12 Books Every Nigerian Woman Must Read

by Mariam Obaijoko
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12 every Nigerian woman must read

Dear beautiful Nigerian women,

Reading is essential for everyone that desires knowledge. As they often say, ‘knowledge is power; power is knowledge‘. Seeking knowledge is very important for self-development and growth; and it is even endorsed in all type of religion to be knowledgeable.

This is why smart and knowledgeable women will always be recognized in all societies. One of the best ways to acquire knowledge is by reading. However, it is said that reading is not so encouraged in our part of the world, especially for Nigerian women.

You can learn so many things through reading. As a woman, there are many books to read to help you step up your game, too; not only that, and they will help you financially and relationship-wise.

Here are the top 12 best books you must read as a woman in Nigeria; whether you are out there trying to figure out your live and dealing with different issues, or you are searching for fun and knowledge sake.

12 Books Every Woman In Nigeria Must Read

  1. Art of Seduction by Robert Greene:

This book is very powerful. Do you want to know why? Because it talks about how to make a target and action that will penetrate someone’s defense and make them surrender. The art of seduction is not just about seducing someone sexually; it can be applied in all aspects of life to get what you want, whether in your relationship, social, or political life.

Robert Greene discussed how seduction is psychological and must be mastered perfectly to become a seducer that won’t be easily suspected. It is an interesting study for understanding human behavior and how to deal with it. He discussed the nine seductive characters as well as the nine anti-seductive characters. There is also the history of great seducers in this book like Cleopatra, Casanova, etc. I highly commend this fascinating book.

  1. Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu

Now this is one of the best books of all time written by a Nigerian woman! The smart money woman is a remarkable book that talks about the financial problems women face. However, unlike other books about finance that can get one easily bored, the smart money woman breaks the financial term down in an interesting way that will make you want to read till the last part; you would even want to read it again!

It is like a short novel that tells about Zuri and her friends, their characters, their personality, and how they deal with financial struggles even though they are all financially okay. Zuri, the main character herself, is a very well-paid and comfortable woman, but she somehow struggles with paying her bills and became broke. Apparently, her lifestyle was much higher than her salary. Will she be able to balance her life back? Find out more by reading, winks.

This book is so relatable that we believe every Nigerian woman would find themselves smiling and saying, “oh this is so me!” LOL.

  1. Smart Money Tribe by Arese Ugwu:

This is like the part two of the previous one; the Nigerian woman didn’t fail to blow minds. The first one got everyone’s attention that a sequel was demanded. Zuri and her friends were faced with other challenges in their lives.

This book illustrates the importance of building your friendship circle, how your friends can make you get richer or poorer. It talks about financial intelligence, assessing investment opportunities, taking risks, making more profits, investing, and much more.

This is a must-read for every woman in Nigeria and even men that want to have financial independence!

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  1. Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov:

This is another one we want you to read. Ever been in and out of a bad relationship every time? Then this book is for you! This book is also something a very girl can relate to. After all, at one point in your life, you’ve been taken for granted because you are too nice. This book is a guide for women who are not treated as they deserve in their relationship.

Sherry Argov definition of bitch is not the conventional vulgar one; she sees a bitch as a woman that knows what she wants and won’t be taken for granted, a woman who doesn’t chase a man, a woman that is not too dependent on a man and can easily spot a bad guy that is not good for her. When the right one comes, a bitch treats him well and love him.

This book is not a book that will teach you about men hating; however, it is a book that enhances feminine power and how to use it and be in a better relationship. It gives you powerful tips on becoming a strong woman every guy would want to hang out with.

This makes the book the number four on our list of twelve books every woman in Nigeria must read. Please try it out.

  1. We Should All Be Feminist by Chimamanda Adichie:

Chimamanda is arguably one of the most prominent Nigerian women in this century. This book is a book-length essay discussing feminism. It is an essay adapted from Chimamanda’s TEDx talk in 2012 in London. The book highlights how feminism is seen as an insult by African when it should be a term that must be encouraged. It talks about transforming social values and gender roles that encourage differences between men and women in society.

