How to discover your takent

6 Tips to Discover Your Talent As a Nigerian

by Victor Onileowo

Discovering your talent can be difficult especially if you’re versatile.

You may have gotten to the peak of your career and still not have peace in your heart because you haven’t figured out your talents and abilities yet. 

Worry no more, this article will guide you on how to discover your talent.

What Does Talent Mean?

Talent refers to an inborn or natural ability that makes you exceptionally good at a particular thing.

Your talent is like second nature, what you find easy to do might be hard for others to carry out.

 Many people are born with special abilities; to sing, create, draw, dance, talk, make people laugh, console and exhort others.

Most of them do this without stress or any prior training. 

A lot of people have great talent but don’t know how to discover and groom it.

The steps outlined below would guide you on how to discover your talent.

How to Discover Your Talent 

  1. Discover your innate abilities

This is the easiest and most trusted way of discovering your talent.

It requires you to look into yourself and figure out the hidden abilities you possess.

If you want to figure out how to discover your talent, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I love doing most?
  • What can I spend a whole day on without being bored or tired?
  • What do I find easy to do that others find difficult?

 You might have come across situations where you execute a task easily and others find it difficult to execute.

That is because our heart draws us to things that make us content and satisfied in life.

This is the period you should recall what makes you feel great about your life. It might be music or drawing, you just need to pursue it and practice.

  1. Ask family and friends what ability they see in you

Your family and friends are the closest to you. They spend a whole lot of time with you and that makes them know your interest and passion.

They know what you’re good at, ask your relatives what you loved doing when you were a kid.

Ask for their sincere answers and not just compliments, you will be surprised at the feedback you will receive.

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  1. Identify previous achievements and successes

You can try to outline all your past achievements and success. This can reveal to you a talent that you possess without even knowing about it.

You can list out the various activities you’ve done in the past and received accolades from people, or the things you’ve done in the past that made you say “I did a great job”.

Some of the things to look out for when outlining your past achievements are:

  • The subject you always passed well.
  • The assignment you always rocked.
  • Activities you engaged in that made you receive accolades from people.
  • Anything you did that made you say “I did well”.

If the above tips don’t work for you, you can also try this method out.

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  1. Involve yourself in various engagements and activities

Involving yourself in a wide range of activities can give you a lead on how to discover your talent. 

You have to come out of your comfort zone and try many other things especially if you’re versatile.

In the course of trying out different things, you’ll discover your talent.

Various organizations accept volunteers and interns in Nigeria.

You can volunteer or become an intern in any sector you have your mind on. 

You might be a computer engineer and have a love for medicine. Try it out, and volunteer in that nearby hospital; who knows, your talent might lie in medicine. 

But if you don’t step out and have an experience of what it feels like, you might have your talent buried in you forever.

  1. Identify your weak points and past failures

As humans, we cannot be perfect in everything. Identifying your past failures will help you to know what you’re good at.

Just as we have talents, we also have weaknesses.

 You shouldn’t be ashamed of your weaknesses because it makes you identify and focus on your strengths.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What do I find hard to do that is quite easy for others?
  • What are the subjects I hate most?
  • What do I procrastinate? And many others…

If you have an answer to most of these questions, it will provide hints for you on what your talent is. 

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  1. Find a mentor

A mentor can be of help when you’re trying to discover your talent because he/she would see in you what you cannot see. 

A mentor does not have to be a multiple-award winner, what you need is someone knowledgeable and experienced that can give you candid and truthful advice.

There are many NGOs and religious organizations in Nigeria that have provided a platform to connect mentors with mentees, all you have to do is apply and you’ll be connected to a mentor related to your field.

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Talents are God-given

Talents are gifts given to us by God. When a gift is given to someone it becomes his/hers and can be used by the individual.

All gifts are given to us by God and he expects us to make use of it, here on earth.

After trying all earthly and physical means to discover your talents, God expects you to come to him since he is your maker.

He created you and he knows what he has inserted into you, you just must go to him in prayer and ask; regardless of your religion, God answers all prayers.

If you’re a Nigerian, I think prayer should not be a problem for you.


Now that you know how to discover your hidden talents, you are expected to make use of your talents for the benefit of humanity.

Discover your talent today, don’t take it to the grave. 

And most importantly, you should always remind yourself that “you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, have a responsibility to develop the talents you’ve been given” – Roy T. Bennett.

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