14 Best Low Content Books Ideas for Amazon KDP

by Boluwatife Adedokun
low content books

Do you know you can make money on Amazon by selling books without writing much?

Have you always wanted to write a book but struggled to find the time or energy to write that perfect manuscript?

Low-content books can be the remedy to your problem. These books take little time to create and also contribute to passive income streams.

What is a Low Content Book?

Low-content books have little text and images or little to no content inside. They come in different forms and encourage the user to participate in the activities within the book. Have you used a notebook, journal, colouring, or sketchbook before? If you have, then you’ve used a low-content book.

Low-content books have been increasing a lot of traction on Amazon Kindle, and self-publishers like you looking to make money can take advantage of these low-content niches to build a steady income online.

While most profitable low-content books don’t require as much work as their contemporary counterparts, there is still a need to pay attention to detail and high-quality execution.

In addition, Print-on-demand low-content books are designed with a purpose in mind. This can be anything from assisting a manager with their daily planning to keeping the kids busy in an interesting way.

14 Low Content Books Ideas for Amazon KDP

There are various categories to choose from. All you need to do is check out the best sellers list on Amazon for a couple of ideas. You must be strategic by looking out for profitable and unsaturated niches, the books that will most likely not be buried in the noise.

One great thing about these low-content books is they can be created and published within a few hours, and if done right, they can steadily bring in income.

 The following niches are high-quality, low-content books that sell well on Amazon:

  1. Kids activity books

low content book

Kids Activity Books

Kids’ activity books are low-content books on Amazon which combine education with entertainment. Children are engaged and occupied with various activities such as colouring, drawing, handwriting, etc.

Kids’ activity books regularly feature in Amazon’s top 50 bestsellers list. These books come as long as 150 pages or more since they keep children busy.

  1. Lined notebooks


Lined Notebook

These are your special lined notebooks used for writing and note-taking. Creating a template for these products is easy; you can replicate this for any notebook. Another popular variation is grid notebook pages, where each page is a grid made out of tiny squares.

  1. Gratitude journals


Gratitude Journal

As a low-content book, gratitude journals can lift people’s spirits daily. As a result, gratitude journals are a big hit on Amazon. They are easily one of the platform’s most popular categories of low-content books.

Gratitude journals on Amazon are designed to incite positivity and have recurring themes of self-love, hope, relationships, and fitness.

  1. Colouring books


Colouring Book

One of the most popular low-content books on Amazon is colouring books for kids and adults. For kids, cartoon animals and characters are the way to go.

For adults, colouring books requires a more mature style of drawing. Nevertheless, they can remedially provide much-needed stress relief after a tiresome day at work or home.

Examples of graphics for Adult colouring books are plants, flowers, and abstract elements.

  1. Diaries

dairy amazon

An example of a Diary on Amazon

Do you keep diaries? You will agree that keeping diaries helps relieve thoughts and feelings. Diaries also help to keep track of what goes down in life and reflect on it.

In addition, you can spice up your book using a variety of quotes to appeal further to buyers.

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  1. Planners



The best planners are more than just calendars in book form. But the extras depend on what your ideal customer needs or wants to see in a planner. You can mix and match the different planner types, from school-year journals to weekly or monthly journals.

You can leave spaces beneath each page for wins, something they are grateful for during the week. These planners can also be narrowed further by jobs, roles that people play, e.g. mother, and hobbies.

  1. Puzzle books


Puzzle Book

 You will want to explore if puzzles for children and adults are low-content books on Amazon. They consist of brain teasers, logic problems, maths games, riddles, crosswords, find a word, and anything else that forces users to think.

Therefore, puzzle books are an outstanding category to target. With it, you can establish yourself in the top 5 organic positions and easily get over 500 sales per month.

  1. Food journals

low content

Food Journal

Food journals are for health geeks or people who have to control and regulate their diet throughout the day for medical reasons. They allow users to document what they ate, the time they ate, and who they ate with to encourage healthy habits.

Examples of low-content books in this niche include 90 Day Meal and activity tracker, Fitness Goals Journal, weight loss journal, and more.

  1. Inspirational journals


Inspirational Journal

Everyone can benefit from a daily dose of inspiration. Inspirational journals usually contain motivational quotes and creative exercises to help you connect with your inner self and appreciate who you are while manifesting your goals and dreams to make them come true.

Most inspirational journals on Amazon are listed between $6 and $14 and have 120 or more pages.

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  1. Guest books

Special events like weddings and funerals usually have guest books with space for names and thoughtful messages. Please consider how you might turn an otherwise simple project into something your buyer and their guests will appreciate and remember.

  1. Prayer journals

Keeping a prayer journal helps people organise their thoughts as they pray. Bestsellers in this niche make more than 100 sales per month on average. Prayer journals are sized around 140 pages. Women’s prayer journals sell more compared to men’s journals.

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  1. Recipe books

Recipe books are low-content books you should work on. Imagine having a notebook to write your favourite recipes and have them all in one place.

Do you have amazing recipes for Pasta, Salads, and Roasts? Is it a book for baking or raw food recipes?

The possibilities are endless. You could add a glossy finish to these books so food and water don’t destroy the book.

  1. Password logbooks

Like many folks, you will agree that having a password logbook is a lifesaver. Password log books help you store usernames and passwords for your important online accounts in a safe place and are very easy to create.

They also come with a removable cover band as a plus. These logbooks sell between $5 and $10 and are 100-160 pages long.

  1. Sketchbook

low content book


A sketchbook is an example of a low-content book you’d want to try. Perfect for artistic souls who only need a blank canvas. Sketchbooks are among the easiest to make, as they usually don’t require any content.

The aesthetic appeal of the book cover will make these low-content books stand out amongst competitors.


You can only do great things when you do small things in a great way. Creating things in the 21st century has proven to be a dependable means for becoming a financial breakthrough.

Your ability to create unique low-content books will make you stand out amongst competitors whilst generating passive income steadily. With these best low-content books, be ready to start your journey into millions.

Knowing the book ideas is not complete without learning how to write, publish and market your book to readers needing it. Send us a message on Whatsapp to learn effective marketing tips to make great sales as an author.

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