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Why You Need a Backlink Checker for Your Website

by Promise Chimankpa

 Are you website owner and looking to boost your website’s online visibility and ranking? If so, then understanding the importance of backlinks and investing in a good backlink checker is key.

Link building is an indispensable part of SEO, it helps in determining your ranking on search engines. When you are devising a link building strategy, backlink checking palys an important role in helping you know where you stand.

This article will explain the basics of a backlink checker and provide insight on how you can use this information to create new opportunities.

What is a Backlink Checker?

A backlink checker is an SEO tool to uncover links pointing to a website. These links are typically referred to as “backlinks” since they link from other websites (referred to as external sources) to the target website. Having strong external sources of links leading to your website is crucial for improving search engine rankings, boosting traffic, and developing relationships with other websites.

The most popular types of backlinks include directories, press releases, blog posts, infographics, guest post articles, forums, Q&A websites, business directories, industry resources and more.

The Usefulness of Backlink Checkers

Access to information about all the incoming backlinks that point to your website can be incredibly useful for several reasons. For starters, you can get an idea of which web pages or articles are helping you attract organic visitors or improving your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, a backlink checker can help reveal who has linked to you and even notify you when any change or addition is made to these incoming links.

When examining new sources linking to your site, it’s important to ensure they meet certain criteria, including their trustworthiness and relevance. Poor quality links should not be included as part of your link-building strategy as they could potentially harm your rankings and affect overall site performance negatively instead of enhancing it.

Though backlinks are essential in getting your site seen by search engines, having too many or bad quality links can damage your rankings. So what exactly do these checkers do, and why are they needed? Here’s a look at five reasons why you should use a backlink checker for your website;

  1. Monitor link quality

A backlink checker helps you identify which websites are linking to yours and how trustworthy those sites are. If any suspicious links are coming from unreliable sources, you can quickly address them before they have an adverse effect on your rankings.

  1. Detect duplicate links

Backlink checkers will help you find duplicate links pointing to the same content or page on your website. Having multiple duplicates will not only harm your SEO score but also may even get you penalised by Google if the duplicates appear too often on external sites.

  1. Check linking domains

You want to ensure that most websites linking to you have authority and good standing with search engines, so they don’t damage your rankings. Checking out the linking domains will help you decide whether the source of the link is reputable or not so that you can remove any links from questionable sources if needed.

  1. Detect negative SEO

Malicious competitors can link to your site using bad-quality or irrelevant content as part of their negative SEO strategy – but backlink checkers can detect such behaviour before it becomes an issue and alert you so that necessary action can be taken right away.

  1. Increase your visibility

Since high-quality and relevant links greatly impact search engine rankings, regularly monitoring incoming links helps improve visibility in organic search results – ultimately resulting in more traffic and potential customers visiting your site over time.

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5 Essential Tools for Monitoring Backlinks on Your Website

In today’s digital landscape, backlinks play an integral role in a website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy and can help improve a site’s organic search ranking. But managing these backlinks can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Thankfully, there are different backlink checker tools that can make the job easier. Here’s an overview of some of the best ones on the market;

  1. Google search console


Google Search Console

Google search console allows you to see all the backlinks pointing to your website and where they are coming from. With it, you can monitor and analyse your website’s performance and diagnose any potential problems. It also provides insight into how well your content performs for different queries and topics, which helps you optimise your SEO efforts over time.

  1. Majestic SEO


Majestic SEO

Another popular option for analysing backlinks is Majestic SEO. This paid service provides comprehensive link data and analysis with tools like trust flow, citation flow, anchor text analysis, outbound link monitoring, and more. The dashboard lets you get detailed insights into your competitor’s link profiles and export all the collected data for further analysis or storage purposes.

  1. SEMRush



For more specific details on the strength of each link, SEMRush Link Analyzer can provide detailed insights on every aspect of each link within your profile. This includes domain strength to page-level metrics like social engagement scores and organic traffic sources. With this data, it becomes much easier to evaluate which links are performing well for you and where you should focus your efforts in the future.

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  1. Ahrefs



 Ahrefs is another paid backlink checker that offers extensive features such as monitoring of incoming links over time, powerful API access for developers who need quick data analysis capabilities, daily web crawls so you can identify new links quickly, integration with Google Search Console to gain better insights into rankings and keyword research capabilities too.

Their “Content Explorer” tool makes researching related topics based on current trending topics easy so you can stay ahead of competitors when creating content pieces.

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  1. LinkResearchTools


Link Research Tool

LinkResearchTools offers both basic packages starting at $50/month, and more advanced ones, starting at $100/month. Some of their most noteworthy features include multi-project support, competitor spying, broken link detection and keyword tracking with RankTracker, to name just a few of them.

What sets LinkResearchTools apart is its visual representation system – every time you click on any number of options in the tool (e.g., monthly searches or average ranking position). The tool will immediately present an intuitive visualisation along with all other relevant information, so it makes it easier to identify patterns faster than other solutions available out there in the market currently!

By leveraging these powerful tools, especially when used together, anyone responsible for maintaining an effective SEO campaign should be able to easily track progress made with their site’s backlink profile to ensure long-term success with search engine rankings.

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What to Do With Information Provided by Backlink Checkers

After using a backlink checker to analyse each link that points toward your website, it’s time to review the information provided and see where things stand. This data can further optimise current campaigns and provide direction for new projects, such as finding potential partners for cross-promotion opportunities, making strategic changes, growing awareness in various channels, and tracking competitors’ link-building activities.

back analysis

An example of a backlink analysis

In terms of what to do with the information provided by backlink checkers, the possibilities are endless! For example, analysing competitor backlinks can help you determine strategies they’re using and may inspire ideas on how you could improve your own site’s performance. Furthermore, examining domain authority can be useful when considering which new sites may provide the most value if linked to yours – ensuring that only the highest quality websites have links pointing back at yours.


Having access to an effective backlink checker tool is essential for any serious website owner or SEO specialist looking to maximise their site’s visibility and success online. With so many tools on the market offering varying levels of depth and insight into your backlink profile, it pays off in spades for any webmaster willing to take advantage.

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