Living in Abuja: Best and Worst Places to Call Home

by Ogechi Anyanwu
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Living in Abuja

From classic living to a standard lifestyle, Abuja is without doubt living up to expectation.

‘Centre of Unity’ as it is called is one of the most remarkable features of Abuja. If Unity was a place, it is Abuja.

You can find all the various Nigerian tribes in Abuja; You can be in the metropolis and you will hear “tafi”, “gawa”, “lo”, “kpo”, “Nyo”, “yara”, “akhian” and the rest.

You might tell someone “zo” in your neighbourhood and then their response will be “bia”.

Well not literally, but that is just a clear description of how united Abuja is. 

Living in Abuja: What it Entails

Living in Abuja is a good choice as there are so many reasons why one should consider living there. Some of these reasons were mentioned here

Abuja is perhaps one of the best cities in the world, not only in Africa, because of its pleasant climate, stunning scenery, and abundance of employment prospects.

Abuja is a modern city, it could actually also compete with other fantastic international destinations such as S.A, London, Dubai, etc. 

It can be pricey or inexpensive; it all depends on your lifestyle. 

The best hotels, clubs, hangout spots, restaurants, supermarkets, leisure facilities, and just anything you can think of are all found here.

Almost everybody will agree that living in Abuja is ‘gbam’.  But wait a minute!

 If you are going to Abuja, where should you call home?

You cannot just pack your bags and say ‘This is it, Abuja here I come”. Abuja will forever be ready for you but are you ready for it?  

One of the most important factors to consider before moving to a place is location. 

As much as Abuja is a beautiful city, there are still so many places that you should and must not reside in, not just because they are even “ghetto” or less attractive areas but because they are no-go zones.

In this article, we will explore four of the best places to live in Abuja and three of the worst places to live in Abuja in no particular order for those that are considering relocating to Abuja.

Best places to Live in Abuja

  1. Living in Abuja: Asokoro

Asokoro is one of Nigeria’s most affluent neighbourhoods. The setting breathes wealth and grandeur. 

Let’s just say, this area will make living in Abuja easy for you. In Asokoro, you’ll see big estates and houses, big cars, big tarred roads, and comfort.

The prices of real estate in Asokoro may be the highest in all of Nigeria. ‘Bro’ or ‘sis, before residing here ensure your pockets are extra loaded. 

Because the big boys in the city need to be safeguarded, the estates and homes have adequate security.

Therefore, if you have got the cash, residing in Asokoro can only bring you luxury.

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  1. Living in Abuja: Maitama

When you ask “what is even in that Abuja?”, Maitama will respond: “have you seen me”. 

Maitama speaks class, the soft life is giving. Maitama, a posh district in phase 1 of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) tops the list as the best place to live in Abuja.  

High-end residents from all over Nigeria and outsiders live in Maitama.

In addition to other attractions, this area has good roads, peace, and luxurious residences, and it is the safest place to live in Abuja. 

But as you already know, all of these benefits are not free. Maitama is also among the most costly cities in Africa to live in and acquire real estate or rent houses.

  1. Living in Abuja: Apo

The neighbourhood of Apo is largely residential with some extra commercial activity. It is an FCT district that is rapidly developing.

 Living in Abuja is now smoother thanks to Apo’s housing options for both the wealthy and middle class.

The houses here are modest but reasonably priced. High-class mansions and a lot of magnificent parks may be found in Apo.

Because of all the amenities, Apo is a fantastic spot to raise a family and yet feel at home.

It is located in the city, making it simple to get to work, the airport, banks, schools, and other local destinations.

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  1. Living in Abuja: Lugbe

For more than the average population, Lugbe is the best place to live in Abuja.

Lugbe is a strong contender if you’re on a budget and you’re looking for the best place to live in Abuja.

The population of Lugbe has significantly increased over the past few years due to this.

A lot of investments have been attracted to the location as a result of its close proximity to the central city and the airport. 

Most importantly, all of the necessities for a comfortable life are available in Lugbe and can be found at very reasonable prices.

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Worst Places to Live in Abuja

  1. Julius Berger junction

The Julius Berger Junction, known for its high-speed robberies, has earned the nickname “One Chance Zone” because the robbers prefer to attack their unaware targets up at the bus stop late at night.

Victims have described how they quickly lost their possessions to these crooks.

According to the victims, residents and passers-by have been robbed of their phones, and money, and were hurt or occasionally tortured.

  1. Oshodi

One may wonder why every Oshodi area across other states is known for crimes because it is also the worst place to live in Abuja.

Even though security personnel have made a constant effort to get rid of crime in Oshodi, some areas are still unsafe to travel through at sunset and at night.

Drug addicts and thieves who attack, pickpocket and steal phones reside in several areas of the railway line that passes through the city.

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  1. Apo Roundabout

The Apo Roundabout is literally the worst place to live in Abuja. It is located along Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway, Garki 2. 

The area is one of Abuja’s busiest stops, and a very dangerous place, especially at night. 

Numerous incidents of rape, sexual assault of women, and theft of phones and valuables from bystanders have been reported in the region.

It was found that the slope near the roundabout, which security personnel have also stormed countless times, is where these criminals typically descend.

But the raids and jailing never stop them from carrying out their criminal activities.

In Summary

Applying wisdom is necessary for living in Abuja. The expenses are already difficult to manage, you don’t deserve extra stress by residing in a location that can bring you more frustration. 

If you are a newcomer in Abuja, be sure to be strategic and speak to people before choosing a spot to call home.

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