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Top 7 New Technologies You Should Start Learning in 2023

by op-ed contributor

2023 is here, hence, the need to fully prepare for the things that will be incorporated into it. This year will be more digitally intensive, and it will take those who are tech-savvy and can master things quickly to thrive.

Why? Because more jobs are getting automated.

Technology isn’t what it used to be again. There has been a great advancement, which has consequently made life a cool place. You don’t have to spend your day working 9-5 in the office, most digital nomads work at home. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the rate of work-at-home jobs has increased enormously.

So what has that got to do with you? Many!

Keeping updated with the latest trends in technology will position you for mind-blowing opportunities that are coming. As you keep your eyes focused on new technologies and improve your skills with them, you will be able to produce at a grand level in terms of quality and speed.

Top 7 New Technologies You Should Learn

So here are the top trending technologies you need to start learning in 2023:

  1. Artificial intelligence

AI is a collection of software programs that make machines or computers think, behave, and perform tasks like humans. Since the advent of AI, a great threat has been posed against humans due to its efficiency and productivity.

In marketing, Artificial Intelligence is used to collect customer data, analyze them, and target customers with accurate and precise ads, which spur them to buy more. There are a lot of AI that can perform tasks to make work ease. For example, ChatGtp3 for writing, Quillbot for paraphrasing, Grammarly for editing, Pictory for video editing, etc.

In the healthcare sector, AI is used to collate the health records of patients. And this, in return, helps diagnose the nature and cause of illnesses at a faster rate.

  1. Blockchain

If many people were told some decades back that there would soon be monetary transactions, not just physically but digitally, they would not believe such is impossible. But this has become a reality today and will only get more advanced this year. Many big tech companies are tirelessly working to harness the potential of Blockchain. 

As technology advances, transaction records and data of business firms become more prone to cyber-attacks. Blockchain technology ensures that these data are well-secured and hack-proof. It’s no longer used in the finance sector alone, other sectors, like healthcare, Law, and agriculture, are now seeing the need and the diverse opportunities Blockchain holds. Hence, experts like Blockchain developers and UX designers are in high demand in this industry.

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  1. IoT

IoT represents the Internet of Things. And just as its name implies, it’s a term referring to electronic devices connected through the internet. These devices, which include smart watches, refrigerators, door locks, bicycles, etc., are infused with sensors, Bluetooth, LTE, and others, making network connections between them possible.

That means you could control these devices from anywhere, using your smartphone. This helps to reduce manual tasks and also saves time. IoT is expected to increase in number this year.

  1. Metaverse

This is not really a new technology. The word has been since the 90s, being believed to be the next future of the Internet. Metaverse is a virtual world where people can work, shop, and interact with one another, as though in the physical world, irrespective of their geographical locations. This becomes possible with the use of virtual reality (VR) headsets, Augmented reality (AR) glasses.

It’s gradually becoming a dream come true because many companies are working towards making this come to fruition. The parent company of Facebook is a perfect example of this moving train, as it rebranded to become Meta. This year, Metaverse will take more big steps into becoming an utmost reality as more companies key into its potentiality.

  1. Cybersecurity

Hackers are also relentlessly improving their digital skills for maliciousness as technology gets more sophisticated. As a result, online information and data become more susceptible to leaks and breaches. Business firms and their assets get more prone to cyber-attacks. This is where cyber security comes in handy. This is where it burns the bridge between online assets and cyber attacks. 

Cybersecurity, also known as Computer security or Information technology (IT) security, is the process and practice of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, and data from external entities trying to attack or pose a threat. A lot of companies need cybersecurity specialists to help shield them against inappropriate access to their information.

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  1. Cloud computing

Cloud Computing is an effective way of storing data on the internet rather than personal computers. Gone are the days when people would cringe and worry about not having sufficient space to store their information, which would make them go and purchase hardware for storing them, which could be very expensive.

This problem has been tackled, as our information and files can now be stored on the internet and accessed anytime, anywhere you are. Cloud computing encourages Cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and scalability —that is, it can quickly increase capacity when you want it.

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  1. RPA

Some tasks could become boring and tedious in business settings, probably because they’re carried out repetitively. Hence, a high level of productivity is impossible in such a business.

 This is where we’ll talk about RPA. It stands for Robotic Process Automation. Like its name, RPA involves a series of processes that allow business organizations to automate tasks performed by humans. In short, it carries out regular, mundane activities without human interference. This helps increase the workflow rate, saves time, and reduces efforts or common mistakes humans make.

RPA can transfer customer data, process orders on ecommerce platforms, improve customer services, etc.

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In this digital-driven era, learning trending and in-demand skills make you someone. Not just anybody —an indispensable being. Yes, you are an indispensable being because technology has its grip on every sphere of life, and you being tech-savvy makes you indispensable —you cannot be ignored. You’ll always be needed.

There’s no better time to start learning and skilling up than now. Start now. You can make it hard for yourself to be ignored with these skills.

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