9 Must-visit Travel Destinations in Nigeria

Hidden Gems that will show you a new definition of beauty 

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Nigeria is not just famous for her diverse cultures, an array of delicacies, music, interesting people, famous Twitter bants and dragging, and it is also famous for spectacular sites adorned with natural and man-made resources which, we can say, have been developed to meet the standard of a travel destination.

That is, aside from the ‘other things‘ (iykyk) Nigeria is known for, there are amazing sceneries to behold and hidden gems spread across the country’s different geopolitical zones. 

These travel destinations range from hills, rocks, water bodies, wildlife areas, relaxation centres, resorts, etc. And so, there’s definitely a lot for you to explore. 

Is a destination vacation on your bucket list for the year? This article is just for you!

Nine Must-visit Places in Nigeria

In no particular order, here are nine travel destinations you can visit in Nigeria:

  1. Olumo rock, abeokuta

Olumo Rock travel destination

Olumo Rock

Located in the ancient city of Abeokuta, this historical domain was used as a fortress for the people of Egba. The Olumo Rock is decked with many caves and tunnels that are significant to the Locals. 

There is a tour guide that has useful information about the rock, its history, people and significance.

Three levels of stairs take you to the top (if you’re not up for the climbing but just want to see the view from the top). But if you are an adventure lover, you could always do the climbing from a particular point without the stairs. 

From the top of the rock, you can see different tourist attractions or locations in Abeokuta, like the popular Ogun River, the first church in Nigeria and West Africa, the Abeokuta Central Mosque and other interesting sites.

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  1. Obudu mountain resort, obudu, cross river

Obudu-Mountain-Resort travel destination

Obudu Mountain Resort

Developed in 1951 by M. McCaughley, this resort was designed with adventure lovers in mind. It is a peaceful place with a beautiful and serene view of nature. 

It offers adventure with a tinge of calmness. Asides from the pleasant mountain areas and views, it has a gym, an in-house restaurant and a luxury spa.

The resort also has attractions like the water park, canopy walkway, forest hikes, cable car, horse riding and a conservation forest that serves as a home for various species of plants, trees and animals. 

  1. Yankari game reserve, bauchi state

Yankari game reserve travel destination

Yankari game reserve

The reserve is very popular for the species of wild animals found in it. Here, you get a guided safari tour of the wild, which is a unique way for tourists and holidaymakers to watch wildlife in its natural habitat.

It has springs, caves and trees that provide a natural habitat for these animals. There is also a museum filled with trophy artefacts and animal carcasses. 

There are also affordable options for accommodation together with indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

It is home to the remaining Elephants and Lions in Nigeria.

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  1. Idanre hills, ondo

Idanre Hills travel destination

Idanre Hills

A cluster of enormous hills and valleys with different shapes and sizes is a true historical wonder to behold. A tour guide is also available to explain the nine wonders of the Idanre Hills, the secret spots and their significance. 

There are about 700 steps with five resting points To get to the top. There is also a tourist Chalet with housing facilities built in 1976 and has a rear view of the new Idanre. 

  1. Lekki conservation center, lagos

Lekki conservation centre travel destination

Lekki conservation centre

A natural resource located in the heart of the Lekki Epe Expressway, Lagos. The LCC provides tours, wildlife views and a walk on the longest canopy walkway in Africa, which has a breathtaking view and gives an adrenaline rush while walking on it.

It also has a picnic haven, sports courts, and a tree house on the tallest iroko tree in the centre that oversees the park. It is best visited during the dry season and is open from 8:30 a.m. up until 5 p.m.

It is a perfect spot for adventure seekers to get in touch with nature.

  1. Zuma rock resort, abuja

    Zuma rock resort travel destination

    Zuma rock resort

The Zuma rock is a wonderful sight to behold and is deeply rooted in Abuja’s history. This is the perfect getaway spot with a serene environment that ensures an enjoyable and peaceful stay. 

It is complemented by gardens, a pool, free WiFi, bicycle rides, horse rides for children, swings to let your inner child out as an adult, and fine dining with a view of the historical Zuma rock.

During the rainy season, the Zuma Rock fire is at the mountain’s apex. Amazing, yeah?

  1. Awhum waterfall cave, enugu

Awhum waterfall cave travel destination

Awhum waterfall cave

Also known as Owum Waterfall Cave, this hidden gem in Enugu combines two attractions: a waterfall and a cave.

The water flows from the top of a 30m high cave, which forms a stream at the base and is filled with white sand. 

The water is always warm and is said to have healing powers. This makes it a pilgrim spot for people to come and pray.

  1. La campagne tropicana, lagos

La Campagne Tropicana travrl destination

La Campagne Tropicana

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Lekki area of Lagos, Nigeria, offers a beautiful view of nature that allows fun activities. 

La Campagne Tropicana is African-themed and has its currency known as “Pere”. A Pere is equivalent to a Naira.

Open for 24 hours, the beach provides round-the-clock fun for visitors. For either relaxation or recreation, the beach has a blend of forest and savannah with a serene ambience.

  1. Ikogosi warm spring resort, ikogosi, ekiti

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort travel destination

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

This is a hospitable and eccentric destination found in Ikogosi Town, Ekiti. The resort ensures tours and adventure, 5-star service, and amazing cuisine for visitors at the lodge.

The resort houses the warm and cold water springs, which is the major attraction of this destination. 

The warm spring is divided into the warm and warmer spring, while the cold spring is divided into the cold and colder spring. 

Other attractions include mountains, hills and trees, providing beautiful scenery and a refreshing atmosphere. Visitors can swim, hike, walk along the trails and visit the theme park.

A fascinating sight indeed! 

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Why should you visit a travel destination in Nigeria?

Taking a break to relax from the everyday hustle and bustle is a good form of self-care. You can do this while flying solo or by spending time with those you love. 

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You might also need inspiration to improve productivity, enjoy new and exciting experiences, learn new things, and go on an adventure whose memories you can hold on to forever.

Likewise, you may just want to “pepper” some people on your social media timeline with beautiful pictures of you in breathtaking sceneries while having the time of your life.

However, this may prove difficult, especially if your brain wants to be in some fancy resort outside the country and take in beautiful scenes, but your bank account is laughing at “insufficient funds”.

Whatever the case may be, travel destinations don’t have to be far-fetched, as these hidden gems above will provide you with various options you can visit at pocket-friendly prices.


Trust this article has provided you with travel destination options needed for your next adventure in Nigeria.

These earthly wonders found in Nigeria tell us that travel destinations don’t always have to be outside the country.

Suppose a destination vacation is on your bucket list for the rest of the year, but you are just starting your rich-kid era. In that case, these travel destinations in Nigeria will provide you with the fun, relaxation and adventure that you seek! 

We all know that Nigeria has over nine amazing tourist locations. But we’re curious: Have you discovered any hidden treasures in addition to these travel destinations? Join our WhatsApp community and share your discoveries with other amazing readers.

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