Ibeno Beach Tourist Center in Nigeria

by Temitayo Oladejo

Ibeno Beach

Renowned as the longest coastline sand beach in Nigeria and West Africa, extending its length for about 30 kilometres along the Atlantic Ocean all the way down to Jamestown in Akwa Ibom.

It is named after the local government area in which it is located, sharing borders with Eket, Esit Eket, Onna, and Eastern Obolo local government areas.

Besides the modern development that has taken place in the community. Ibeno homes relics of the expedition of the most successful missionaries from Scotland and was known to be their landing site.

History also shows that this beautiful coastal area is one of the oldest beaches in Nigeria and Africa.

Features of Ibeno Beach

The strong sensation from the green vegetation, an attractive array of trees in rows along the beach, gives comfort and form shelter from scourging rays of scintillating rays of the sun for tourists after a long day of engaging in beach activities.

As part of the development plan for the area, the Nigerian government had constructed a bridge for the wondrous longest beach in the continent.

Another sight to behold in this natural site is the sprawl of fair sand dunes spreading out to the horizon.

Needless to say, the bellow of the raging saltwater of the Atlantic and the waves ignites with the silhouette of the gas flares coming from the offshore oil engines to give it aura of true African nature.                                              

Furthermore, facilities are available for various beach sporting activities, sunbathing and promenades.

The People of Ibeno Community

Ibeno community has a population of approximately 75,380 residents who are majorly of Efik/Obolo-Oron descent with Ibeno as their local language.

They have enormous wealth in cultural heritage. Numerous lasting traditional institutions like Ekpe, Obon, Uke, Ekong, Akata, Eka-Ebitu, Ubom Isong, Oluo, Ikini and the age-grade system (Nka) which is highly recognized and is are still practised in Ibeno.

Fishing is the major occupation of the people, followed by crop farming and small-scale business.

However, there are notable activities of oil exploring companies that directly and indirectly affect both the upstream and downstream lifestyle of the inhabitants.

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Activites for you on Ibeno Beach

Should you decide to visit Ibeno beach, here are various activities you can enjoy: 

  •  A promenade along the beach. You can take a very long work as much as your limbs can go, even more cozy with a friend or love one.
  • You can also participate in sporting activities; play beach soccer, volleyball, have fun at water sports and boating.
  • It is also an excellent sport for tanning and sunbathing.
  • Try out various dishes and local delicacies. 
  • Meet friends, organize family gatherings, friends or classmates’ reunions. Enjoy music and dance with friends and family and socialize if you so wish.
  • Meditate, work on personal projects with ease and comfort.

Best Period to visit Ibeno Beach

tourism in Nigeria

The Ibeno Beach in Akwa Ibom

The best time to visit Ibeno beach for entertainment and to chill out would be during festive periods. Weekends and public holidays.

At this time, there would be a crowd of tourists, families, fun lovers, couples, class groups and other social groups treading the beach and participation in different activities.

However, weekdays are perfect for who wish to enjoy their lone time, silence, comfort and meditation.

Optimizing your BackPack

Apart from materials and properties you need for your personal use;

Visitors and tourists should take their sunscreen along if interested in sunbathing, flip flops for leisurely walks on the beach sand.

Swimming suits and goggles for those who love to swim, face caps incase the sun comes out hot. Headgear and scarfs for ladies and generally those with long hairs.

Also, sportswear comfortable for respective sporting activities they wish to try out, and lastly, for creating memories.

It goes without saying; camera or good phones to take pictures of the scenery, yourself and friends enjoying the moment.

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How secured are you on Ibeno Beach?

Ibeno beach is a pretty safe tourist center in Nigeria because it is close to the Mobil/Exxon QIT terminal.

This is where crude oil is processed for international distribution. And it is heavily guarded by security personnel on patrol 24 hours a day. This ensure the safety of visitors and orderliness in the neighbourhood.

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