Is Traveling Abroad Really the Best Option?

by Ojeyemi Adeleye
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travelling abroad

Looking at the present state of Nigeria, traveling abroad may be considered one of the best options. The rate at which people travel abroad from Nigeria is very alarming. Recently, a meme about various issues went viral on the internet. It says

“If you go to school, ASUU,

You travel by road, kidnappers

You travel by train, Bandits

You look for Job, no Jobs

You are hungry, food is expensive

You go to farm, Herdsmen

Now you go to church, Unknown gunmen.”

How funny these may appear; they are the social and political issues many Nigerians face. But, with the recent bloodshed in Ondo town, ASUU strike of over three months, lack of job opportunities, insecurity, bad economy amongst other vices, tell me why you would not want to travel abroad?

If you have any opportunity to leave Nigeria abroad, please embrace it to secure yourself a future and a good life. However, this article will expose you to easy ways to leave the country, the advantages of leaving the country, and the disadvantages of leaving the country.

3 Easy Ways to Travel Out of Nigeria 

traveling abroad

In case you have been troubled with how to travel abroad, here are the tips to consider

  1. Admission And Scholarship Overseas

One of the easiest reasons for traveling abroad is to further your education. This is always in two ways. The first is through personal finance. You are responsible for all financial requests such as tuition fees, flight tickets, etc.

The second way is through scholarship. There are various countries and academic institutions that grant scholarships to various citizens worldwide. All you need to do is apply and meet the requirements.

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  1. Paid vacation

There is nothing like having your own money. You can wake up one day and decide you want to go for vacation or baecation or whatever “cation” you want to any foreign country you desire. Wink! This is one of the hacks for a wealthy lifestyle.

This, however, requires processes such as getting a business travel allowance (BTA) or personal travel allowance (PTA) and applying for a visa. After these two, you are as free as a bird to travel out of Nigeria.

  1. Attend Conferences 

This is another easy way to leave Nigeria for abroad. In addition, numerous countries such as China, Canada, Australia, and the U.S.A organize conferences to teach and equip people with adequate knowledge regarding why the conference is being held.

If I were you, I would spread my tentacles, meet and connect with people there to have a chance of staying after the conference. It is always easy for tech and security personnel to achieve staying.

 5 Top Benefits and Reasons to Travel Abroad

traveling abroad

  1. Greener Pasture

The reason why most people leave Nigeria for a foreign country is to find greener pastures. An average person wants a little bit of comfort; an average human wants to be able to meet his daily needs, and an average person wants to be in a society without the fear of dropping dead from unknown gunmen.

There is a higher chance of job opportunities abroad than in Nigeria. If you agree with me, we often see job vacancies on various websites from different countries abroad. One major benefit you derive from traveling abroad is greener pastures.

  1. Multi-Lingual 

Another advantage of leaving Nigeria is the chance to learn another language. You might say English is a universal language. Yes, I agree. But I am quite sure we both know other countries are not inclined with English as their first language.

For instance, in Germany, Australia, and Switzerland, Dutch is their primary language. This also cut across other countries such as France, Italy, Belgium, and other Francophone countries that speak French. So, if you find yourself in any country whose language is different from yours, you just won yourself a ticket to speak a foreign language.

  1. Broaden your Horizon

Traveling exposes you to different adventures and occurrences that help broaden your horizon. In addition, you get to know about various cultural practices, places, and languages which gives additional knowledge for your personal growth.

Travelling is one of the best ways to break prejudice and preconceptions and get closer to people. In addition, it helps you have a proper understanding of various ways of life vastly different from yours.

  1. Social Network Creation 

Try know person or person weh sabi person. This is a saying in accordance with what most Nigerians call long legs. That is, to have a connection with various people in various sectors.

Traveling abroad makes you come across different people from different parts of the world. Having a good rapport or interaction with them might open you, especially business-wise.

However, after networking, it is important to keep in touch with them to keep your face and name in stock to their memory.

  1. To Ease Tension and Stress

Have you ever felt like leaving a place to relax your brain, mind, and body? Traveling for vacation makes you forget your worries for that period and get yourself together.

At this point, you are exposed totally to a new refreshing environment with favorable weather. Which times influence efficiency and effectiveness while working. A relaxed mind while working results in good productivity.

It is important to note that whatever has advantages also has disadvantages. You might be curious and wondering if traveling abroad has disadvantages. Yes! It does. And it will be explained before.

Disadvantages of Traveling Abroad

traveling abroad

  1. Second Class Citizens

No matter how long or the years you spend in a foreign country, you are not a citizen. Even with a green passport. Yes! For instance, if there is chaos or war, trust me, the government of such a country will serve her bonafide citizens first before considering travels or residents from other countries with or without a green card.

So, my question now is, why be a second-class citizen in another man’s land when you can be a bonafide citizen of your home country? We all are looking for better opportunities but don’t enslave yourself in the process.

  1. Victim of Racism

Some countries abroad practice racism in one form or the other. They disassociate themselves from you. Hence, leaving you to be lonely and alone. A good example was the incident that happened in South Africa years ago. Racism is one of the disadvantages of traveling abroad.


This article has taken you through the nitty-gritty of the benefits associated with traveling abroad without leaving the disadvantages behind. However, before traveling abroad, prepare yourself for both the good and the bad side.

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