Her book tackles social injustice and encourages women’s successes. Not only that, unlike some other feminist books that are one-sided, the book also favours men. It is critical in how masculinity is defined in our part of the world, how men are too pressured financially, and how men must always be seen as strong when they are just as emotional beings as women.

Knowing that the Nigerian society is a judgemental one, the book emphasizes shunning gender roles and preaches that Nigerian women and men should do what they want without social restriction.

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  1. The Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish:

I’m sure we all know the crazy and fun Tiffany Haddish (If you don’t know her, please go and watch Girls Trip or any of her movies, thank us later). This is a story about her life, her struggles, her relationship issues, and all.

The black unicorn is an inspirational story of how she grew from a black girl from the hood to one of the best black comedienne and actresses in Hollywood. This book is not your typical autobiography, and it is full of laughter and fun. It is a book you will learn a lot from; it will motivate and inspire you as a woman. You won’t even know when you will get to the last chapter and trust Tiffany to make big issues light.

This is a golden one for all Nigerian women to read, the humour in it aids easy comprehension.

  1. Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy:

Why should every woman in Nigeria have this book in her to-read list?

This is another book I would highly recommend because it has helped me deal with procrastination. It gives you simple 21 tips to help from procrastinating.

The book will make you understand that you would have to eat the “first ugly frog,” that is, to do the difficult tasks to get something done on time. It will also give you guidelines on the best ways to set your goals and achieve them. It also talks about the importance of planning and priority.

  1. Tropical Fish by Doreen Baingana:

This fascinating book short story collection was published in 2005. It is about the story of three sisters from a middle-class family in Uganda. It touches on various relatable topics in our African society like religion, AIDS, sugar daddies, African myths and superstition, the cultural shock that comes with migrating to a foreign land, sex and relationship, and so many others.

This widely-acclaimed book is something you would love to read because you would enjoy it.

  1. Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich by Lois P Frankel:

Over the years, Nigerian women have been told to be nice and gentle and polite. This has gone so far that it has been affecting them in even making financial decisions.

Now don’t get it wrong, We’re not saying it is not good to be nice and polite, but girl, being too nice can’t fetch you any money! To be stuck up in the same pattern, playing it safe every time, not playing to win, being too polite and fair, all these habits can fetch your money, dearest!

As a Nigerian woman, you need to step up your game! This book is the best way to learn how to step up your game and become that rich boss lady.

  1. Warren Buffet Invest Like a Girl by LouAnn Lofton:

Ever wondered how Warren Buffet became the third richest person globally with a net worth of $50 billion! Well, it is simple; he invested like a girl!

This implies that women are more cautious in taking risks in business. They always research before jumping into any new business risk, unlike their male counterparts, who usually exhibit overconfidence that they won’t lose.

This book explains risks taking and shows how women deal with investing more healthily, making them get lesser losses. The author uses the female attributes to Warren Buffet’s wealth record and how he got wealthier use all those attributes.

Although Nigerian women are known for their conservative ways, this is a must-read for everyone; it will teach you how to be very sure about a risk to avoid losing than gaining profit.

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  1. You are a Badass by JenSincero:

Are you feeling down? Ever felt like you are not enough for yourself or someone? Do you sometimes hate yourself and wonder why this happens to you every time?

Then this is the right book for you! You are a badass is a self-help book that gives you guidelines on overcoming your insecurities and improving your life. This book will teach you about self-love, how to love your life, and who you are.

This book is written funnily and appealingly to make you want to read it till the last part. It also encourages shunning people’s opinions about you and choosing yourself first. It also talks about inner peace and taking actions despite your worries and fears.

  1. Think Big Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:

Published in 1937, think big grow rich is one of the best classical self-helping books that are still relevant now and will be to even the next generation.

The book illustrated the psychological power of the state of mind, the power of thoughts. How what you think and imagine can become desires and manifest into a purpose and turn into reality. It focuses on believing and achieving your goals, always be positive about it, and never give up.

In this book, Napoleon advised seeking assistance from people who can help you achieve your dream and improve your skills as it is very important.


Most of these books are fun to read and not so ambiguous and complex to read from all you can see. We believe you would love all the books recommended. We hope you can find time to read at least five of these books; there are life-changing things because you would begin to see things differently from others. Happy reading, dear Nigerian women.

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