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10 Healthy Lifestyle Habits That Are No Longer Valid

by Oluwaseyi Ajayi

What’s your opinion about a healthy lifestyle? There are some basic lifestyle tips that have been stuck in our memories since childhood. When most of us notice a change in our bodies, we get scared, and many of these rules pop out in our heads to help us get back in shape. While some of the healthy lifestyle ideas remain effective, some of them are also believed to have turned into unhealthy lifestyles. 

A healthy lifestyle is a way of living that lowers the risk of being seriously sick or dying early. But, below are ten rules of a healthy lifestyle that don’t work anymore or are no longer considered valid.

Healthy Lifestyle Ideas That Don’t Work Anymore

  1. Early morning jogging

Jogging is good for your health, either in the morning or evening. Therefore, if you don’t have the strength to run in the morning, don’t force yourself to do it.

Before a morning jog, the body must be given time to wake up properly. So it is best to eat breakfast and wait some minutes to digest the food before exercising. Otherwise, you may pass out due to sudden movements, have a headache, and have an irregular heartbeat.

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  1. Eight hours sleep

A study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has shown that a person only needs 7 hours of sleep a day for the body to work efficiently and to feel active during the day. During this period of hours, your body recovers its strength to energise you the following day.

  1. Eating a big breakfast

The amount, quality, and type of breakfast should depend on the individual’s specific body needs. Since food is only beneficial when one is hungry, therefore, if you don’t feel hungry in the morning, don’t worry about eating. Just drink a simple glass of water.

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  1. Avoiding sweets

Sweets are essential for the human body because they contain glucose, which helps the brain to function correctly. Therefore, sweets should not be removed entirely from your diet. But try to reduce the amount of your sugar intake. You can reduce sugar intake by eating unsweetened yoghurts, drinking tea or coffee without sugar, and taking dried fruit instead of chocolate.

  1. Not drinking water while eating

Water is essential for the digestive system to function correctly. If your body doesn’t get enough water, the stomach obtains it from saliva. Therefore, you should drink water while eating, thus making it easier for your stomach to digest and absorb food faster.

  1. Exercise until you are drain 

The common phrase “If your body doesn’t ache the next day, it means you didn’t properly work out.” But naturally, you have muscle pain because the body has been exerting too much effort, and the pain can also be a sign of muscle tissue injury. In this situation, it is advised to stop training until you have fully recovered.

  1. Brushing after every meal

People frequently consume acidic foods like lemon tea, cold meat, and salad dressing during the day. These acids can damage the tooth enamel. Brushing your teeth after a meal only helps this process. Also, frequent teeth cleaning can result in aching and bleeding gum problems. Don’t follow the rule of brushing your teeth after every meal. Just brush in the morning and in the evening.

  1. Saying no to bakery products

A baked product like bread contains the necessary dietary fibre that helps excrete cholesterol and bile acid from the body. Bread also helps the digestive system’s correct functioning, but it does not mean that you need to eat a lot of it. Just 200 grams of bread per day is enough.

  1. Relying on supplements instead of a balanced diet

Supplements can be helpful when there are specific deficiencies or medical conditions, but they should not replace a well-rounded diet. Whole foods offer a variety of nutrients and compounds that are beneficial for overall health.

  1. Skipping meals for weight loss

Skipping meals, especially breakfast, was once considered a helpful weight-loss strategy. However, it can lead to overeating later in the day and negatively impact metabolism. It’s better to focus on balanced meals and snacks throughout the day.

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Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits You Need to Change

Some things you do or don’t do might impact your physical and mental well-being. Here are a few common unhealthy habits that you should consider changing:

  1. Smoking and alcohol consumption

Smoking is one of the most harmful habits you must consider stopping because it leads to numerous health problems, including respiratory issues, lung cancer, and heart disease. Too much alcohol can damage the liver and increase your risk of getting addicted.

  1. Poor diet

A diet high in sugar, processed foods, and unhealthy fats can contribute to several health conditions like obesity, heart disease, and other chronic health conditions. Also, skipping breakfast can disrupt metabolism and lead to poor daily eating habits.

  1. Lack of exercise 

Lack of physical activities can lead to weight gain, muscle weakness and increase the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular issues.

  1. Stress and unmanaged anxiety

Chronic stress and anxiety can severely affect mental health, leading to conditions like depression and an increased risk of physical health problems.

  1. Ignoring regular health checkups

Avoiding regular health checkups can prevent early detection of health issues and delay necessary medical interventions.

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5 Important Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle  

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for overall well-being. Here are some important tips to help you live a healthier life:

  1. Balanced diet

A balanced diet is essential for one’s health. Try eating a well-balanced diet that includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, and healthy fats, and limit your intake of processed foods, sugary snacks, and excessive alcohol.

  1. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential for various bodily functions and helps maintain overall health. Drink an adequate amount of clean water daily.

  1. Manage stress

Deep breathing exercises, meditation, and spending time with nature are healthy ways to manage stress. Chronic stress can negatively impact your health, so relaxing is essential.

  1. Avoid smoking and substance abuse

Avoid Smoking and using recreational drugs or excessive alcohol. These habits can have severe detrimental effects on your health.

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  1. Regular health checkups

Schedule regular checkups with your healthcare provider to monitor your health and detect potential issues early on.


Changing an unhealthy lifestyle takes time and effort but is essential for long-term well-being. Consider seeking support from friends, family, or professionals to help you break these habits and develop healthier ones. Also, contact your healthcare provider for the lifestyle tips specific for you.

Oluwanifemi Akintomide edited this piece.

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