15 Affordable Gift Ideas for a Newly Wedded Couple

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Are you attending an owambe this weekend and you are thinking of a nice gift idea to present to the newly wedded couple? Not to worry, this piece is for you. Read on to find out 15 amazing gifts for couples.

After the couple declares their vows and seals it up with I do’s, entertain you with their elegance and menu. It is proper to present them with warm wishes and physical gifts. It is not compulsory, but it can be viewed as a way of celebrating the couples as they move to a new phase of life. In most cases, you might be too occupied with so many things that you do not know the right gift idea to present.

There are numerous gift ideas for newlyweds you can choose from. The answers you’ll uncover here connect you to gifts that can excite couples of different age categories, including Millennials and Gen Zs. Let’s get started.

15 Gift Ideas for a Newly Wedded Couple

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  1. A paid trip to a stimulating location

There are a lot of places to explore; some people have not attempted moving from the cities they were born and bred. This gift idea would be their cue to make a move. It could be a location out of the country. The plus to this gift idea is to be a close relative to the couple. And if not, that’s okay too. Inquire from a friend or kin before you choose a location. After offering this as a gift, be rest assured that you don’t have to spray money during the event. The committee of wedding guests are proud of you.

  1. Washing machine

The couple will get a double effect once this gift lands in their home. Soft life begins somewhere, and it doesn’t hurt to launch by unwrapping a washing machine. You are now permitted to ask the wedding servers to place everything on the food menu on your table. After that, I wish the couple luck with PHCN.

  1. Photo frames 

Houses are now receiving the attention they deserve. And with this gift idea, you can help the couple design their first home together. Yaaay! There are many interior decorators and decor shops to keep you off stress. You only need to request classy frames that the couple can easily fix. It’s convenient if they ultimately conclude by using the activity as a bonding session. You can include personalized Mr and Mrs or love-themed frames on your cart. Please keep it simple by providing only the frames without photos except you’re their interior decorator.

  1. A car 

Okrrrr! This is a gift idea for the couple; if you’re not an automobile guru, car influencers and brands have the guide to making a good choice. What makes a great option is the couple’s preference regardless of if they never had one. You could be eyeing a 2016 G-wagon, and the newlyweds have been saving for a 2016 Bentley continental. You can dispatch two cars to anoint the cake with glazing, so the couple chooses their favorite. As long as this is a done deal, trust that no souvenir distributor will pass you by on that wedding day.

  1. Cookware set

You’d be surprised how many couples wait until after the wedding to do proper house shopping. It would be your honour to be the guardian angel who crosses out cookware sets from their list. Not to worry, the newlyweds do not need a timeless piece as a gift. Their future might embrace changing houses, so a good and healthy set states the message. You can ask the servers to keep the food coming in rounds. Owambe whatsapp group members are solidly behind you.

  1. Multiple bedding set

This is that gift idea you should classify as multifunctional. The newlyweds get the homely feeling of styling their house with a fresh pillowcase and bedspread weekly. And the excess clothing for their pillows in the bedroom and living room is thanks to you. Once you arrive at the venue, relax anywhere, even if it displays the name of the chairman of the ceremony. You’ve done well.

  1. Furniture 

It turns out painless if you send pictures of designs before or after the wedding to the couple. Then, you have to choose from a list of furniture; maybe it’s a single chair, table or freestanding cabinet. Even if you want to go vintage, it’s a worthy gift idea. Remember to tell the host to include a dance for you and the couple on the agenda.

  1. Planter

Nothing is irrelevant regarding gift ideas distinguished for the home or love. An indoor planter will do the magic if the couple does not have a garden. But, please, don’t go to the farm and group unfamiliar grass to give the newlyweds because it looks sleek. For any Aso-Ebi in the lines of the colour of your planter(s), you are permitted to skip, period.

  1. ‘Mr and Mrs’ Engraved bathrobe(s) 

Romance is divine. You can have the same brand that markets the bathrobe carry out the engraving or a different brand. It could be Mr and Mrs, Her and Him, Always and Forever, as long as the printing is excellent. The newlyweds already have a lot of plans to establish, so this gift idea might not be on their budget or mind. You’ll come through with this package and help them twin one of their couple goals outfits. And for that, you can bring a plus one to the event without a physical or an e-invitation card.

  1. Luggage set 

Let it be known that owning more than one luggage set was never a sin. As long as you’re team luggage, then that’s the gift you should go for. If the couple didn’t utilize them for their honeymoon, the gift would function for future trips or as a mini closet. You should be punctual at the venue; you’ll discover your treasure prepared.

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  1. Cute mugs 

This thing called love is sensational. And even the little things can water seeds of love. A cute personalized mug for both bride and groom can be the one thing that settles their disagreement. You can total the effort by making the mugs not just cute but also communicating with short texts. So, if you attended the wedding with a heavy heart, be rest assured that you’re leaving with a heavy blessing.

  1. Doormats 

Doormat is now a thing, especially when it inspires a feeling. So isn’t it promising when the mat pronounces, ” I know you’re tired, but smile, the love of your life lives here”? Or sappy when it communicates, “check me out, I live here rent-free” The deal with gift ideas is to give something that makes the recipient feel good regardless of the size or value. And the newlyweds need to feel good.

  1. Date night box  

Some say we have five love languages; others say 7. What we know without a doubt is that receiving gifts is included. The couple is set for Netflix and chill and remember a gift that claims to be the date night box. Opening it up, they find two personalized champagne glasses, scented candles, wine, lubes, and activity cards. They should name their first child after you because the date nights will end steamy. Come on; you executively produced that plot twist. Kudos to you.

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  1. Attendance of a role model/ fave celebrity

What’s a wedding ceremony without screaming awwwn? Mostly, the couple graces the event with their faves. But, the newlyweds will talk about you daily as they reminisce about their wedding day. The tip is to invite a role model or fave celebrity they were not expecting. Don’t be shocked when the blogs dedicate a whole article to sharing the wonders you accomplished. The good thing is that all the pictures you need for that day are free. Of course, you must constantly announce to the photographers you invite.

  1. Gift packs aka Souvenirs 

On a list of significant things in a wedding, souvenirs come second or third. This is one of the gift ideas that don’t directly seem beneficial to the couple, but it’s that and more. You give their guests the gift packs but take off the expenses from the newlyweds’ budget. Now, this is your access to speak with that VIP or exchange numbers with the guy or babe at angle 180. Good luck with that.


Most of the items on this gift idea list are affordable. But, if you don’t check price tags, that’s a cool attribute too. It would just be best to choose pricey and provide more favourable gifts to the couple than you. Another tip is not to stress about pairing with friends or colleagues to purchase gifts; it isn’t a crime. Always drink water and let the couple revel in the event; thanks for coming.

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