How to Identify an Igbo Man Easily And Accurately

by Ann Okoroafor
How to identify an Igbo man

There are no jokes about how fascinating an Igbo man can be. Many young ladies regardless of their tribe want to at least date an Igbo man if they can’t get married to them.

Igbo men are the sweetest men alive, but like every other man they have their flaws.

In this article, I will be showing you how to identify an Igbo man. Whether you are a lady who is trying to avoid them totally or a lady who wants no other but them, or you are a person (man or woman) who does not want to ever do business with them, you’d learn how to spot them from a distance.

Are you ready? Fasten your seatbelt, grab your bowl of popcorn, and let’s ride….

How to identify an Igbo Man

  1. Hardworking

One way to identify an Igbo man is the fact that Igbo men are born hustlers. I am still struggling to decide whether it’s the hate for poverty or the Ego of wanting to be capable that fuels an Igbo man’s zeal.

Whether it’s a white-collar job (which they rarely take up) or a contract, whether an Igbo man has an idea of the job or not, an Igbo man does not turn job opportunities down.

  1. Appearance

Igbo men are too busy chasing and making money which makes them rarely have time for their physique. While you can easily identify a Yoruba demon by his six-packs, you identify a rich Igbo man with one round pack otherwise known as a pot belly.

When you ask an Igbo man, he’d say that the round pack is the true sign of true riches. This doesn’t sit well with most ladies because, as much as the ladies like their money, they also want the money to come in a nice container.

  1. Fewer words

The richest Igbo men do not talk too much. They let their money do the talking for them. I think this could be caused by low self-esteem and an inability to express themselves verbally.

Most of the richest Igbo men didn’t go through the four walls of a higher institution. For some, it was because they didn’t have the resources to while for other Igbo men, it was simply a waste of time.

  1. Business tycoon

The richest Igbo men cannot be found working in an organization. They are the business tycoon themselves. They discover problems in their community, proffer solutions to them, and create a money-making business out of it. From contracts to importation to exportation. The richest Igbo men are business tycoons.

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  1. Fashion sense

To be honest, Igbo men are not very fashionable. They are cool with walking about in shorts and a T-shirt, complementing it with palm slippers that may not even be a designer product

But, when they have an occasion to attend, they usually appear wearing the popular “Isiagu” on a wrapper or a nice black pant, wearing their red cap and bead while holding a nicely carved walking stick.

Still on how to identify an Igbo man…

  1. Igbo men’s wives

Have you seen their wives? That’s where all their money goes. They derive joy in giving their wives the best of fashionable items as they take pride in showing off the beauty of the Igbo woman they married.

They are not the life of a party squad, but whenever they turn up for events, especially a traditional event, even the blindest of men would know that they showed up.

  1. Bold and strong

Igbo men are the most courageous I’ve met. They are not afraid of war and would do anything to protect their family and assets. Igbo men are high-risk takers and would stand for what they believe in regardless. Most of these characters might come from the fact that they have a large Ego.

  1. Ego

Igbo men are proud. Their level of pride is second to none. They would rather do all it takes even up to bad kinds of stuff rather than be perceived as weak. And this affects their relationship too.

You see those words “I’m sorry”? You would hardly find it fall out of their lips.

They’d rather spend money buying you gift items rather than spill those words. To them, admitting wrongs and being sorry, is a sign of weakness and they never want to be perceived as weak.

There are other ways to identify an Igbo man but identifying them is not enough if you intend to have any sort of relationship with them. You need to figure out how to win their heart because these men are not easily impressed.

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How Nigerian women Can Win the Heart of Igbo Men

There are not so many ways to win the heart of an Igbo man but, the few ways there are, are quite effective. Let’s discuss these few.

  1. Submission

Nothing softens the heart of an Igbo man more than a woman who is submissive to him. Because an Igbo man likes to be in control, he doesn’t do well with a woman who has tendencies of competing or contesting positions with him.

This is one reason why an Igbo man would rather travel to the village to pick a wife, change her wardrobe and make her more beautiful. 

He seems to believe strongly that an under-exposed woman has higher tendencies of being submissive to him, than a well-exposed lady.

  1. Good cook

An Igbo man does not joke with his stomach; whether it’s the richest Igbo man or otherwise. One way to unlock his heart is to be a good cook. If you can combine ingredients to produce a tasty and tongue-biting meal, forget it.

An Igbo man wants to bring his friends and business partners home. He likes to show off. He needs to be sure that he will not be embarrassed by a salty or tasteless meal prepared by his woman.

  1. Good dress sense

As much as this is not so much of a big deal for an Igbo man, it still is. He doesn’t mind if a lady does not dress so well at the beginning. 

He understands that this could be due to a lack of funds, but the moment he takes you in and provides these items for you, he expects you to adjust immediately. This is for the same reason of loving to show off.

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  1. Neatness

Most Igbo men do not like their wives to work for so many reasons. They need them to take care of the house and keep it neat and organized, make good meals, take care of the children, and take care of themselves. They generally prefer a full housewife.

They do not want to come back from work or travel, to a disorganized and unkempt home. It punctures their ego. Be a neat and homely woman, and that’s it for them.


Igbo men are the sweetest. They are generally known to take good care of their woman and are also great at doing business. You might need to be careful while doing business with them though because they could outsmart you.

But they’ve got more good characters than bad. If you want to get into a relationship with an Igbo man, you have the basic points to work on, but for the richest Igbo man, you need to add intelligence and eloquence to the list.

What points did I leave out? I’d love to read from you in the comment section.

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Avatar of Well written totally agreed 👍
Well written totally agreed 👍 June 1, 2023 - 12:30 pm

Well crafted Well written

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Babajide Kehinde June 29, 2023 - 2:42 pm

Thank you. You can check our other articles.

Avatar of Deep Probe
Deep Probe January 8, 2024 - 12:54 am

Very annoying write up, pandering to base stereotypes. What you’ve just described above is a trader, and could be from any southern tribe. Igbo’s are over 36 million in population with different classes of people within the Igbo nation. Just think of the first popular Igbo man that comes to your mind. Does he fit your ridiculous description? Exactly!

Avatar of Kehinde Babajide
Kehinde Babajide January 22, 2024 - 1:25 pm

I understand your concerns of stereotypes about an Igbo man. But I promise you that this article was objectively written. This is why the comment section is opened to accommodate any form of criticism. Once again, this is not a subjective article. We aim to educate based on our research and not to condemn.

Thank you.


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