Effect of mobile technology on the Nigerian Society

by Ahuzi Vincentia
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Effect of Mobile technology

There is a growing interest in the use of mobile technology. This interest increased ownership of smartphones and other mobile devices amongst people. The effect of mobile technology on society is alarming. Mobile phones have been rapidly absorbed into the fabric of our day-to-day lives and besides communication, many apps make our daily lives a lot easier. Young people, particularly, use their smartphones constantly. The effect of mobile technology cuts across many facets of everyday life.

Impact of Mobile Technology in Different Societal Sectors 

  1. Impact on business

Mobile devices create new dimensions for the business sector. This effect of mobile technology enables companies and private business owners to expand their workforce. It allows employers to communicate and collaborate from anywhere in the world. Individuals can now communicate and respond to business situations quickly. 

Smart mobile devices made it possible to conduct online meetings and video calls through the zoom call, so workers from different locations can be part of the discussion and contribute as if they were physically present. People market their various businesses on social platforms to show people the services they can render, this helps them get customers from different locations. Mobile devices keep businesses and employees connected.

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  1. Impact on education

The use of the Internet with smartphones provides a unique way to improve the quality of education. Smartphones provide an alternative channel to deliver education services. Enhanced learning materials such as visuals like pictures and videos are now possible through mobile phones. 

Mobile technology makes students’ lives easier and more comfortable. They can have their books or learning material right on their phones. Schools could also build online resources – e-learning platforms – for students to access useful information whenever they want on their gadgets. 

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  1. Impact on social life

As there are lots of social apps, people keep in touch through video or voice calls and texts using social networking apps. Mobile phones provide users with various contact ways to satisfy their needs and reduce the stress of contemplating how to meet with friends.

You can make new friends or connections on social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The introduction of these social platforms has drastically transformed social interaction. 

Positive Effect of Mobile Technology 

The use of mobile phones is an important part of economic development. Mobile technology contributes positively to productivity enhancement. Some other positive effects include:

  1. Easy access to information

Easy access to information is a good effect of mobile technology as mobile phones are great devices for the organization. There’s no reason to forget or lose important phone numbers or details. Phones enable you to have all the contact details for family, friends, and coworkers in one location. 

You can store information or details on cloud storage like Google Drive such that even if something happens to your phone, you can still access the information. You can also distribute information on the internet with just a few clicks, and give people easy access to it. 

  1. Communication

Communication is one of the effects of mobile technology that provides a means to stay in touch with friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers. No matter the location, you can communicate with anyone at any time. You can reach people faster at your convenient time to get or pass a piece of particular information. 

  1. Improved security

With mobile phones, you can monitor the activities of your bank or social media account. If there’s any hack, you will get notifications based on the security settings you initially provided. Also, you can access information regarding children or family members’ locations with mobile devices. It brings the comfort of knowing that they are safe. 

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  1. Entertainment

There is no reason to get bored with an active mobile phone. It is one of the interesting effects of mobile technology. There are many things that you can use to pass time on a mobile phone. You have access to download games, videos, or music. In addition, you can engage with social media, football matches, events or other shows with your mobile phones.

  1. Enhanced learning experience

These days, smartphones are indispensable learning assistant tools. Having mobile phones is like having the world’s biggest reference library on hand. These devices support and enhance learning. 

You can search for anything in any situation, as long as you have an Internet connection. It also enables access to information that can help with projects and other learning tasks. Mobile phones have a positive impact on how proactive students can become about their learning.

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  1. Improved income

Mobile phones enable people to work in almost any location remotely. While travelling between locations or at home, you can communicate with colleagues and clients.

Also, as you advertise products online using your mobile devices, you get your customers and render service to them thereby earning your money.

Negative Effect of Mobile Technology

  1. Distractions

Regular use of mobile phones reduces attention to necessary things that need to be done. Distraction as an effect of mobile technology happens when people’s attention shift from priority to mediocre. For example, one minute you’re trying to read and the next, you’re responding to unimportant and nonurgent text messages. 

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  1. Addiction

Mobile phone addiction can cause an increase in sleep disorders and fatigue in users. Most people think of their phones first thing when they wake up. Addiction to smartphones is amongst the effects of mobile technology that could dull the ability of young users to read and comprehend texts. Consequently,  it could have adverse effects on critical thinking. 

  1. Health risk

Excessive use of mobile phones can result in several different problems that may cause permanent damage. You can get blurred vision or digital eye strain which can cause headaches. There’s also the pain and discomfort associated with viewing a digital screen for a long period. 


Mobile devices from smartphones and PDAs to TabletPCs and beyond will improve how we live and work. Mobile technology builds up a rich picture of contemporary mobile learning and outlines future developments. Instead of using smartphones only for entertainment, use them to access useful information that can help in future developments.

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