosing the destination, it’s best to choose a location you’re both interested in. This way you can learn new things while enjoying each other’s company.  Below are places and things families can explore together during vacations;

  1. Skygazing

This is one out of many other exciting vacation ideas for couples. You and your partner gazing at the beautiful sky with a telescope or just admiring it from your end. It’s just the perfect excursion for couples! Using a telescope will give you a better sense of exploration and realize the feeling of astronomy _ at least you get to see the star as though you are close to entering it, even if you are not.

  1. Climb the Tallest Mountains in Your Region

Crazy right? There are many tall mountains in Nigeria such as; Olumo rock, Zuma rock, and so many more. In every state, there is at least one giant mountain to explore. However, mountain climbing requires a lot of courage and determination. You might get very tired before you get to the peak, and decide to quit. So you must be strong-willed and determined. If you are capable of this, then don’t hold back on your adventure. Explore!

  1. Go Camping 

This also has my vote for the best family vacation ideas. Go camping, build your camps to face the beautiful moon, light on fire, and maybe hunt down some animals to roast for a meal. If you prefer a modern type of camping, then Jay Bee Beach can host you for as long as you want.

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  1. Go Skydiving

Skydiving, also known as parachuting, is one other crazy adventure you and your friends can experience. To jump out of the plane, with a parachute slowly descending you to the ground can be only done with bravery. So if you think skydiving is something you can do, here’s a cheer for bravery! has it all when you want to explore skydiving in Nigeria. You should check them out if you have no idea how to go about it.

Unusual Vacation Ideas.

Below are vacation ideas that are not common but are also rewarding and fulfilling if you try them out: 

  • Visit a working cattle ranch
  • Go on a safari
  • Take a trip on a luxury yacht
  • Visit the set of a movie 
  • Go to a theme park

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Why Explore New Vacation Options?

There are many reasons to explore new vacation options. You might want to experience something new or you may be looking for a more affordable vacation, or your desire could be to find a vacation that is more family-friendly. Whatever the case is, exploring new vacation options is a great way to find the perfect vacation for you.

How to Find New Vacation Ideas.

There are a few ways to find new vacation ideas:

  1. Check out travel websites and blogs

This is one good way to get ideas for new places to travel to. There are a lot of travel websites and blogs out there that post about different travel destinations and experiences. This blog is not an exception, you’d definitely find what you want if you look around.

  1. Talk to friends and family

Ask your friends and family members where they have been lately and if they enjoyed their trips. This can give you some great ideas for new places to travel to.

  1. Look online

Use the internet to research different travel destinations. You can find a lot of information about different places online.

  1. Read travel magazines

Another great way to find new vacation ideas is to read travel magazines. These magazines often highlight different places you can travel to.

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8 Places in Nigeria you can Explore this Vacation

  1. Yankari Game Reserve 

Yankari game reserve is located in Bauchi state, Nigeria. It is a resort for wildlife and a natural warm water spring. It is a safe and exciting place to take your family to enjoy the amazing view.

  1. Olumo Rock

This is a massive rock located in Abeokuta. It is made from granite rocks and is historically believed to be a refuge for residents during the intercity war. You can decide to go for a hike to the top of Olumo rock, but if you can’t, or you get tired on the way, you can always switch to the elevator.

  1. Zuma Rock

Zuma rock is also a popular rock in Nigeria. It is a massive monolith located in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja. It is sometimes called the ‘gateway to Abuja’ immediately after Suleja. And by some people, referred to as the signature of Abuja.

  1. Awhum Waterfalls

The Awhum waterfalls, are located in Udi’s local government area, Enugu. It is made from rocks that bring out water from the top, which results in the steam that brings out a beautiful view. It is even more beautiful during the rainy season when there’s more water flow, wetness, and adventure.

  1. Lekki Conservation Centre

This reserve is referred to as the home for animals. Thus, it is suitable for animal lovers. If you are an animal lover, take a walk through the long canopy walkway and you will see birds, parrots, monkeys, and thousands of other animals. If you have got a camera with you, don’t forget to take a shot of those beautiful creatures. 

  1. Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls

This waterfall is epic. It has seven overflows that flood with water, creating an attention-grabbing view. Erin-ijesha waterfall is on my top list of amazing places to visit in Nigeria.

  1. Idanre Hills

This is a beautiful hill located in the city of Idanre, Akure, Ondo state. Climb up to the hill to enjoy the beautiful view from up there.

  1. Obudu Mountain Resort

Best place for adventure in Nigeria.  One of the most beautiful resorts in Calabar, Nigeria. The resort is known for its tropical forests and highlands.


You shouldn’t just sit at home sleeping, waking up, and always going to the grocery store till your work leave or holiday is over, and then you head back to work. Enjoy, relax and explore with family and friends. 

Do you prefer to explore and go on an adventure or  to sit home and relax with skincare, yoga, and sun basking? Whichever you prefer, make sure you don’t miss out on experiencing a memorable vacation. 

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