15 Importance of Integrity in Life

by Alimot Akinsanya
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importance of integrity in life

The importance of integrity in every area of life cannot be overemphasized. Although, it is not always easy to stick to your morals and values, especially when the world wants you to act like someone you are not just to fit in. 

Integrity means living your life according to your morals and values. You are honest to everyone you meet about who you are, what you stand for, and what you stand against. 

Even if people’s values and morals differ from yours, you don’t try to compromise who you are to fit in with them or to please others.

Having integrity also means that you always keep your words. Since you are intentional about what you say, people take your words for things, trust you, and some even seek your opinions or advice.

When you think about the importance of integrity, you will know it is a remarkable trait that can change your life if you have it.

Importance of Integrity in Life

There are several reasons why integrity is important. First, taking note of the importance of integrity makes life simple and easier.

  1. Build trust 

One of the importance of integrity is that it helps you build trust with people. Trusting someone who stays true to their morals and values is easy. Likewise, people will trust your words and actions when you are someone who has integrity. 

  1. Build good relationships

Having integrity is an admirable trait, and with it, others will be drawn to you. When you stay true to your morals and values, you have the opportunity to meet people like you — people who don’t compromise their morals. 

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  1. Build confidence 

Integrity makes you confident in your personality. When you have integrity, you do what is right and admit mistakes. Having integrity helps you build confidence in yourself and your capability. As a result, you can stand up and remain fearless with morals and values.

  1. Build reliability 

When you have integrity, people will rely on you more. People will find you dependable and trustworthy. People who see your ability to stand up for your morals will want to rely on you for help with their morals and values. 

  1. Build good character 

Integrity is closely embedded with one’s character. You are developing your character when you stand up for your morals and consistently do the right things in every area of your life. Every time you keep your promises and stick to your values, it reflects on your integrity and helps you build up your character.

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Importance of Integrity in the Workplace

For any organization that wants to succeed, integrity in the workplace should be a core value. Integrity in the workplace is vital for companies and their teams to operate smoothly.

  1. Help foster an open and positive work environment

When the employees know that the company operates based on specific principles, they will stick to it. This will also make them feel comfortable being themselves, sharing ideas, and connecting with their colleagues, which will, in turn, aid productivity.

  1. Promote strong and resilient teams

When there are laid down principles, teams will feel a sense of meaning and purpose at work. As a result, they will feel confident to engage in work projects and willing to cooperate and work hard for the business. 

  1. Actively build and maintain trust

Integrity is one of the main pillars of trust, and trust is an essential component of building credibility. While businesses strive to profit, they also strive to keep their customers and employees. Therefore, integrity in the workplace helps foster trust and credibility, which will drive the customers and employees to stay. 

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  1. Promote an ethical approach to decision-making

In every organization, there is always the need to make decisions that would help them grow. With integrity, team members make deliberate and thoughtful decisions related to the organization’s accepted principles. Any decisions that will be made would uphold the strong moral standards of the organization.

  1. Encourages diversity and equity

Having a diverse team is encouraged in a workplace where integrity is promoted. They will welcome different people from diverse cultures, include everyone, and strive to promote equality among team members.

Importance of Academic Integrity

Academic integrity impacts students and is fundamental to the work of the whole academic community. The importance of integrity, even within academics, is a core issue.

  1. Promote ethical behaviour

Ethical behavior is crucial in academics since it also recognizes and upholds moral conduct. With academic integrity, teachers and students take actions that align with the school’s accepted principles. 

  1. To promote creativity and innovation

Teachers have a clear view of students’ performance and can help students improve their performance. With academic integrity, creativity and innovation will be promoted.

  1. Discourages biases and favoritism

Teachers won’t offer special treatment to specific students when academic integrity is in place. Likewise, when a school has laid down principles, a teacher would be sure not to offer special treatment because of needs or whatever reasons.

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  1. Build school reputation

Academic integrity is key to gaining and keeping the respect of your school. When you promote honesty, trust, and accountability in every action you take, you are building a solid reputation for your school in the mind of people.

  1. Help foster a positive learning environment 

When a school has academic integrity, the students and teachers will have a positive learning environment. In addition, when the students understand that their school has specific morals and values, they will be sure to abide by them. 


The importance of integrity in life, the workplace, and academics have been discussed. However, incorporating integrity in every area of life takes a certain amount of courage.

This means no matter how hard people push you to go against your values, you stick to them. Remembering the importance of integrity can also help you stay true to your values regardless of who approved or not.

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