tourism in Nigeria

Experience Tourism in Nigeria

by Temitayo Oladejo

Tourism in Nigeria

Without a doubt, Nigeria is a hub of fantastic and heart-warming tourist attractions and sites.

Coupled with its rich and enviable culture, beliefs, and traditions.

Nigeria has widened its horizon and tapped her root deep into the loam of urban tourism while striving rigorously to preserve the richness of her culture and the underlying stories, myths, and legends that mystifies various natural sites in the country.

Nigeria’s rich tourism components include Natural tourist attraction sites with unique cultural and historical background.

  1. Notable among others are:
  2. Millennium Park in Abuja
  3. Kainji National Park
  4. Obudu Plateau
  5. Yankari National Park
  6. Osun-Osogbo
  7. Ikogosi Warm Springs
  8. Bar beach Lagos to mention but a few.


All roads lead to Lasgidi as commonly used by Lagos state residents.

It is no doubt the core of urban tourism in Nigeria.

Asides being the economic stronghold of the country and one of the biggest megacities in Africa, Lagos is the figure of true African Heritage and crucial space for Black Culture.

She is popularly known for its beaches off the Atlantic including Alpha Beach, Elegushi beach in the heart of Lagos.

Additionaly, the historical Badagry town in the outskirt of Lagos also homes Topo Island beach, Ar-Rakhab beach, and many others.

However, there are other beach resorts and amusement parks either managed by the state or private individuals.

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These are spread in towns and cities all around the country.

Including the likes of Inagbe Grand Beach Resort, La Campagne Tropicana beach Resort and Obudu Cattle Ranch that all magnify tourism in the country.


Calabar Carnival in Nigeria

Calabar Carnival in Nigeria

As a culture-oriented country, Festivals occupies a large part of Nigeria’s tourism.

Quite a number of tourist and culture enthusiasts travel far and wide to experience these events in Nigeria.

These are colorful events that showcase dancers’ performances, talented show artists and acrobats, masquerades, traditional military parades, and the fruitfulness of various communities where they celebrate them.

Moreover, festivals in Nigeria have numerous purposes and cultural usefulness; some serve as town rites of renewals;

Traditionally, cleansing rites are for appeasing the gods, and rid the villages and communities of evil and bad omens.

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Others are for entertainment purposes, celebrating food culture.

Notable Nigerian festivals celebrated annually include:

  • Osun-Osogbo Festival
  • Sango Festival
  • The Eyo Festival in the western parts dominated by the Yorubas.

The eastern parts of the country have the Igbos celebrating the New Yam festival and Ofala Festival.

While in the South-south Calabar festival is remains the biggest street festival in the country.

The northern zone is not an exception; celebrating The Argungun Fishing Festival in Kebbi and the Durbar Festival in many cities in Kastina, Kano, Maiduguri, and Zaria.

Music festivals are also widely celebrated; it comes with so much frenzy and excitement.

Again, Lagos is prominent for the Jazz festival; Festivals of songs by prominent musicians mostly come up in successions during seasonal festive periods.

Other festivals include Film Festival, Lagos Photo Festival, and Black Heritage Carnival.


For every part of the country, it is right to say music accompanies the taste of amusement and tourism.

Tourists who visit different locations get to know different genres of Nigerian music.

It is hardly the same everywhere, regardless of the fact that there are  general genre lurking in all places.

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Just as much as we have varieties in culture and language, there are also diverse genres of music that dominate each geo-political zone.

Meanwhile, You will find a different fusion of musical genres from rhythm and blues to soul, hip hop, bebop, Fuji, Apala, and traditional jazz.

Afrobeat, however, is making more waves and trends embraced by all parts of the country.

Although considering the numerous potentials Nigeria possesses as regards tourism, one would think the sector is booming and at its peak.

However, this is not the case as these prospects are hampering by mismanagement of resources, unpliable roads, and insecurity in some parts of the country, which impede the growth of the tourism sector as a whole.
The tourism business is a hidden goldmine yet to be fully explored in the country.

It can only take substantial effort from the government, both state and federal, and other private investors to burrow through for the emancipation of this sector.

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