Top 10 Ways Tech Companies in Nigeria Can Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve

by Oluwapelumi Eweje

Technology in Nigeria is becoming better by the day. As all tech companies in Nigeria operate in a fast and growing space, it is also crucial for them to work towards staying ahead of the curve at intervals on new tech trends as they emerge. If they want to stand out and be exceptionally successful, they have to meet up the global standard.

The pace of technological advancement requires most businesses in the tech field to be at the forefront of change and growth. However, adopting wrong innovations, ideas, and even wrong ways of doing things means you could unknowingly hand your competitors an advantage.

So here are the top ten ways for a tech establishment in Nigeria to stay ahead of the curve no matter what it looks like. 

Ways Tech Companies in Nigeria Can Stay Ahead of the Curve

  1. Identify and respond rapidly to change 

Ours is a nation where anything can happen at any time! As a tech establishment, you need to understand the overall pace of change happening in the country today. Change/innovations can be overwhelming. They should be used to your company’s advantage or leveraged for outstanding capabilities and yields. 

Here, you have to quickly implement unusual and effective solutions and get relevant functions seamlessly integrated into all operations to stand out from time to time. 

  1. Maintain a strong, consistent and tech-savvy workforce

This entails more than just monitoring your crew. It has to be glaring and proven that as new tech trends emerge, your workforce can put up and effectively manage these trends for the utmost benefit of the organization. In short, understand your team and its ability.

Information is power, and having all executives and employees up to date in specific areas will help foster an agile organization. This is an excellent advantage to your company and helps you stay ahead of the curve amongst many other tech companies in Nigeria. 

  1. Be user-focused 

You should never underestimate the power of the users, clients or customers! Users can make, shape, break, build and sustain your business.

Unfortunately, most tech companies in Nigeria merely think they can survive as long as they possess the latest technologies and some “people factor.”


Keep your customers and users close to stay ahead of the curve. A simple logic! 

Having a great relationship with existing and prospective clients is important for your business and constantly driving customer satisfaction and retention. 

  1. Set aside time for innovation 

Tech companies in Nigeria often prefer to work by the clock of their competitors as new tech trends emerge. It may seem normal, but it just means staying ordinary and amongst the common. 

Being unique entails ensuring you put aside time to innovate and look at things differently. 

What are other tech companies doing differently that you could improve on to make you stand out? What may work in your business that your competition isn’t doing or making use of? 

Innovation is the unrelenting drive to break the status quo and develop anew where few have dared to go. For this reason, you should do it with so much focus and intentionality and at a set time. 

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  1. Master flexibility

It’s one thing to be adaptive and another to be flexible. Being flexible, in this case, gives room for actual evolution, and this is an important thing tech companies in Nigeria should hold on to. 

Many decide to just go with the flow, but survival and thriving take more. 

New competition pops up, technology rapidly changes, and the expectations of what your clients want changes with it.

As a tech establishment, you must stay flexible to ensure that you do not get stuck to your old ways of thinking you are growing. Flexibility ensures evolving as the world is. 

An excellent example can be seen in banks and a company like Interswitch. 

Banks have stayed wed to their ideas. For customers to be physically present to carry out several transactions. There was the risk of people not being attended to in time, having to go to the bank to withdraw or even not being satisfied with the whole experience. 

A company like Interswitch was online. Always available, giving the choice of performing all transactions and payments, national and international, to individuals and organizations, with no risk or stress of being physically present.

Interswitch focused on how to make things easier, faster and stress-free rather than sticking to the norm. 

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  1. Get a step ahead alongside customer expectations

Staying ahead of the curve and being among the top tech companies in Nigeria can be as simple as always getting a step ahead of every possible competition. Not just three days out of seven but every day of the week, month and year.

This means staying up to date with the latest news, new tech trends, or specific field trends, from internet of things (IoT), computing power, and datatification, to smarter devices and more, and doing this in line with what clients expect and what they truly desire. 

Learn from Jeff Bezos of Amazon and his non-traditional ideas for the company. For example, this giant online retailer scaled things up with the idea of “same-day drone delivery” for items purchased.

Isn’t that amazing?

You don’t have to call the dispatch rider constantly while expecting your delivery. Some online food retailers in Nigeria have tried this idea but need a little push. 

The retail company was inventing new ideas in order to be a step ahead, making things happen ultimately with users in mind rather than getting stuck behind competitors. 

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  1. Focus on data insights 

You can also stay ahead of the curve by gathering, storing, presenting, and using data from clients or processes. Never be an establishment without data-driven insights. Adopt data-related concerns in your plans, product research, and innovation. 

Although, understand that these concerns need to be understood and adequately processed. After effective understanding, fresh ideas can be implemented or improved, leading to profitability and competitiveness. 

  1. Embrace the discomfort 

Amongst all tech companies in Nigeria, the ones doing exploits today have stories to tell about their process of becoming big.

Of course, total comfort isn’t promised several times in the business, but the ability to stay regardless attracts all the credit. 

Safe choices are not always the best choices when it comes to staying ahead of the curve. You need to take the bull by the horns and make decisions all for the business’s good, however uncomfortable that may be. 

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  1. Keep an eye on disruptive technology/ideas 

Every year, our world is becoming increasingly interconnected and interdependent. Keeping an eye on disruptive technology will create an edge for you as a tech establishment amongst other tech companies in Nigeria.

Disruptive technology/idea displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry or a ground-breaking product that creates an entirely new industry. If you can keep up with this, you have an advantage. 

  1. Listen to your market 

It’s a fearless new globe out there. You need to go in with your eyes wide open, understanding that sometimes you miss things. This is expected, but by adopting a mindset that grasps “considered risk-taking,” you will place your company in the best of states.

As time passes, expectations grow, and things happen, and if things need to be done with your products or services rendered, customers will notice. 

Listening to them will, in many ways, make you at the best of your game. 


Staying ahead of the curve is not impossible for many tech companies in Nigeria, because it is important for every business’ survival. It mainly requires setting and getting things right.

More sacrifice, dedication and intentionality are also required. As a tech startup or business, competition should not make you feel intimidated but challenged.

That way, it ensures that you keep being at your best, staying ahead amongst many new tech trends emerging and already existing.  

Remember, keep the unrelenting drive to break the status quo, and improve massively on innovation and change, and you are set to beat all other tech companies in Nigeria. 

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