Ring Sizes For Women: All You Need to Know

by Ogechi Anyanwu
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Ring sizes for women

So, you’ve been dating this woman for quite some time and you figured she’s the one.

And you’ve decided to make it official by popping the long-awaited question ‘will you marry me?’, thus, beginning the process of ’till death do us apart’ with her.

Of course! Engagement proposals are meant to be unexpected by the ladies.

You can’t go asking her “hey what’s your ring size, I’m going to propose to you next week”. 

You will just kill the whole vibe and it’s no more a surprise.

Now that you do not want her to know what you have planned out for her but you do not know her ring size, what are you going to do? 

Finding the correct ring size can occasionally be tricky because women’s ring sizes vary substantially. 

In this piece, you will be getting a breakdown of the various ring sizes for ladies as well as some priceless tips for choosing that unique ring if you’re arranging a surprise proposal.

Basic Things You Should Know About Ring Sizes For Women

The left hand’s third finger, which is near the second little finger, is where the engagement ring is located. 

This engagement finger is the middle finger and it is the thickest and biggest finger of the hand.

How to Measure a Woman’s Ring Size

Not everyone plans a surprise marriage proposal so in cases like this, the ring finger is typically measured with a ring sizer. 

However, it is possible to measure your partner’s rings in the comfort of your own home if you can’t make it to a physical consultation or would like to maintain the excitement of an engagement proposal.

There are a couple of printable ring sizer software that you could make use of to measure your partner’s ring finger. 

It works by measuring the inner diameter of an existing ring; this is more useful if you are certain of her middle finger size or if you have it with you whether or not you are planning a surprise.

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Ring Sizes for Women in Nigeria

Just like in other countries, Nigerian women’s ring sizes vary as well. 

The US standard ring size system, which employs numbers to denote the size of a ring, is the most widely used ring size measurement system in Nigeria. 

A ring’s size is defined by the millimetre-sized circumference of the finger it is intended to be worn on.

It is advised to get your finger professionally measured before buying a ring to ensure the greatest fit because women’s finger sizes vary; some are fat, while others are petite.

This service is free at a few jewellery retailers in Nigeria especially if you are patronising them.

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Most Common Ring Sizes For Women in Nigeria

  1. Ring sizes for women; size 4

The finger measures 51.1mm in circumference and 16.1mm in diameter.

This size, which is regarded as small, is ideal for females with small fingers.

  1. Ring sizes for women; size 5

This is a mini average ring size for women. The finger measures 52.4mm in circumference and 16.5mm in diameter. 

Women with average to slightly smaller fingers should wear rings in this size, which is small to medium.

  1. Ring sizes for women; size 6

The finger’s circumference is 53.7mm and its diameter is 16.9mm. 

This size is ideal for ladies with medium to slightly bigger fingers and is regarded as an average ring size for women and the most common for most women.

  1. Ring sizes for women; size 7

The finger’s circumference is 55mm and its diameter is 17.3mm.

Women with larger fingers should choose this ring size because it is regarded as a medium size.

  1. Ring sizes for women; size 8 

The finger measures 56.3mm in circumference and 17.7mm in diameter.

Women with larger fingers should choose this size because it is regarded to be a large size.

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  1. Ring sizes for women; size 9

The finger measures 57.6mm in circumference and 18.1mm in diameter.

This size is suited for women with extra-large fingers because it is regarded as a very large size.

Ring Size Chart for Women in Nigeria

It’s crucial to pay attention to the ring size chart for women provided by the vendor when ordering a ring online or purchasing it in a physical store.

For online purchases,  It’s vital to double-check before making a purchase because some of these retailers may have their own measurement schemes. 

Even if they don’t offer you the ring size chart for women, you should always make inquiries. 

It is preferable to ask the vendor for advice if you are unsure of the ring size. 

Ring Size Chart

Ring Size Chart

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How to Find Out a Woman’s Ring Size Without Her Figuring Out

For surprises, asking her directly about her ring size is not an option.

You could approach your partner’s relatives and friends for assistance because they might be able to help you out a little bit with a piece of advice. 

You may even suggest that her friends take her out so they could try different ring sizes and have their finger sizes measured.

There are alternative choices, such as quietly measuring a ring she already wears on her left-hand ring finger when she’s not looking or borrowing it from her. 

If all of these do not work out, choose a ring with a flexible band or one that can be adjusted or resized by a jeweller.

In Summary

It’s crucial to remember that the ring sizes mentioned above are only general recommendations and might not apply to everyone. 

Age, weight, and changes in hormone levels are a few aspects men have to consider before getting the perfect ring size for the ‘love of their life’. 

As was previously noted, choosing the right size can be difficult.

Consider getting her ring measured secretly if you’re unsure of its size so she won’t wonder what’s going on. 

You can ask the seller for further information, have it professionally measured, or use an online printable ring sizer.

If you follow these tips, be assured that you can find the perfect ring size for the right person.

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