20 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in Nigeria

by Ayopadeayo Oluwadamilola
most subscribed youtube channels

Nigerians love YouTube because it has recently discovered new knowledge that has been powerfully leveraged. As a result, YouTube is the most popular video content platform for learning and upskilling, and it should be no surprise that many Nigerians dominate the platform.

For example, if you want to know how to get rid of a black spot on your skin, some Nigerian YouTubers will teach you how to achieve your skin goals without stress.

Are you looking for new and exciting tech gadgets, places to visit in Nigeria or Africa, or even outside of Nigeria, food recipes and skincare routines, or ways to improve your skills?

This article will introduce you to many, if not all, of Nigeria’s most famous YouTubers who create video content that teaches how to basic things.

We covered various content creators and YouTubers, from tech to entertainment, lifestyle, beauty, and social media experts. It may be of interest to you that these YouTube channels have the highest subscribers.

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in Nigeria

This list includes only some Nigerian content creators but rather a few who have made a comeback with their work. Some of these channels are named after their creators. 

  1. Tayo Aina


Tayo Aina

Tayo, a travel and lifestyle YouTuber, aims to rediscover Africa and its gold to Nigerians. He explores insiders from various African countries with diverse lifestyles and personal success journeys.

He tells you things you don’t know about Africa. Tayo Aina is one of Nigeria’s most subscribed YouTube channels, with over 491 thousand subscribers.

  1. Jackie Aina


Jackie Aina

The beauty influencer is one of the most famous YouTubers who create content centred on beauty tips, skincare products, and routines through various tutorials with over 3.55 million subscribers.

Jackie is well-known for engaging her audience and answering all questions. She recently left YouTube but has returned with new and exciting content.

  1. Samuel Singh 

samuel singh

Samuel Singh

Samuel Adepoju is a fan of Indian songs, which he showcases on his channel and name adoption (Singh), as he creates Indian songs and uses his videos for entertainment. This passion has resulted in over 834 thousand subscribers and fans of his craft and voice, making him one of Nigeria’s YouTubers with the highest subscribers. Despite losing one of his arms to cancer, he continues to  entertain people.

  1. Battabox



This is one of Nigeria’s most subscribed YouTube channels for news and entertainment. Battabox broadcasts street pop, interviews, underground documentaries, Naija gist, and fashion videos. All the videos will interest you because it is a community of people who want a better Nigeria built by Nigerians, which has earned them over 263 thousand subscribers and made them one of Nigeria’s most famous YouTubers. You will enjoy their videos.

  1. Valour Review

valour review

Valour Reviews

Let’s talk about tech content creators. Valour review is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the tech space. He publishes content that includes reviews of various tech products and phone comparisons.

So if you love tech, you are in the right place, says Valour Review, one of the most subscribed YouTube channels you can subscribe to. 

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  1. Maraji’s World


Gloria Oloruntobi (Maraji)

Maraji is one of Nigeria’s Most-watched vloggers with the most subscribed youtube channel. In addition, she is an online comedian with over 492 thousand subscribers thanks to the educational content she shares. Maraji not only entertains but also shares a closer look at her insider, contributing to her status as one of Nigeria’s most famous YouTubers. 

  1. Vivian Okezie 


Vivian Okezie

Vivian is a Federal Capital Territory sweetheart who creates exciting content about living in the FCT. Her educative videos explores what it’s like, from beauty to apartment tours, weddings, travels, life in Abuja and Nigeria, hauls, and dating advice.

Vivian also posts videos that will empower, inspire, and push you in the right direction, and this has made her among the most subscribed YouTube channels with over 70 thousand subscribers.

  1. Tomike Adeoye

tomike adeoye

Tomike Adeoye

The award-winning Nollywood actor, brand influencer, and media personality exude positive energy. She has one of the most subscribed YouTube channels for beauty, food, and fashion content. She has over 108 thousand subscribers. Want some laughs, a good vibe, and some energy? Tomike’s channel has you covered.

  1. Ihuoma Eze 

Ihuoma Eze

Ihuoma Eze

Ihuoma Eze Ihuoma is a visual storyteller and lifestyle vlogger who shows you what you’ve been dreaming about life in Dubai, Kenya, and Seychelles, among other places. Ihuoma also does tutorials on how to grow your channel and following; she’s one of the most subscribed YouTube channels with over 28 thousand subscribers to follow for better global exploration.

  1. Oscarmini


Oscar Frank

Oscar Frank is also one of the most famous YouTubers in the Nigerian tech space, known for his foreign accent and how interesting his videos become due to it. Frank provides high-quality videos with excellent audio of tech products and reviews. He is back with his amazing content despite losing most of his equipment in a recent fire. Oscarmini is one of the most subscribed channel with 62 thousand subscribers.

