Best Ways A Lady Can Move on After a Breakup

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ways a lady can move on after a breakup

What are the ways a lady can move on after a breakup?

Breaking up with one’s man is a thing nearly all ladies go through at one point in the time of their life. But what’s more important is moving on after a breakup.

It is most times a devastating moment while in few cases it is a sigh of relief if the lady was an object of molestation. There have been stories of ladies who committed suicide, lost their sanity owing to their inability to withstand breakup moments.

You must understand that while moving on after a breakup might seem unachievable there are actually ways a lady can move on after a breakup. It’s just a matter of time.

7 Common Reasons Why Women Breakup With Their Men

There are millions of reasons why women breakup with men. But here are the 7 most common reasons why women breakup with men;

  • personality differences
  • lack of time spent together
  • infidelity
  • trust issues
  • lack of positive interactions between the couple
  • low sexual satisfaction
  • comparing her relationship to everyone else’s

10 Ways A Lady Can Move on After A Breakup

Moving on after a breakup can be one of the most difficult things to do but it is essential for your mental health. This section consists 10 practicable ways a lady can move on after a breakup.

These tips will guide you through your healing process and help you find happiness again.

  1. Avoid all forms of contact

This is the first step to moving on  after a breakup. Do not visit, text, or call your ex except if necessary because you don’t want to hurt yourself by bringing back the memories so quickly. You can go as far as blocking them off your social media networks. The less contact you have with them, the faster your healing process would be.

But in cases where contact is inevitable, probably you stay in the same area, attend the same church, or you are workmates. In this case, you have to agree with your ex on how you both will conduct each other. 

  1. Express how you feel

Cry, wail, and scream if you have to. Sounds funny but it is a great tip on how a lady can move on after a breakup. Don’t bottle up your emotions. Find ways to release and let go of the pain you may be experiencing. The sad feelings will get less intense the more you let them out. It is better to express your sadness than wallowing in them. But know that you will be doing this for just a short while.

  1. Create a new music playlist

Never underestimate the power of music. It brings great ease to the process of moving on after a breakup. Certain kinds of soul music help ease and make you forget the heartaches. Research has shown that listening to soul songs can make us happier.

Musicians like Celine Dion, Adele, Johnny Drille, Simi, Chike, etc have great sounds and lyrics that can help lighten your moods.

  1. Take out relics of your ex from your home

If you and your man did not stay together in the same house and you probably have some of his belongings in your care, you will have to find a way of removing them from your home. Be it pictures, clothes, shoes, etc. pile the items up in a box and take the box to a place where you won’t have to see it often.

If on the other hand, you lived together. Then one of you is likely to move out to a new space.

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  1. Talk to your close friends and family

You should talk to someone about the breakup because there is usually a feeling of sadness and dejection, depression, etc. Speaking to someone about it will help them feel better and less alone. Friends and family can offer support if you reach out to them. You can also talk to a Therapist specialized in helping people work through breakup moments.

Asides helping being an option of how a lady can move on after a breakup, it is also great for your mental health.

  1. Find a new hobby

You need to take the focus off yourself and channel the energy into a new hobby. You can try learning a musical instrument, swimming, dancing, writing, etc. Your new hobby will help keep you focused and make you think less of the breakup.

  1. Acknowledge the positives from the broken relationship

It hurts but it is also one of the 10 ways a lady can move on after a breakup. Take a flashback at those moments you felt so happy in the relationship. Those times you even felt he was going to be your last boyfriend. He probably taught you how to do some things or satisfies you well enough. Regardless of what led to the breakup, you must realize that your ex has become a part of your life history.

  1. Take an interesting trip and explore new things

There is no better way to moving on after a breakup. It’s time for you to embark on that long trip you have been longing to go on but could not because of the relationship. You could invite some old friends for a ladies’ time out. This will help get you distracted and also gives you fresh memory of happiness that you can always fall back to when those bad feelings come.

Hitting the gym is another interesting thing to do. Before now your morning and evenings may have revolved around your ex. Now that you are free, it’s an opportunity for you to burn those calories, get into shape and keep your heart rate up.

  1. Read a book and write a Journal

It hurts so much to put all the time and effort into a relationship only to have it crashing before you. To deal with moments like this, you must develop your emotional intelligence and resiliency.

Reading a book can help you develop that resiliency and listed below are some books that fit that purpose;

  • How to get over a broken heart by Guy Winch
  • It’s called a breakup because it’s broken by Greg Behrendt
  • A better next by Maren Cooper
  • The superhero of love by Bridget Fonger
  • Better apart by Gabrielle Hartley and Elena Brower
  • Runaway husbands by Vikki Stark
  • The art of date by Rori Sassoon

Writing your experience down in a journal is a beautiful thing to do. Beginning from how you met, the way he asked you out, your first date, your first night out, the odd things he did, the quarrels you had, your bed moments and all. All this could guide you to moving on after a breakup and help you in picking a new partner.

  1. Forgive and forget

One of the most difficult ways a lady can move on after a breakup but is simultaneously a great way to moving on after a breakup. Irrespective of what might have resulted in the break up also not denying the fact that it might take time to let go of your ex. The fact it did not work out means you are probably not meant for each other. You just have to let go for the sake of your mental health.

Forgiving them does not mean you allowing them back into your life, it just means you are giving up your resentment and moving on with your life for good.


If you carefully follow these 10 ways a lady can move on after a breakup, in a short time, the memories of your ex will be right behind you. Most importantly, you will find yourself healthy, moving on and doing perfectly well despite the heartbreak.

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