How to Make Money on Amazon KDP (Beyond the Technical Stuff)

by Victor Onileowo
make money on Amazon kdp

How excited would you feel when you discover how to make thousands of dollars by scrambling up some words together?

Yes! That’s possible.

Amazon kdp (Kindle Direct Publishing) is a self-publishing platform where you can publish your books for free and receive payment on each copy sold.

You do not need to pay any book publishing company; it’s free to publish your book on Amazon kdp and start making some cool money in dollars within a few hours of publishing.

This article will extensively guide you through how you can make money on Amazon kdp.

About Amazon kdp

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (kdp) was created in November 2007, mainly to sell people’s books. It allows writers and book publishers to publish their books for free. Amazon kdp also allows these books to be accessible to a large audience worldwide.

The best part is that you can publish your book as an ebook or paperback, all for free, with Amazon paying you a royalty of 35%, 60% or 70% on every copy sold, depending on the value of your book.

How to Make Money on Amazon kdp

make money on Amazon kdp

There are strategies to be considered when publishing your book to make money on Amazon kdp. We’ll discuss these strategies in 3 categories: writing your book, publishing your book, and locating your desired audience.

Writing Your Book 

Your book is the valuable product you’ll use to make money on Amazon kdp, so you have to be careful at this stage. Here are steps that’ll guide you to write a top-notch book on Amazon kdp

  1. Choose your desired category

Amazon kdp has several different categories of books in which you can choose your desired choice.

There are fiction, non-fiction, romance, horror and even religion categories. It’s left to you to choose which you’d like to write about, but it’s better to choose a category you are passionate about with some experience.

Ask yourself, “what’s the one thing I find so easy in life?” Are you a good cook? If yes, does it help clear your mind and how does it work? Then, you can write about “the therapeutic benefits of cooking” and base it on your experience. Or do you have a wild imagination and would like to share that fascinating part of your brain with the world? Then, you can write about all the vampires or crazy romance that happens in your head.

Whatever you do, always pick a subject that feels natural to you.

  1. Choose a title and subtitle for your book

This is one of the most important steps to publishing your book on Amazon. Choose a catchy and clear title that will appeal to your desired readers. Your first options don’t have to be the final decision, but it’s nice to start thinking about titles early enough. 

Picking a title also helps you clarify what genre your book belongs to and use the right keywords to market it when the time comes.

  1. Write, write and write!!!

This is the most complicated stage in your success in making money on Amazon kdp. It’s best to conduct in-depth research on the topic you’ve chosen. Even if you have some experience on the subject, it’s helpful to see what others have written so you don’t repeat things that already exist.

Remember, you have to give out optimum value for your book to be known and become the best selling; no one would recommend a poorly-written book.

If you aren’t a writer, you can use freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to hire a freelancer who’ll ghostwrite your book.

  1. Edit, format and proofread

Your readers won’t enjoy your book if there are so many errors, so you must edit and make the required formatting for your book.

Always proofread by yourself or ask your friends or hire a proofreader. The main goal is to avoid errors in your book and make it an enjoyable read.

There are various apps or software on which you can carry out editing, formatting, and proofreading, like Grammarly and Hemingway app editor.

For the technical standards of Amazon kdp formatting, read this: How to Publish Your Book on Amazon: A Guide for Nigerians.

  1. Make a killer book cover

I can’t over-address the significance of this stage. You have to consider that your cover is the first point of contact before anyone decides to buy your book so you have to make an attractive cover.

Never design your book cover yourself, especially if you’re not a designer. You can hire freelance graphic designers to make a killer cover that expresses the message of your book at an affordable price.

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Publishing Your Book

After writing your book, the next stage is publishing it for sale. Here are steps to successfully publishing your book to make money on Amazon kdp.

  1. Signing up

To make money on Amazon kdp, you must sign up to Kindle Direct Publishing and own an account. If you have an already existing Amazon account, you can use your information to log into the kdp. Follow the instructions to upload your manuscript to the your account and hit publish when you’re ready.

  1. Create awareness

Direct messages, emails or social media platforms can be used to create awareness of your unpublished book.

Inform your audience about the tons of value they’ll gain from your book. You can also share a chapter for them to have a taste of before launching. Finally, give your audience a hint on the launching date and build anticipation.

  1. Launch your book

You’ll be required to fill in details about your book, like the price, the category and so on.

You will also be required to write a description of your book, which should compromise the total summary of your book. Your description will be what your audience will read before buying your book, so you have to make it very detailed and comprehensive.

Locating Your Desired Audience

After launching your book, you need readers to buy your book. Here are methods on how you can get an audience for your book.

  1. Your inner circle

Tell your friends and family about your newly launched book and ask them for a review. Reviews help in ranking your book high on Amazon kdp. Remind those you informed before launching your book; they can also be of great help in giving reviews.

  1. Amazon ad

You can run an ad for your book with each related keyword on Amazon. This helps more readers notice your book.

  1. Social media 

You can post on your social media handles with the link to your book. Use free tools like Medium to create content related to your book category or your book’s summary, and ensure all posts contain the link to your book. This process helps in generating a large audience for your book.

To make money on Amazon kdp is very easy and exciting. Follow the guidelines above and begin to smile at your screen every day.

Learning to write and publish a book on Amazon is not complete without knowing how to market your book to readers needing it. Join us on WhatsApp to learn effective marketing tips to make great sales as an author.

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Avatar of Ajiroghene Mercy
Ajiroghene Mercy February 15, 2023 - 2:37 pm

Amazon KDP is a good website for authors like me. I have not created an Amazon account yet because I have not known about it before. So how will Amazon know that I am the author of the book (s) I will send to d website in order to pay me the correct royalties of an author?

Avatar of Esther
Esther August 19, 2023 - 1:36 pm

How do I start?

Avatar of Kehinde from
Kehinde from August 20, 2023 - 9:54 pm

Hi, Esther.
It’s very simple to get started. Read our article on how to get started –

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albert still November 1, 2023 - 5:22 pm

Thanks for posting your useful information in this blog is very much useful for me to improve my knowledge for more information Excellent article for beginners! I loved the way it starts from fundamentals to quality link building. Beginners can learn and explore SEO after this guidance.


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