Insights on How and Why to Stay Spiritually Grounded 

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Stay spiritually grounded

Spirituality is the spot within yourself where your soul can ascertain a sensation of peace. It’s an idea fully liberated from any rules, and dedicated to the mortal soul. It’s also an act of worrying about the human spirit or soul as against material or physical things.

Whenever people hear the word “spirituality,” it’s normal to think of two things. First, the religious aspect and second, the non-religious aspect like meditation and yoga that forms a connection between an individual and nature.

It is vital to be grounded spiritually because it brings self-awareness, inner peace, positivity and knowledge about our surroundings.

In this article, I will teach you ways to stay spiritually grounded, with emphasis on the non-religious aspect.

10 Ways to Stay Spiritually Grounded

There are numerous methods to stay spiritually grounded. However, I’ll be explaining 10 easy and simple ways.

  1. Meditation

Meditation is a mind-body exercise to relax and eliminate jumbled thoughts that may cause stress. This exercise helps you stay spiritually grounded by connecting you with the earth and nature. It helps you ward off negativity and embrace positivity and inner peace.

  1. Reading books

Reading helps to erase jumbled thoughts. In the religious aspect of spirituality, religious books like the Bible and Al-Quran help you understand more about life and stay spiritually grounded.

For the non-religious, there are good varieties of books to read. Recent studies have shown that folks who read, tend to remain calm and relaxed in positive and negative situations.

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  1. Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual exercise to bring harmony between mind and body. It involves peculiar positions, concentration, and deep breathing. This helps you to be grounded spiritually because it bridges a connection between you and nature.

  1. Take a couple of breaths

There is more to breathing than being a way of respiration. Breathing helps you relax and wade off stress. By inhaling, you embrace positivity, and therefore the great things about nature.

When you exhale, you breathe out negativity and anything which may keep you upset. A Daily/weekly routine of regulated breathing will help you stay spiritually grounded. 

  1. Physical exercise

Exercise is popular for its capability to keep the mind off stress. Staying active means your body is always in motion, which may direct your energy, clear your mind, and help you to be grounded spiritually. 

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  1. Spend time with nature

Nature is one of the gifts of God. Spending time with nature like trees and flowers helps you unleash all negative energy and clear your mind. It also helps you appreciate the little but significant gifts in your life. All of these give you inner stability and help you stay spiritually grounded.

  1. Journal writing

Most times, one of the frustrations that come with stress is having nobody to speak to. That is why having a journal or diary falls under one of the ways to remain grounded spiritually. Letting out your thoughts by writing helps you clear your mind and refocus your energy. 

  1. Travelling

Most times, your immediate environment is the direct cause of stress. It might be either an issue with family or work. Getting out of that environment at that moment relieves you of mental stress.

Travelling to see new and exciting places takes your mind off what is bothering you at that moment. It also overwhelms you with enough positivity to remain spiritually grounded. 

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  1. Think and speak positively

Speaking words of positivity in your life daily helps you ground yourself spiritually. Words of affirmations like “ I am beautiful,” “I attract wealth,” and “I attract all the good of life,” are sure to help you remain calm, relaxed, and think positively. 

  1. Music

Music has such a robust effect on our feelings. It speaks to our souls in an exceedingly important way. Whenever things appear to be falling apart, sing, play an instrument, or simply hear your favourite high vibe songs to soothe yourself and find your centre again.

The proper music keeps you grounded spiritually by being positive, embracing the great sides of life, and keeping you relaxed. 

 7 Benefits of Being Grounded Spiritually 

Being grounded spiritually has a batch of advantages, some of which I’ll mention.

  1. Improved health

Some of the disadvantages of stress are high blood pressure, depression, headaches, and anxiety. These conditions are dangerous to health. By relaxing and doing exercises to become spiritually grounded, you feel and become healthier than before. 

  1. Longevity

By embracing spiritual grounding, you’re sure to have a prolonged life. This is simply because negativity and every kind of disturbing thought have no place in your life. 

  1. Improved emotional state

Being grounded helps you to be able to control your emotions. You are in control of what makes you sad or feel negative. Once you sense a troubling thought, probing any of the exercises above will help you feel calm and relaxed. 

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  1. Stronger immune system

The immune system repels viral and bacterial infections, which may occasionally be life-changing for grown-ups. Since stress can inflict ruin on the system, finding ways to lower stress levels is vital. Spirituality creates well-being, submerging the brain with immunity-boosting hormones. 

  1. Reduces stress

Chronic stress is dangerous to both your physical and psychological states. You lose sleep, have tense muscles, have headaches, feel jittery, become exhausted, and are not always around pleasant people. 

Unyielding stress is dangerous for you. Taking on spiritual growth habits has the potential to vastly reduce stress in individuals. 

  1. Better relationships

By grounding yourself spiritually, your relationships with others have a greater chance to flourish. This will bring enjoyment, contentment, and peace to those you spend time with. 

The effects of boosting your spirituality can enhance the life experiences of others and perhaps even encourage them to explore some spiritual growth for themselves.

  1. Improved self-confidence and fitness

Being in spiritual communities like a book club or yoga classes can help boost self-confidence and mental outlook. Successively, both can result in helping you ground yourself spiritually.

Exercise pumps oxygen into the body, increasing blood flow and simultaneously elevating mood and reducing vital signs.

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It’s important to stay spiritually grounded in an individual’s life. How do you ground yourself spiritually? By exercise, yoga, or music? Share in the comments section. 

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