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A Guide To Choosing Your Company Logo

by Oluwapelumi Eweje

Having a company logo that properly represents your business values and identity sits at the top of the list of all the essentials while setting up a business. However, this may be quite challenging without a proper guide outlining what you must watch out for when choosing one.

Your company logo serves as an entity that speaks about the values of your business, represented as elements. Needless to say, choosing a great company logo helps you tell your business story and brand message exceptionally well and makes a memorable impression on prospective customers.

We have crafted an insightful guide to help you choose a company logo that is just right for your business to build a recognisable and successful brand.

But first, let us look at what a logo is.

What is a Company Logo?

A company logo is a distinctive visual symbol or design that represents a company’s or brand’s identity. It is often used on various products, marketing materials, and websites to help identify and distinguish a business from another.

A company logo serves as a symbol used to identify a company as well as its products, services, and employees. In choosing the perfect company logo for your business, it is important to know what to watch out for and how to craft one that suits your business and all that you do. A well-designed logo can leave a positive and lasting impression, while a poorly designed one can harm your brand’s image.

Therefore, investing time and thought into selecting or creating a company logo that aligns with your brand values and resonates with your target audience is important.

Key Considerations For Selecting Your Company’s Logo

Of all the things to consider when getting a good company logo for your business, keep these five in mind:

  1. Simplicity

A simple company logo is often more versatile and memorable. Complex designs can be difficult to recognise or remember. Incorporating simplicity into your company logo helps you focus on clarity and minimalism.

Logos like this aim to leave a strong and memorable impression on prospects without complicating them.

  1. Relevance, timelessness, and versatility

Creating a captivating and enjoyable company logo is like crafting a piece of art. It should tell a story about your business and communicate the right message to your target audience.

Think of it as a visual handshake with potential clients. With this, aim for a design that won’t become outdated quickly. A timeless logo saves frequent redesigns. It is like a fine wine that gets better with age. Also, consider how well the logo can be applied to different mediums, from flyers to business cards, billboards, prints, and digital formats.

  1. Scalability

Consider a company logo that looks great but remains clear when scaled up or down. Adaptability to various sizes and applications is important when making a choice.

  1. Uniqueness and memorability

Consider a distinct company logo that is not easily confused with other logos. Your company logo should stand out and be easily associated with your brand. According to the Cognitive Load Theory, simple and unique designs are easier for people to process and remember.

Think of a company logo that balances current design trends, won’t quickly become outdated, fits budgets, and is nicely perceived by the target audience. 

  1. Colour choice 

Utilise the power of colour to ignite emotions and communicate a deeper meaning. When selecting a company logo, tones and shades harmonising your brand’s essence and the principles it upholds are essential.

For instance, vibrant and bold colours might attract a younger audience, while mild tones can appeal to a more mature demographic. Blue often signifies trust and reliability, while red can evoke passion and excitement.

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5 Insightful Tips on How to Choose The Right Company Logo

Your company logo is as important as its business appearance. The following tips will help you make informed choices that align with your business goals and values:

  1. Understand your brand

Here is a crucial early phase in choosing the right company logo for your business. To understand your brand, you need to define its identity. This involves defining the core elements that make the brand unique and distinctive. Ask yourself questions like: What is my brand’s purpose and mission? What are the values and principles it holds dear? Is it customer focus, sustainability, or quality? Answers to questions like this can form the foundation for your logo.

Also, do you know that your brand has a personality, just like an individual? It may be playful, serious, professional, innovative, or friendly. Understanding the personality and values of your brand helps you create a company logo that aligns with these characteristics and represents your brand accurately.

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  1. Recognise your target audience

Your company logo is a visual representation of your brand and needs to speak directly to the people you want to reach. When you identify the preferences, demographics, expectations, sensibilities, and tastes of the specific audience you are trying to reach, you can choose a logo that attracts and retains them.

A logo that connects with the target audience establishes a precise and meaningful emotional connection, making the brand more memorable and appealing. Take Apple, the tech giant, as a popular example. Their birth apple logo has become an iconic symbol, and its design is proof of understanding the target audience. Apple’s audience values innovation, simplicity, and high-quality technology. The logo’s simplicity speaks directly to the tech-savvy and design-conscious target audience who appreciate intuitive, clean, and cutting-edge products, making it identifiable and fortifying the brand’s core values.

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  1. Competitor analysis

Conducting an analysis of competitors in your industry when choosing a company logo is vital. What do their logos look like? What works well in the industry?

Understanding the prevailing design trends in your field or industry can help you create a company logo that both fits in and stands out; it stands out and stays relevant.

You can do well to check out the big names in your industry as well.

For fast food chains, check out big names like Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s. For sports apparel brands, check out Nike and Adidas. For e-commerce platforms, check out Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. These brand logos have specific elements that make them stand out, and they have mastered their various industries before coming up with their respective logos.

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  1. Understand logo styles and types

Understanding the logo styles and types is also vital when choosing a company logo. Each logo style carries distinct connotations and visual characteristics. There are various logo styles, and they include:

  • Wordmark logos primarily consist of text, often the brand’s name. Examples: Disney, Google, Coca-Cola, and Facebook.

watermark logo

  • Lettermark or monogram logos use the initials, acronyms, or a single letter of a brand’s name. Examples: Calvin Klein, CNN, and NASA.


  • Brandmark logos, also known as symbols or iconic logos, rely on a unique and distinct visual symbol or icon without including the brand’s name in the logo itself. Examples: Twitter (X) , Shell, and Nike.

brandmark logo

  • Combination Mark Logos incorporates both text and a visual symbol or icon. Examples: Rolex, Spotify, and Paypal.


  • Emblems (brand name) and symbols are within a unified shape or design. Examples: Starbucks, NFL, and BMW.


For instance, a wordmark logo comprised of text is excellent for emphasising your brand name, while a symbol or icon logo can visually represent your core values or products.

  1. Seek professional advice

Although there is the option of getting a company logo for free through various websites providing such services, employing the services of a professional designer with the expertise and experience to create a company logo that effectively communicates your brand’s identity and resonates with your target audience will save you the stress of a long thinking process.

A professional graphic designer can bring creativity and expertise to the process, helping to create a logo. They understand colour psychology, design principles, and the nuances of typography, ensuring that your company logo design is visually appealing, versatile, and memorable.

Bonus Tip: Also, ensure you incorporate feedback at all stages of the design process; different perspectives can help refine your logo design. Make legal considerations, check for trademarks and copyright issues, and ensure your company logo doesn’t infringe on existing brands.

Wrapping up 

Selecting the right company logo for your business is a defining moment in brand identity. It can be tedious, but it is always worth it when you employ the right platform to put you through it. From understanding your brand’s soul to knowing your audience’s heart, the journey is guided by precision, creativity, and strategy.

As you navigate through this, remember that your company logo is the visual signature of your business; it’s a gateway to your brand’s story and value. Hence, you have to be intentional about choosing one. I hope these essential tips help you make better-informed choices! Happy building! 

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