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How to Write an Engaging About Me Page for Your Freelance Business Website

by Oluwapelumi Eweje

Your about me page is that one page of all pages on your business website to be utilized, and the way you can tell much with little words about yourself matters. For someone who probably read or saw your work randomly and finds their way to your site to get to know about you, your ‘about me page’ determines to a large extent if they will stick with you.

Maybe they will become potential clients or actual clients as they are impressed by what they get to know about you. 

Remember these tips as you create that engaging and perfect about me page for your freelance business. 

What is an About Me Page? 

An About Me Page is an ideal resource for promoting your professional freelance business. It is a crucial part of any website. It is a summary of a personal or professional website or blog that describes who and what you do. You are helped to form strong connections with your readers such that they get to know about you and your brand becomes more credible.

It’s a page that answers the most pressing question new clients may have about you or your business. This is the first place a reader goes when intrigued by the content on your homepage. Potential clients go there to form a connection and a reason to trust all you show and say you do. You don’t want to let them down!

Taiwo aina about me page

Taiwo Aina’s About me page

When they learn about your freelancing business here, this page serves as a major determinant for the next step. In fact, it is the most important sales copy you’ll ever write because it can convert visitors to actual clients.

How to Write an Engaging About Me Page

While it may depend on the kind of industry you belong to, chances are most of your potential customers or visitors may want to get more information about you. Sometimes, this is born out of the interest to learn more about what your brand speaks for before even reaching out or purchasing from you. 

  1. Begin with a clear and captivating statement

Once you know your audience and the people your business is targeted at, the reason for having an about me page in the first place becomes clearer. The first liner or hooker on your about me page is an indicator of whether or not it’s necessary for a reader to go further.

The first headline counts. This has to state clearly what you do, what makes you stand out and who your career audience are. This will encourage people to read further. 

  1. Write in first person using ‘I’ and include your name 

As a personal freelance business owner, using the first person pronoun ‘I’ on your about page will make readers feel comfortable with you. You should have this page exist like a conversation between yourself and the reader. Your experiences are more personal. It is just one of you.

Making such an effort to make use of ‘We’ makes you seem unnecessary. Own the fact that it’s just you running the business, and this will make you different from the larger competition. 

  1. It is much more about the client; speak to them! 

Creating a connection that makes people feel or think you have the solution to their wants takes more than just speaking about what you offer in a line or sentence of your About Me Page. That page must show what the client wants by empathizing with them. So you know that from being clear about what you do to telling your story, it is speaking to the client just for them to know your kind of person and if what you do resonates with them. 

  • Directly address them in the second person by using ‘You’ from time to time throughout your writing 
  • Talk about the problem they might currently be facing 
  • Ask questions rhetorically 
  • Refer to how you and the services you render may hold their solution. 

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  1. Share your story and value; a peek at the real you

As much as you want to have your about me page directly speaking to your client to show a form of resonance with them, you also need to share your story and values. Tell them who you are personally and professionally, and what your journey to being an expert they can work with has been like. Your clients will enjoy learning about your motivation to enter your field or industry. An engaging and impactful story can strengthen your brand and attract potential clients or readers. 

Also, give something that changes you from an online person to a real, breathing, beautiful person. While doing this, make sure that you don’t spill most of your side at first glance into your page. Your about me page should leave readers with a bit of taste and desire for more. 

  1. Accomplishments? Keep it laser-focused or specific

Relevant personal, business and professional achievements should sit proudly on your about me page as it helps build trust with your readers and give a sense of authority. Examples include any big names or businesses you’ve worked with, awards you’ve received, press featured in, important projects and statistics from your work. 

It is okay to mention degrees and other work experiences. But ensure they are tied to the kind of work or service you provide your clients. Still, do not put all you’ve achieved alone to their faces. No matter how proud you are of the accomplishment, ditch it if it doesn’t match your potential client’s needs. 

This is so because you want to be mindful of length. All ‘about me’ pages vary with the level of engagement as well as their lengths. You may want to consider a 2-3 minute read for those that want to get a glimpse of you and what you do and a link to an in-depth writing, for instance, “the full story about me,” for the more curious ones. 

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  1. Add a call to action for potentials to connect 

If you like to get questions and requests, you may want to keep this simple and short. For instance, add a hyperlinked ‘email me’ or ‘get in touch’ message or button in the text or after the text of your about me page for further reach.

Note: If you want it or deem it fit for your freelance business, make it clear what your readers should do next

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  1. Make it sticky 

Using words and scenarios to paint a picture that sticks in your reader’s mind is another thing to watch out for when writing your about me page. Research has shown that humans can visualize.

So, let’s say you talk about what the journey was like right from when you started, use rich and powerful words and images to paint scenes about the journey, be sure that your readers will never forget. You can add dynamic media like videos, behind-the-scenes photos, animated GIFs, timelines, illustrations, and more to aid this. 

Also, make sure you add a photo of yourself. Your readers need to see your face. 

  1. Make your page SEO friendly 

The SEO principles you apply in other site web pages apply equally to your about me page. When strategically placing keywords, you bring more organic traffic to your site. Keywords help determine terms people are looking for, especially in specific fields.

Consider crafting a benefit-rich headline that may also link to the ‘about me’ page. Many elements go into a head-turning ‘about me page’, and SEO is one. As you do this, make deliberate efforts to update your page regularly. 

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About Me Page Examples

Here is an active, working, and engaging about me page example to help improve your freelance business website. 

  • James Clear [About me Page]

“Hello there, I’m James Clear.

I’m the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Atomic Habits, which has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. My work has been featured in places like Time magazine, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and on CBS This Morning. Click here to learn more about me and my work.

In addition to writing, I am a regular speaker at Fortune 500 companies. Previous clients include Capital One, Cisco, General Electric, Honda, Intel, LinkedIn, Lululemon, McKinsey & Company, Merrill Lynch and many more. [Click here to learn more and submit a speaking request.]”

  • Matt Olpinski of Matthew’s Design Co. [About me Page] 

Take your freelancing career to the next level. 

“I’m a UI/UX designer & web developer who turned years of freelancing into a full-time career and recently into my company, Matthew’s Design Co.

I now teach thousands of freelancers how to find their version of success through my articlesnewsletterproducts, and freelance community.”

— Matt.

Take a look at this real-life about me page of a freelance UX/UI designer.

pixaeldahn about me page

Daniel Abayomi’s About Me Page


Putting together a perfect and engaging about me page can be a not-so-easy thing, but once you get it well from inception, you are good to go. The about me page carries originality and individuality.

If you are missing any elements for a perfect about me page, consider how you can improve today with the steps mentioned above. You want visits converted to enquiries and inquiries to customers. Utilize these steps and get results. 

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