How to Rock Palazzo Trousers in Nigeria

by Jemiyotan Arioritsebafor
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Palazzo trousers

Palazzo trousers are one of the most comfortable and versatile trousers you’ll ever wear. However, there’s a popular belief that they look unflattering, which is untrue. 

How can that be true when one of its primary features is its slightly high waist which creates a sensual silhouette? Please tell me how that can be unflattering.

We know you may have fallen prey to this belief and left those palazzo trousers hanging in your closet.

Well, it’s time to bring them out because, in this article, we’ll look into how to rock palazzo trousers in Nigeria.

What are Palazzo Trousers? 

Palazzo trousers are loose, versatile, and especially comfortable trousers that are fitted at the waist and flare out from the hips down to the ankles adding volume to your look.

They are made with breathable, lightweight fabrics such as silk, cotton, crepe, chiffon, etc., making them the perfect clothing item for hot weather. Hence, their popularity among women in Nigeria.

Origin of Palazzo Trousers

Palazzo trousers gained popularity in the late 1960s and early 1970s when high-class restaurants were adamant about admitting women that succumbed to the modern fashion of wearing trousers into their establishments. They considered the trend improper.

This proved troublesome for women who were rapidly adapting to the fashion trend and found it much preferable to wearing skirts.

To bypass the restriction, they instead turned to palazzo trousers worn by famous actresses of that time, which were acceptable alternatives in those establishments. 

Features of Palazzo Trousers

Palazzo trousers, because of their loose cut and signature lightweight materials, are extremely comfortable. The additional flare makes it conservative, sort of like maxi dresses.

They usually come in different waistlines; standard, low rise, or high waist. Some come with elastic waistbands, but the tight-fit ones usually come with a zipper.

The hem of the palazzo trousers is usually left to flow around the ankles.

How to Rock Palazzo Trousers in Nigeria

Palazzo trousers are one item of clothing that is so versatile they can be used to achieve various outfits. Rocking your palazzo trousers depends on the occasion and the look you aim for.

Here are the outfits you can achieve depending on how you rock your palazzo trousers.

  1. Casual palazzo trouser outfits

If you’re going for something simple, it’s best to pair your palazzo trousers with a tee shirt or a crop top. Crop tops look better with high-waisted palazzo trousers as it showcases that particular feature.

When it’s really hot outside, and you’re looking to minimize the heat, grab a spaghetti strap or a sleeveless top. These tops also emphasise that flared feature of the palazzo trousers.

These looks go well with either sneakers or sandals.

Palazzo trousers

Casual palazzo outfit

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  1. Smart casual palazzo trouser outfits

When you don’t want to look too simple or casual, pair your palazzo trousers with a vintage shirt or a turtle neck top.

Some palazzo trousers come with a matching top. Tucking the top in makes it look like you are wearing a jumpsuit.

This look emphasizes your waist and creates a smooth silhouette. It’s a great outfit if you’re trying to rock the smart casual look.

For footwear, go with sneakers or sandals heels.

Palazzo trousers

Smart palazzo outfit

  1. Formal palazzo trousers outfits

You may think that palazzo trousers can only be worn as casual wear. Let me burst your bubble by telling you that palazzo trousers can also be rocked to the office, business meetings, and formal dinners.

However, formal palazzo trousers are not as wide as casual palazzo trousers. 

To pull off a business casual look, pair palazzo trousers with a collared or button-down shirt and tuck it in to emphasize your hip curve.

If you are looking to achieve a more formal look or just trying to make a statement, throw in a blazer to finish it off.

For both business casual and formal looks, you can’t go wrong with closed-toe heels.

Palazzo trousers

Formal palazzo outfit

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Do Palazzo Trousers Suit All Body Figures?

Another untrue belief is that palazzo trousers are not for all body figures, specifically petite or curvy women. 

There are palazzo trousers for all body figures. You just have to select the ones that suit your figure carefully.

While slim and tall women can wear almost any type of palazzo trousers confidently, curvy women should avoid palazzo trousers in bold designs, bright colours, or that are too loose.

They tend to give an overwhelming impression. Also, when pairing your palazzo trousers, stick to fitted or lightly layered tops.

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Tips for Rocking Palazzo Trousers in Nigeria

  1. Choose a flattering style

When selecting or purchasing palazzo trousers, choose ones that suit your body figure and highlight your silhouette.

You can’t go wrong with high-waisted or fitted waistline palazzo trousers as they suit almost all body figures.

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  1. Remember to add accessories 

Always remember to finish up your look with accessories. Accessories are especially important when rocking casual palazzo trousers outfits. 

Skipping them may make you look like you just rolled out of bed.

Accessories could be pieces of jewellery to accentuate your neck, hats, sun shades, or even handbags.

You will always need something to keep your things in while you slay which is why handbags are an important accessory for every Nigerian woman.

  1. Be confident and experimental

You won’t know which outfits work for you or how they would look on you if you don’t try them on. Dare to be creative in your outfit choice. 

As you let your creativity fly, make sure to rock it with confidence. Confidence is key, so wear it like an outfit.


Palazzo trousers are making a huge comeback and it definitely looks like it’s here to stay. Don’t miss out on this trend. 

If you have palazzo trousers that have been hanging in your closet for a while, now is the time to liberate them and start rocking them. 

And if you don’t have palazzo trousers, after reading this article, I hope you’re inspired to purchase one.

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