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  1. Kelechi Mgbemena

kelechi megbemena

Kelechi Megbemena

Kelechi, a beauty influencer, content creator, and social media expert, has a famous YouTube channel and is one of the most subscribed. She creates motivating and informative content to help you achieve your goals.

In addition, to her 157 thousand subscribers and more, she teaches about social media growth, product reviews, and beauty glam with a dash of motherhood, marriage, and lifestyle. 

  1. Fisayo Fosudo


Fisayo Fosudo

Fisayo is a visual storyteller, designer, and tech YouTuber who is well-known for his signature dress, a black turtleneck is one of Nigeria’s most subscribed YouTube channels that makes you fall in love with technology. In addition, he publishes educational content reviews on technology gadgets, startups, and some cryptocurrency insights.

If you like them or want to learn more about technology, Fisayo has you covered! With over 363 thousand subscribers, he is undoubtedly one of the most famous YouTubers.

  1. SisiYemmieTV

unnamed 6

Yemisi Odusanya will show you how to make a 7-course Nigerian meal in one sitting. Sisi Yemmie is a famous Nigerian YouTuber and content creator who shares great content on how to prepare meals, inspiration, and restaurant reviews.

She has written Cookbooks and a Time to Eat Guide for sale to her subscribers, and as a result, she has become one of the most subscribed Youtube channels, with over 884 thousand subscribers and 43 million views monthly.

  1. Layefa Ebitonmo


Lafeya Ebitonmo

Layefa demonstrates professionalism in her crafts, as evidenced by her status as one of the most subscribed YouTube channels, with 336 thousand subscribers. Layefa’s YouTube channel has the most subscribers, and she shares how-to’s of her craft, makeup and glam. The makeup artist creates lifestyle and beauty content for her clients and their families.

  1. Tomi’s Colour Pavilion

tomi pavillion

Tomi Adenuga

Tomi is a beauty vlogger who creates content on weight loss, fashion tips, beauty, skincare routines, DIYs, and home hacks to nurse your skin. Nigerians, particularly women, adore this, and Tomi has a following to whom she provides various skin care remedies. She makes you feel good in your skin, making her one of the most subscribed YouTube channels with over 724 thousand subscribers you’ll enjoy.

  1. Editorial beauty556

editorial beauty556

Edith Jude

Edith has always been interested in natural health benefits and has shared her findings with her subscribers. Edith is one of the YouTube channels in Nigeria with over 2.89 million subscribers, a famous YouTuber, you’d say. Edith will teach you how to use natural healthcare remedies, ideally if you are interested in learning more about them.

  1. Zeelicious Food 

zeelicious food

Winifred Nwania

Zeelicious food, a YouTuber from Nigeria with over 400 thousand subscribers Winifred Nwania, one of the most subscribed YouTube channels, entertains and educates her subscribers with tutorials on how to make delicious Nigerian meals and culinary tips. Do you want to learn some tasty recipes? Zeelicious food has captured your attention.

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  1. Sam Speedy

Samuel is another Nigerian online comedian with the most subscribed YouTube channel who shares laughter and excitement educationally. Samuel’s content has earned him over 2.7 million subscribers, making him one of Nigeria’s most famous YouTubers. Have some fun and learn something. 

  1. Dimma Umeh 

dimma umeh

Dimma Umeh

Dimma Umeh is a fashionista, a makeup lover, and a sucker for all things lifestyle. She is the queen of content creation in Nigeria and has 460 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel, and you can say she’s one of the most famous YouTubers in Nigeria.

Dimma posts about beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. She began with Ankara-inspired makeup tutorials and has since expanded to include vlogs and lifestyle reviews. 

  1. Eric Okafor 

eric okafor

Eric Okafor

Nigerian tech creators are thriving, and Eric’s YouTube channel has the most subscribers YouTube channel in the industry. He brings tech reviews to the African market and has over 301 thousand subscribers eager to see him test out the latest tech gadgets. Allow Eric Okafor to unbox tech products for you.


YouTube is a school, and Nigerians are becoming more familiar with it. Therefore, you should subscribe to channels that inspire, educate, inform, and entertain you. Subscribing to the most subscribed YouTube channels will provide you with all this and more.

As previously stated, this list’s purpose is to provide content creators with the most subscribed YouTube channels. If you have creators who you think should be  listed here, please name them in the comments.

We’re looking forward to it.

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Check Damilola Mike Bamiloye he has 724 thousand subscribers or there about

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