10 Best Love Songs for a Romantic Date Night

by Oluwapelumi Eweje
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Love is a beautiful thing! Being with someone you love and cherish with the whole of your heart explains what it feels like. 

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with your significant other. Going on a romantic date is always a great idea. And for this, you want to make everything beautiful available, especially when it’s a home date, from good food and interesting games to lovely questions to ask and, to top it all, love songs to listen to and get soaked in with your lover. 

Love songs are there to make things more delightful. When words fail you, let the songs do the talk. Most of us get lost in the catchy beats of some songs and then miss the message. 

But for a romantic date night, such love songs that are expressive are what’s needed. So, here are the ten best love songs for a romantic date night to express your love from the deepest part of you. Get ready to fall deeper in love with these tracks. 

10 Best Love Songs for a Romantic Date Night

  1. Show me Off – Asa

“You’re like the beautiful sunrise in the morning

When I look into your eyes, they mesmerize me

Oh, you remind me that l am lucky, lucky

You’re the one that I’m gonna live my life with.” 

Off her exceptional album of 10 tracks released in 2022, the song “Show me off” is a soul-enriching and best love song you can sing to your lover on a perfect romantic date night. 

The beautiful lyrics will make your man or woman feel on top of the world. Yes, you love them, and you are affirming it. 

  1. Lover – Taylor Swift

“Can I go where you go?

Can we always be this close forever and ever?

And ah, take me out, and take me home

You’re my, my, my, my Lover”

Lover is a beautiful, humorous, romantic love song that can make your partner happy on your romantic date. It will prompt a calm and peaceful atmosphere. It’s perfect. 

  1. All My Life- MI Abaga ft Oxlade 

Here is a beautiful song by one of the trending rookies in the game alongside a rap legend, released in 2021. “All my life” is the best love song for a romantic date to dance with your partner all night and declaring all you see yourselves doing together in the near future and times to come. 

Pay close attention to the rap part. It’s got some great affirmations that warms the heart. 

  1. Romeo and Juliet- Johnny Drille 

“Would you be my Juliet and I’ll be your Romeo, my love!” 

This is one of the romantic and best love songs that deeply hit the soul. The lyrics are mesmerizing and can make you and your partner hit the peak while being drunk in love. 

And yes, it is perfect for the almighty talking stage. It is also a reliable and excellent song for a proposal happening over a romantic date night. 

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  1. Aduke – TJan

“Standing here in this place. Wondering how long forever will last. I’m staring into your face now I’m thinking. Wanna see the end of forever with you.” 

If you call your partner by their traditional name or a name they cherish a lot, this is the best love song to take you through the romantic night. It expresses deep emotions to share with your partner. It’s just the perfect track! 

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  1. Iyawo Mi – Timi Dakolo

“I hear music in your words

And in the way you call my name

When you’re by my side I can do anything

You’re my best friend

You’re my lover

Without you no one else will do

Through thick and thin I know we’ll make it through

Yes I wanna build my whole world around you

So I promise you forever and for always.”

With defined and precise lyrics, “Iyawo Mi” is that love song that helps you spell out all that your partner means to you. Especially for married folks. 

Also, for a relationship aspiring to take things further, this is the best song to tell where the ship is sailing to. The deep lyric is everything and more. 

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  1. Yes/No- Banky W 

For a romantic date night with proposal plans, you have the best love song! The lyrics have all it is to express your love to “the one.” Since its release in 2008, this track remains one of Nigeria’s best oldie love songs. Go after what you want on that romantic date night and spill all you may have been hiding. 

  1. POV – Ariana Grande 

Here is a love song that expresses how much you love your partner for who they are despite their flaws. It also expresses how well you are trying to understand your partner for loving you the way they do despite your flaws. It’s one of the best love songs for a romantic date. Embrace it! 

  1. Smile for me- Simi 

“I, I, I want to be the one wey you fit die for

I, I, I want to be the one that makes you

Do the things you thought you’d never do

Lemme be the one for you

I, I, I want to be your weakness baby.”

This a beautiful, thoughtful song to make your partner happy over a romantic date night. 

If you’ve not been on good terms, this love song will help bring everything back to life.

  1. Beautiful Night – Adekunle Gold 

The last on the list but very captivating! “Beautiful Night” is the best love song that paints a clear picture of the night. It’s an awesome sound with afro-fusion and beautiful percussion. It is original and genuine. It’s perfect for a romantic date night with the absolute love of your life. 

Ale oyin lo maa je

Let’s stay all night baby

Let me love you baby

Tomorrow can wait oh.”

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Romantic date nights spice things up in a relationship, and it is important to prioritize some time with your partner to create intimacy and help keep the bond solid. When planning this, including some good music is always a great idea.

The above best love songs playlist will help you create those beautiful memories over the date to remember for good! You can listen to these songs on various streaming platforms.

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