Transhumanism: The Evolution of Humans to AI

by Chidinma Enujioke
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It is a well-known fact that human beings don’t live forever. Everything about us degrades with time, from physical function to cognitive reasoning.

The concept of Transhumanism challenges the natural limitations of human life and instead aims for a future where humans and Artificial Intelligence merge to form a more advanced being. Transhumanists, who support this ideology, believe that the evolution of humans to AI will bring about immense benefits for the human race.

What is Transhumanism, and How Does it Relate to Human Evolution

Transhumanism, the evolution of humans to Ai, is an agenda to merge human beings with Artificial Intelligence. Transhumanism is an idea and movement that seeks to use technology and science to enhance and evolve the human condition. 

It aims to improve human abilities and overcome limitations, such as aging and disease, to achieve a state of “post-humanity.” The goal is to use technology to help humans reach their full physical and mental potential. The idea is to evolve the human race beyond its current form and capabilities.

The process of Transhumanism can start with simple technological enhancements such as brain chips and bionic eye implants. It could eventually lead to the transfer of human consciousness into a virtual cloud for storage. This would allow for a future where humans possess heightened intelligence, physical strength, and overall well-being.

However, the consequences of such a future are to be noticed. While eliminating aging and becoming more assertive, faster, and more intelligent may seem enticing, the cost of such a future is humanity’s potential end. Futurist and scientist Ray Kurzweil has expressed his belief in the approach of a technological singularity, a point in time where AI and technology will rapidly advance to a level beyond human control.

Ways Transhumanism Can Be Achieved

Some various ideas and methods could bring about the reality of Transhumanism.

  1. Mind upload

Also referred to as Brain Emulation, it is a concept that involves creating a replica of a human brain and transferring it onto a computer system. This idea revolves around capturing a person’s brain’s complete structure and functionality, including their thoughts, emotions, memories, and personality, and storing it on a hard drive or another digital device. 

The goal is to preserve a person’s consciousness and mind in a virtual form that can be uploaded into a computer system. This technology can change how we perceive death and immortality, as it allows people to live in a digital form after their physical bodies have passed away.

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  1. The three suppers

The “3 suppers” concept is a driving force behind the transhumanist movement. This refers to improving human beings by enhancing three key areas: longevity, intelligence, and well-being. In other words, the aim is to create a new species of cyborgs – humans who have successfully integrated with advanced artificial intelligence and robotics.

The idea behind Transhumanism is to merge human consciousness with advanced AI and robotics to improve our abilities and overcome the limitations of our biology. This integration could take the form of simple implants, such as chips in the brain or bionic eyes, or it could be as advanced as transferring human consciousness into a virtual cloud for storage.

Transhumanists believe this evolution towards cyborgs is necessary for the survival and advancement of the human species. They argue that we need to merge with AI to avoid becoming obsolete in the face of advancing technology and artificial intelligence. In their view, integrating AI and human beings is the next logical step in human evolution and is essential for ensuring that we can thrive in an ever-changing world.

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  1. Artificial general intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence is another way Transhumanism can be achieved. This is where we develop artificial intelligence to a point where it surpasses human intelligence.

This has been a controversial topic as some experts believe this will bring about the end of humanity. They argue that machines that are smarter than us will soon find ways to replace us in the job market and eventually take over the world.

However, others believe that the development of Artificial General Intelligence will lead to a new era of cooperation between man and machine. It will bring about new opportunities for humans and allow us to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.


Despite the debate surrounding the consequences of Transhumanism, one thing is for sure; it is already changing how we live.

For example, we now have prosthetic limbs controlled by the human mind. This is just the beginning of the merging of Transhumanism.

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Moreover, the rise of AI and machine learning is already leading to significant changes in the job market. Machines are now taking over jobs that humans once did.

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This is just the start, as the trend of machines taking over human jobs is expected to continue.

Transhumanism is not just a concept that exists in science fiction but is becoming a reality in our world today. The idea of merging human beings with artificial intelligence, resulting in a new era of human evolution, will have a major impact on our future.

While Transhumanism promises a better, smarter, and longer-lived human race, it also raises many ethical and moral questions. For instance, will the line between human and machine become blurred, and what will become of our sense of identity and individuality?

Moreover, there are also concerns about the potential consequences of relying too heavily on artificial intelligence and losing control over it. With the rapid pace of technological advancement, it is important to consider the long-term implications of these advancements and weigh the potential benefits against the potential risks.


Transhumanism is a complex and controversial topic that requires careful consideration and discussion. As we move forward, it will be essential to approach this topic with an open mind and a sense of caution, as the future of humanity is at stake.

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