Top 10 Websites to Download Audiobooks of Your Favourite Books

by Nick Uzochukwu Igbokwe
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Audiobooks have become a top-tier form of literary entertainment. Alongside podcasts, audiobooks are great companions for every keen reader. 

Without further ado, this piece will showcase the top ten sites where you can download audiobooks of your favourite books. These websites are legitimate and filled with elite books for your audio consumption. 

Now, let’s explore!

Top 10 Websites to Download Audiobooks of Your Favourite Books

Why bother flipping through a book and risking a paper cut when you can plug in your earphones and enjoy the book in an audio format? 

Check out our list of ten special websites you can visit to download audiobooks of your favourite books. 

  1. LibriVox

LibriVox is an audiobook website that needs no introduction amongst literature stans. LibriVox is an extensive database of entirely free audiobooks in the public domain. The site’s books are read by voice actor volunteers throughout the world, and more than 16,000 titles are available to download. 

You can search by title, subject, or author in dozens of languages. When you find a book to listen to, you can play it chapter by chapter on the website or download the complete audiobook in a zip file.

LibriVox is available to Android and iOS users. You can download the application via the Google play store and iOS app store, respectively. Moreover, LibriVox has endless categories of your favourite books in audio format. It is an excellent go-to site to download audiobooks of your favourite books.

  1. Internet Archive

Internet Archive stays true to its name and is essentially the audiobook encyclopedia. The popular audiobook website is a nonprofit digital library that has curated and catalogued millions of books, music, software, websites, and other online media.

The Internet Archive operates a Wayback Machine, which you can use to view websites as they were at various times in the past. You can also visit the Internet Archive to browse more than 20,000 audiobooks. Internet Archive users can download audiobooks on the platform in MP3 format or play them via the website player.

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  1. Overdrive

Overdrive is an audiobook downloading platform that works with local libraries nationwide to make eBooks and audiobooks available for fast and easy download. 

To enjoy Overdrive, a user must create an Overdrive account, connect to the local library and use the digital library card to check out audiobooks from Overdrive. Unlike numerous public domain audiobook sites, Overdrive gives users access to contemporary books, including titles on The New York Times bestseller list. 

Overdrive app is available to both iOS and Android users via the iOS app store and Google Play store, respectively. 

  1. Open Culture

Open Culture has a throwback interface, but that doesn’t make it any less modern. Open Culture offers 1,000 free audiobooks for download. On Open Culture, you will find a list of public domain and open-source books organized with authors alphabetically. 

Kindly note that how you access the content depends on the book you seek, as some are direct MP3 downloads, while others link to the Internet Archive, iTunes, or a YouTube video. Either way, it is a top-notch site to download audiobooks for free.

  1. Lit2Go

Lit2Go has one of the most diverse archives of downloadable audiobooks on our list. It leans into education by rating all of its titles on the Flesch-Kincaid grade-level scoring system. Lit2Go has a versatile collection of literature, and it places a premium on quality over quantity to download audiobooks. 

Thanks to its Flesch-Kincaid grade level scoring system, Lit2Go is easy to filter and browse audiobooks by grade level, from kindergarten through 12th grade. It is a solid option for preschoolers, middle and high schoolers.

  1. ThoughtAudio

ThoughtAudio has one of the cleanest and most aesthetically pleasing interfaces to download audiobooks. The platform boasts an impressive selection of classic literature and philosophy titles, all free online.

You can search for whatever titles you want or scroll through the long list of available headers from the website’s landing page. ThoughtAudio also frequently adds new titles so that you can sort by more unique to older postings.

Furthermore, each audiobook has an articulate description of the book and its author. Most audiobooks on the site also have complimentary transcripts for good measure. 

  1. Digital Book

Digital Book is an impressive audiobook-downloading platform with a catalogue of top-notch audiobooks. It is an online web service that collects a wide variety of audiobooks for you to enjoy entirely for free. You can also look for eBooks and podcasts if you wish.

Digital Book offers a decent range of choices to download audiobooks of various genres. The best part of Digital Book is that you can listen to books in other languages besides English. It has thousands of audiobooks in French and German, among many other languages. That’s cool, right?

Besides, downloading is easy on Digital Book and you can listen to audiobooks chapter by chapter on the website.

  1. Scribl

Scribl offers something different from other websites on this list, as it dynamically assigns prices based on how people purchase it. Hence, the more popular an audiobook is, the more expensive it becomes on Scribl. 

If an audiobook can’t sustain its popularity at a higher price, the price will decrease drastically. If you ever purchase something on Scribl, you can be confident you’re getting your money’s worth. 

More than that, all books on Scribl start entirely free. So if you search through what it offers, you’ll find one or more gems waiting just for you. It is a unique option for free audiobook downloads. 

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  1. Light Up Your Brain

The “Light Up Your Brain” platform is aptly named as it features several short and free audiobooks for kids. Users can stream or download audiobooks to their devices. 

Moreover, Light Up Your Brain provides a story transcription so that fresh readers can read along with the audio.

  1. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a new audiobook-downloading platform with human-read and computer-generated resources. The website contains public domain books that have been turned into audiobooks which are now made available for free to anyone interested.

There are several formats to download audiobooks on Project Gutenberg. You can save them to your computer or an online storage site like Dropbox.

In a Nutshell

The ten websites where you can download audiobooks highlighted in this post are awesome choices for bibliophiles. These platforms are mostly free, accessible, and you can listen to their audiobooks at your own pace. We hope that you enjoy using the websites as much as we enjoyed writing this piece. Thank you!

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