A Detailed Guide on How to Open a Payoneer Account in Nigeria

by Victor Onileowo
How to open a payoneer account

A major problem freelancers and online businesses in Nigeria face is the difficulty involved in receiving payments in foreign currencies.

Many platforms like Paypal, have restricted Nigerians from receiving payment across the world.

And this has caused a hindrance for Nigerians who are freelancers or online marketers who get paid in foreign currencies.

In this article, you will be shown an alternative platform that allows Nigerians to receive foreign currencies.

Payoneer is a platform that gives you access to receiving and exchanging foreign currencies. 

The best part of it is that your money can be transferred into your local bank in Naira.

I am sure the only thing on your mind now is to learn how to open a Payoneer account in Nigeria, so keep reading.

Benefits of opening a Payoneer Account in Nigeria

Before learning how to open a Payoneer account in Nigeria, it is better if you know some of the benefits attached to it.

  1. Payoneer is secure and safe.
  2. You don’t need to change your IP or use a VPN to access Payoneer.
  3. Payoneer allows you to open an account in the US and receive funds from all your customers globally.
  4. You can apply for a debit card which can be used for withdrawals
  5. It is free to open.

Now that you know the benefits of using a payoneer account, it’s time to learn how to create one.

How to Open a Payoneer Account in Nigeria

  1. Visit their official website

The first thing to do when opening a Payoneer account in Nigeria is to visit their official website, www.payoneer.com

You can access this on chrome, opera, and other browsers. Ensure it is their official website to avoid scams.

  1. Register as a business or an individual

On the website, you will be asked what business you do, there are many options like freelancing, affiliate marketing, and so on.

The reason Payoneer asks for the type of business you do is to help you process an account suitable for your type of Business.

After selecting the type of business you do, click on ‘Register’.

  1. Fill the online form

After you click on ‘Register’, you’ll be redirected to an online form where you are to fill in all your required details correctly.

Details like your name, email address, local bank account, government-issued ID, and some other personal details are required.

You will also be asked if your business is a registered one or is being handled by yourself (individual).

The form is divided into four sections, you are to fill in every required detail correctly and avoid errors.

  1. Confirm your email

After filing the online form, a message would be sent to your email to verify if  you’re the one.

 Carefully Carry out those instructions given, and BOOM!, your account is ready.

This is how to open a Payoneer account in Nigeria, simple right?

Next is how to receive and request funds using Payoneer.

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How to Receive Funds into your Payoneer Account

It’s not enough to know how to open a Payoneer account in Nigeria, it is also important to know the various means through which you can fund your Payoneer account. 

There are various ways you can receive funds into your Payoneer account; some of which are:

  1. By linking your local bank account with your Payoneer account

Payoneer allows you to link your local bank accounts and operate in many currencies. 

All you have to do is send your linked account details to the individual or business who wants to pay you.

Once payment is made, it will reflect in your Payoneer account. 

To check your account details, log into your Payoneer account. Click on ‘Receive’ on the menu at the top, then select ‘Global payment services’. You can view your bank account details there.

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  1. Request payment from anyone

This is another simple method to receive payment with your Payoneer account.

Firstly, log into your account and make a payment request. 

You can request payment by clicking on ‘Receive’, on the top menu, and then on Request payment. The recipient receives an email with a link to make payments attached to it.

Once payment is made, it will reflect in your Payoneer account.

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  1. Receive money using your email

This is only possible with other Payoneer users. All you have to do is give them the email address linked to your Payoneer account.

They will be able to send funds from their account to yours.

Note: You can register your account with companies that accept Payoneer as a payment option, like Upwork and Fiverr and they will always send funds directly into your account.

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How to Send Money from Your Payoneer Account

  1. Log into your Payoneer account

To operate or carry out any activity on Payoneer, you have to be logged in.

  1. Navigate to pay

Click on the payment option on the top menu.

  1. Click on ‘make a payment’

There are two options there, the one you need is the Make a payment option, except you have other things to do with the other option which is, to pay your VAT.

  1. Decide how you want to send money

You can send money either into the recipient’s bank account or the recipient’s Payoneer account, you should decide which is best for you.

Follow instructions, enter the necessary information, review and make payments.

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How to Withdraw Money Locally From Your Payoneer Account

You can withdraw money locally from your Payoneer account in two ways; 

  1. By ordering a Payoneer card

With the Payoneer card, you can receive money anywhere Mastercards are accepted worldwide. 

You can order the card during or after the application, depending on where you’re ordering from. 

  1. Withdrawing money into your Nigerian bank account

Click on the top menu and select ‘withdraw’, choose the account you want to withdraw from.

Add your bank details and follow the instructions, within the next 72 hours, you should receive an alert.


Payoneer is a good alternative to Paypal since it is also fast, reliable, and trusted by millions of people around the world.

You don’t need to start running around looking for a Paypal account now that you’ve learned how to open a Payoneer account in Nigeria.

All that is left is to keep receiving alerts and enjoying your money.

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Avatar of Emmanuel
Emmanuel November 15, 2023 - 6:15 pm

A friend send me money to my Payoneer account but it hasn’t reflect since the past 3 days
What should I do

Avatar of Halimat Chisom
Halimat Chisom November 18, 2023 - 8:23 pm

Hello Emmanuel,

If this was a direct transfer to Payoneer like through your email and it’s your first transaction, I don’t think it would work. I’ll advise you reach out to the customer support and follow up consistently. They might just need some additional verification before releaseing the money. It may take a while, but you’ll eventually get your money. Also, confirm from your friend that the transaction was approved on their end. If possible, get a documentat as proof to send to Payoneer customer support.
I hope this helps!


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