Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day: What Women Want Vs What Men Think They Want

by Ogechi Anyanwu

The special day of love just recently passed and it has awakened so many controversies amongst couples, friends, and families in Nigeria. 

February 14th; Valentine’s Day is tagged the day to express love and affection to those you care about.

Origin of Valentine’s Day 

The alleged origin of the holiday is not news to most people. Although it is not so clear, it is believed to have originated as a Christian feast day in honour of Saint Valentine, a third-century Roman saint who was linked with courtly love. 

Some popular symbols of valentine’s day include Hearts, Cupid, and flowers, particularly red roses.

When And How is Valentine’s Day Celebrated?

In recent times, Valentine’s Day is observed in a variety of ways all around the world. 

In some countries,  it is mainly a day for romantic partners to exchange presents and cards while in others, it is a day set aside to express gratitude to friends and family members.

While Valentine’s Day is a well-known celebration, it is also a contentious one. Some Nigerians argue that it lays too much emphasis on romantic love and can be discriminatory toward those who are unmarried or not in a romantic relationship. 

To make it even more depressing, single Nigerians on that day even create memes and jokes to kind of lighten the situation; probably to make themselves feel better.

Although, some argue that it is a significant day to celebrate love in all of its manifestations and to express gratitude to the people around us.  Also, some people, churches, and religions do not even recognize the 14th of February every year.

With all the back and forth on what valentine’s day truly is and how it should be celebrated, most people would agree that a special day to remind that special person that you love them should be set aside and that day is Valentine’s day. 

Everyone deserves to be celebrated by loved ones but for the sake of this article, we will be focusing on the love, presents, and affection shared amongst couples. 

In Nigeria, whenever Valentine’s day comes, many factors might hinder it from being a great day for couples because of the misconception of what a Nigerian woman truly wants. 

Most Nigerian men hardly get it right, they just act based on assumptions and stereotypes. Women value some things more than the random “I Love You” gifts or speeches.

Valentine for 2023 has gone but as the Nigerian man that you are, how would you make next year more memorable for your partner? 

Below, we would be giving you a few tips on what women want on valentine’s day but first, let us examine what men think women want on Valentine’s day.

What Men Think Women Want on Valentine’s Day 

  1. Flowers

Many men believe that many women are hoping to receive an arrangement of a bouquet, particularly roses, as a symbol of their love and affection for a woman.

  1. Chocolates

Chocolate is another traditional Valentine’s day present that many men believe ladies like. Some may even believe that giving chocolate is a necessary element of the event. As the assertion goes; “women like sweet things”.

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  1. Jewellery

Some men may assume that Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to give their partner a piece of jewellery, such as a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or other gold jewellery.

  1. Romantic meal

 Another assertion that guys make about what women want on Valentine’s Day is a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. Some males believe that taking a woman out on Valentine’s day is her best expectation. 

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  1. Perfumes

Women do like to smell nice, yes, but men believe that giving their partners nice perfumes, mists, personal care products, and other cosmetics to add to their cosmetics collection is the highlight of the day.

  1. Big gestures

Some men may believe that on Valentine’s Day, women desire huge, over-the-top shows of love and affection, such as surprise trips, expensive gifts, boat cruises, or extravagant displays of affection.

Things Women Want as Valentine’s Gift

  1. Thoughtful gestures

Women may appreciate little, thoughtful gestures that show their partner has been paying attention to their likes and dislikes. Purchasing her favourite snack or a book by her favourite author, for example.

  1. Quality time

Spending quality time together can be a meaningful way to spend Valentine’s Day. This might be as easy as sharing a home-cooked dinner, watching movies, or going on a walk together.

  1. Customised presents

Women may prefer personalised Valentine’s Day gifts that are suited to their interests and hobbies over generic or stereotyped Valentine’s Day gifts.

If she enjoys painting, you could get her some high-quality paint brushes or a set of watercolours.

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  1. Her wish list

Many women have a wish list that they indirectly express to their lovers. They probably can’t get it because they cannot afford it. 

As a result, if you are getting her a gift for Valentine’s Day, it would be awesome to cross some items off her wish list, or at least one item.

  1. Acts of service

On Valentine’s Day, acts of service such as doing the dishes, making special dishes for her, or taking care of domestic tasks can be a way to express love and appreciation.

  1. Empowerment

New-age women are goal-oriented. They will value a chance to advance their profession.  Men can provide their women with resources to start up a business, platforms on which they can expand, or give them ideas or suggestions.

  1. Creative experience

Some ladies may appreciate doing something creative together, such as taking a cooking class, attending a Valentine’s Day couple special event, or simply having serious chats about personal growth.

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Ideally, every day should be valentines day. Couples, family, and friends should value and love each other at all times. 

But Valentine’s day is indeed important, especially for those who cannot easily express love every day as well as those living in a place like Nigeria where there are so many busy activities and cannot keep up with sharing love daily.

However, men should keep in mind that each person is unique and has their own set of interests and expectations. The greatest method to find out what your Valentine wants is to communicate openly and frankly with them.

Even if you want to do surprises, you should be sure you know what she likes and what makes her happy. This will help guarantee that you give a meaningful gift or plan a valued activity for your partner.

What do you think about this? Let’s know your thoughts in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more insightful posts.

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